Visalus Review: Should You Get The Body By Vi?

visalus reviews

Have you heard of Visalus? It seems that many people have lost unneeded pounds through this network marketing company.

In an effort to help you gain familiarity with this MLM weight loss and supplement company, I am going to write an extensive, unbiased Visalus review. I will explain the history of Visalus. We will look at the leadership. You will know what the complete Visalus product line is. Also, we will explain the compensation plan for independent Visalus representatives.

I will also look at various other areas, especially the pros and cons of Visalus coming from various comments and reviews.

I am not affiliated with Visalus. The objective is to give you all available information so you can make an educated decision if Visalus is the right home based business for you.

If at the end of this review you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to provide you with an answer.

Visalus Review – The History of Visalus

The idea of Visalus came in 1997 to 2 friends who were both distributors for a now defunct multilevel marketing telecom company called The Free Network who was based in Troy, Michigan.

The 2 men promoted it slightly through their Free Network business, but The Free Network LLC company started a downhill slide. In 2005, The Free Network completely shut down but Visalus was seen as a huge asset in the eyes of one man.

Ryan Blair made a choice to purchase Visalus and kept the 2 men who had the idea on… So essentially, Visalus was founded in 2005 with 3 co-founders:

  1. Ryan Blair
  2. Nick Sarnicola
  3. and Blake Mallen

Visalus was a challenged company at first. In 2008, the recession hit hard and Visalus was deep in debt. They were considering bankruptcy. But since Robert Goergen had invested in the Visalus startup via his Ropart Asset Management company, he used his company, Blyth, Inc. as a means to takeover Visalus by purchasing controlling interest in the MLM company.

Visalus started becoming profitable again and Blyth now had 73% share of the company. In 2012, Blyth planned a spin-off, but Blyth credit was down-rated to negative.

The reason was Visalus reporting higher growth rates that were legal but unethical. It seems network marketing superstars were paid to join and could then leave, but it showed huge recruitment numbers.

The Buy Back

In 2014, Blair and others bought back the controlling interest in Visalus and took the company private again. Blyth continued to hold 10% interest in the company.

While it has been like a roller coaster ride, Visalus continues to survive and help people manage their weight.

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Visalus Review – The Visalus Leadership

The reason Visalus has managed through some difficult times is from the leadership of the company.

Let’s take a look at these leaders:

Co-Founder Ryan Blair

Ryan has an interesting story behind his entrepreneurial success. He was the CEO of Visalus until stepping back early in 2017.

It seems at a young age, Ryan was a gang member in Los Angeles. When his Mom married a wise business man, Ryan was mentored and went on to create 6 successful companies.

Ryan has also authored 2 books with his newest, Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain getting great billings.

Ryan continues to offer his leadership skills to Visalus.

Co-Founder and CEO Nick Sarnicola

What I love about Nick is his willingness to jump in and show people how network marketing is done.

You see, Nick was the Chief Sales Officer until 2010 when he resigned the position…


Visalus had just started the Body By Vi challenge and Nick stepped in as a normal distributor to show people how to do it.

Nick and his wife grew a massive downline and proved to the world that MLM is a great business model if you work it the correct way.

Co-Founder and President Blake Mallenvisalus founders

Blake is a marketing genius and has helped Visalus gain huge ground in the direct selling industry. And, Blake lives the product… He completed the Body By Vi challenge and has competed in a Jiu Jitsu tournament as well as a triathlon.

Blake went to school at the University of California, San Diego.

Chief Strategy Officer and Director Todd Goergen

Son of Robert Goergen, owner of Blyth Inc, Todd plays a huge role in the management of Visalus. With his financial and strategical expertise, Todd helps Visalus stay profitable.

Chief Legal Officer Adam Morgan

Adam has nearly 25 years of experience as a business attorney. His legal expertise keeps Visalus running above-board on all areas.

Adam has an undergraduate degree from Duke University and a law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

Chief Operating Officer Aldo Moreno

Aldo has vast IT experience. He worked with Herbalife and Walt Disney Studios.

He ensures the complete Visalus internet system is user-friendly.

Aldo has a Bachelors in Computer Science from California Lutheran University.

Visalus Review – The Visalus Product Line

Visalus has an amazing product line that is geared toward a healthier lifestyle.visalus weight loss

You may consider jumping in on the Body By Vi Challenge that will lead you to a trimmer person.


Visalus offers various kits that carry several Visalus products. Or you do have the advantage of creating your own kit putting exactly what you want in it and getting a large discount instead of buying everything individually.

