World Financial Group Review – The Multi-Financial MLM

world financial group reviews

Based in Johns Creek, Georgia, World Financial Group is a large multilevel marketing company who offers various financial products and services through independent representatives.

I intend to provide you with a comprehensive World Financial Group review, so you can be completely aware of all aspects of this network marketing company before you decide if you would like to be affiliated with them.

We will look at the history of World Financial Group. I will tell you about the leadership of this company. You will also understand the products and services offered by World Financial Group representatives. I will explain about the company’s compensation plan. Also I will see if I can discover World Financial Group top earners and any other tidbits of information that may be of interest. We will see what other people have to say.

By the time you have completed reading this lengthy post, you will be able to make an informed decision if you would like to be a World Financial Group representative or use any of their products or services.

World Financial Group Review – Company History

First known as World Marketing Alliance, an entrepreneur by the name of Hubert Humphrey (no not the politician) founded the company in 1991. He had been affiliated with Primerica and believed he could build an even better company in the same niche.

Hubert’s thought that the Primerica tagline: Buy term and invest the rest would work even better using a variable universal life insurance.

Humphrey had been instrumental in the development of the sales and recruiting system used at Primerica called the Business Format System, and he developed it even further at World Marketing Alliance.


Hubert and World Marketing Alliance gained ground fast. They introduced a private satellite television network called MD TV and expanded into:

  • Canada
  • The Philippines
  • Puerto Rico
  • Taiwan
  • Mexico
  • and Guam

Legal Complications

One of the issues that have confronted various MLM companies is maintaining control of representatives in whatworld financial group management they promise customers. This happened to World Marketing Alliance in 1998. Clients had lost $2,000,000 in non-registered investments and the company was fined $100,000 for not properly supervising agents.

And again in 2000, World Marketing Alliance was fined $125,000 for not reporting a slew of customer complaints.

World Marketing Alliance’s reputation was being damaged.


In 2001, Netherlands based Aegon bought most of the assets of World Marketing Alliance.

Humphreys held on to the Mortgage Services division, but Aegon took over nearly all other areas and installed strict regulatory and compliance procedures. Aegon renamed the company World Financial Group, Inc.

Aegon put all World Financial Group under the Transamerica management. So essentially, the parent of Transamerica is Aegon and the parent of World Financial Group is Transamerica.

World Financial Group has offices all over the U.S. and Canada.

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World Financial Group – Leadership

While WFG is under the Transamerica leadership, I will just tell you the primary leaders at Transamerica:

  • Chief Executive Officer – Mark Mullin
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – Blake Bostwick
  • President of Transamerica Insurance and Investment – James Flewellen
  • Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Government Affairs – Michael Consedine
  • Executive Vice President – Thomas Cusak

These are just a few, but the key to the World Financial Group success lays in the top earners and leaders at the lower levels.

World Financial Group Movers & Shakers

I am going to share just a few of the top earners who have served as leaders in helping others in their downline achieve success:

Adam Dawe – Edmonton, Canada

“My goal within the company is to become a CEO in three years and have an organization that spans across Canada and the US.”

Anna Chang and Bill Mar – Bellevue, Washington

“What attracts me the most about WFG is opportunity for self-improvement – this is truly a business about building people.”

Boyd and Sharalee Pederson – Gunnison, Colorado

“We love working as a team to change the face of the financial services industry and to raise the level of financial literacy in our nation.”

Brian Blaha – Rolling Meadows, Illinois

“What motivates me is my mother. She did everything she could to give me and my brothers the best life that she could and I know it is time to return the favor to her.”

Emma Colton – Atlanta, Georgia

“I am proud that I am debt free and can do so much more for my family with the skills I’ve learned by being part of WFG.”

These are just a small lot of the many leaders developed by having a World Financial Group independent home based business.

World Financial Group Review – Products And Services

The World Financial Groups have a huge range of products and services to fit your needs. The representative works with each person individually to determine the best services to help them financially for the financial group insurance

These include:

  • Life insurance needs
  • Various annuities
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long term care insurance
  • Mutual funds
  • A huge range of business solutions
  • College education funding
  • Investment advisory services
  • A complimentary financial needs analysis
  • Segregated funding in Canada
  • Canadian group insurance

These are services a World financial Group representative can explain in better detail. I will share a link at the end of this post where you can go to find a representative.

