TAN 009: Win The Game of Money with Bob Ritchey

In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing a home business entrepreneur, real estate mogul, and founder of Win The Game of Money, Bob Ritchey.

Bob walks us through his journey from being a low income school teacher to running a massive real estate business, and how network marketing influenced his life through the entire journey.  Bob also reveals his insights regarding the biggest problem the network marketing industry faces, and what we need to do about it as professionals!

Listen in and learn how to win the game of money!

This Episode Will Cover

  • Bob's insights on real estate and network marketing and how network marketing helped him go from broke school teacher to real estate mogul.
  • Bob's thoughts on winning the game of money.
  • What every entrepreneur should focus on if they want massive results in their business.
  • The 7 key principles that results in success in network marketing.

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