  • Weight Loss Kit
  • Lifestyle Kit
  • Fitness Kit


Visalus has various meal replacements and items on that line.

  • Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix
  • Vi-Shape Superfood
  • Also, Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal
  • Vi Crunch Fusions
  • and Shape-Up Health Flavors


There are a lot of energy drinks on the market, but many of them are not healthy and safe. Visalus sells various drinks that are designed to be safe and still provide the energy you need.

  • Neon
  • Visalus GO
  • Visalus PRO
  • and Visalus Neuro
  • Plus Vi-Defy


One of the biggest problems people have with weight management is snacking. Visalus developed some healthy snacks that can keep you managing your weight and still feeling satisfied.

  • Nutra-Bar
  • Vi-Bites that come in 4 flavors
  • and Nutra-Cookies


And last but not least, Visalus offers a variety of nutritional supplements that include:

  • Vi-Pak
  • Omega Vitals
  • Vi-Slim
  • Vi-Trim
  • and Vi Kids Gummy Multivitamins

As you can see, Visalus has a huge selection of products.

Visalus Review – The Visalus Compensation Plan

The Visalus compensation plan is a Unilevel comp plan that distributors seem to love. There are various ways to make money on this plan:

  • Customer commissions up to 25% off your personal customers and downline customers
  • Team commissions through 8 levels
  • First order bonuses
  • Fast start bonuses
  • Rising star program
  • BMW car bonus
  • Leadership pool
  • and Ambassador star bonus

And, Visalus pays every week.

You can understand the Visalus compensation plan better by downloading this PDF.

Visalus Review – Body By Vi Pros and Cons

I decided to take a look at what people had to say about the Body By Vi pros and cons.


  • I hear an overwhelming amount of love for the taste of the shakes.
  • Most users say it is cost efficient compared to many other weight management programs.
  • Most users say they feel satisfied.
  • Low in sugar


  • Some users say they have experienced bloating feelings.
  • Protein level is low compared to others.
  • Has soy which some people are against.
  • Also, the shakes do have artificial flavoring.

What Others Have To Say


Rock bottom!!!! That’s where I found myself nine months ago. I was miserable and many times I begged God to bring me home. And, I was so tired I felt like I just couldn’t keep going and I was ready to die. I didn’t even recognize the person I had become.

Thank God my sister-in-law and best friend Jamie told me about a 90 Day Challenge she had heard about. I was skeptical at first but I found a local hero and stepped out on faith and contacted him. And, I found myself crying to a complete stranger and begging for help. I joined the Challenge that very night at the end of January 2012. That stranger is now a wonderful friend. I thank God daily for both Jamie & Eric because I wouldn’t be here with my story.

At times when I look back over the last nine months it seems like a fairy tale. Everyday hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies but with my faith and determination I have overcome the impossible. I love life and I am now able to live it daily. Thanks to God, Visalus and my amazing support system I’m alive. Not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually alive!!!

I couldn’t be happier to shout from the roof tops that I’m a member of The Century Club and currently weigh in at 181. I’ve lost 111 lbs. to date.

Thank you God and Visalus for my second chance at life. I am so thankful and so very blessed.”


I don't like the flavor and I never end up full. I have been mixing it with yogurt and blueberries in the morning which I do like, then I make a smoothie with added fruit for dinner. And, I eat soups or salads or sandwiches for lunch with a snack in between. In about 20 days I have lost about 4 pounds which I am ok with since I fall off track on some weekends. I work out 4-7 times a week usually at a light intensity.


I checked out Body by Vi extensively before trying – I had a few friends from back home that told me about it with great reviews so finally I caved! It was the best cave ever. I love it and lost 25 lbs in the first challenge (I admit, I cheated at times so I may have seen even better results if I'd stuck to it). And, I have decided to take the challenge one more time which with the same results would put me at my goal weight! It tastes great, keeps me full and has given me more energy than I've had in quite a long time!!! I plan to use this even after I reach my goal weight (1 shake a day then) to keep the weight off and keep the energy level high.


I guess it did alright as far as curbing my hungry..except for some reason on the 4th day I was so hungry I was almost in tears….a week into it I only lost 2 lbs. I was also extremely tired the whole time…zero energy. It's just not worth it to me to be miserable for 2 lbs. I immediately gave up the shakes and went back to just dieting… And, I lost another lb in TWO days, eating three meals a day. I also couldn't handle the is very sweet and no matter what I mixed it with as far as making fruit always tasted exactly the same.

Visalus Review – Conclusion

Overall, I believe the pros outrank the cons. But that is your decision.

If you think Visalus would be the right business for you, I suggest you visit their website at



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