World Financial Group Review – WFG Compensation Plan

When I look at what World Financial Group independent representatives have to say about the WFG compensation plan, I see huge satisfaction.

Keep in mind that to start a WFG home based business, you will have to go through testing and obtain licensing. But that is a small price to pay to start your own business.

When I reviewed average incomes, I see these figures:

  • Senior Marketing Director – $81,865
  • Executive Marketing Director – $199,944
  • CEO Marketing Director – $451,241
  • Executive Vice Chairman – $1,153,164

Now these are just averages and it does require diligence and persistence.

Who better to explain the compensation plan than the company itself? Just download this PDF to help you understand the World Financial Group compensation plan.

World Financial Group Review – What Others Have To Say

I have decided to share some of the pros and cons of WFG from others. I suggest you study ball before making any decisions.

Pro and Con

In World Financial Group I am able to build a business in Life Insurance Sales. It is gratifying to help families protect their financial future, and the working environment is a positive one. Unfortunately, relying only on commissions, it does not provide the financial stability that I am looking for. The hardest part of the job is the financial uncertainty, since you can not know for sure, when will your next paycheck will be. What I do like about World Financial Group is the leadership that you develop through their training and to help families achieve the financial security they want in case of the death of a relative or any other person of interest.


You are the owner of your own business at World Financial Group. You make up your own time and schedule which allows you more time with family. This job is not a get rich quick job, you really have to work hard to build yourself and your business.

You will learn how to speak in front of crowds, how to manage your time and schedule, and how to manage your growing team.

The hardest part of the job is staying focused. You have all the freedom to make your schedule and to book appointments, so it is that much easier to just do nothing.

What I love about this job is that it allows you to enjoy to fruits of your labor. We travel a lot and are able to build out business outside of our home state.


The people working there have good intentions but are not knowledgeable about the financial services industry and the products they recommend. As a broker dealer they advertise their ability to recommend products and services from over 150 carriers but do not have the knowledge, experience or resources to do so.


– Great free training, learn about your personal finance and manage your own money and engage in your future.
– Support to start a new career in finance and insurance.
– Great income potential, work with great people.
– National Leadership is excellent and so is the local leadership in OC Financial Center.
– Low startup cost, passive income/trails on your prior sales.
– Products are highly beneficial.

– Lots of voluntary meetings/training. It's a new career so realize you have to learn the business and the products.
– It's a business. Be prepared to work hard and struggle, or move on.
– Poor image – You will be challenged by others that this is an MLM and that you're just an “insurance salesman.” You have to believe in what you do and who you represent. You are not paid to recruit and you are not marketing products only available through this distribution channel. This is NOT an MLM.
– It's a business opportunity, not a job. You put in what you get out. Your work life balance will be strained as you deal with learning a new career and starting a new business.

World Financial Group Review – WFG Sponsors

The World Financial Group sponsors many. That includes:

  • The Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League
  • Team Laurie St-Georges Curling in Canada
  • The World Financial Group Continental Cup – Curling
  • Curling Quebec
  • Team Jennifer Jones – Curling
  • The Grand Slam of Curling
  • Golfing star Scott Langley
  • and more

World Financial Group also has the WFG Foundation which has helped various charities that include:

  • Aid to Children Without Parents
  • American Heart Association
  • Benefit Tomorrow
  • Miracles for Kids
  • and many others

Along with that, there is the WFG Charitable Trust that has helped many other charities.

World Financial Group Review – Committed To Following Regulations

Since the hiccups I mentioned where fines were paid, WFG has tightened the process to ensure they follow any, and all regulations.

The website even lists the regulatory agencies of States and jurisdictions.

World Financial Group Review – Conclusion

Overall, it seems like World Financial Group is a well established and reputable multilevel marketing financial service provider.

Many people have found financial freedom by starting their own World Financial Group home based business.

We would love to hear from you if you are or have been a World Financial Group representative or customer. Please tell us what you like and didn’t like.

If you think World Financial Group would be the MLM business you would like to start, I suggest you visit their website at:


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