Vasayo Review – New Company Launch: Is It Worth Joining?

Vasayo MLM

A brand new network marketing company has launched… The name is Vasayo, and in today's post, I will provide extensive information to help you determine if it is worth joining this company.

Normally, I tell people to be extra diligent when considering jumping on board with a new multilevel marketing company. The reason is: many new companies do not last unless they have the proper leadership, an outstanding product line with prices that are not unreasonable and great compensation plan.

I intend to go through explaining how Vasayo came to be and the leadership behind the company. I will also tell you about the Vasayo product line. And, I will explain about the Vasayo compensation plan along with any other information I can find on this new network marketing company.

This should help you decide if Vasayo is a company worth joining.

The Launch and How Vasayo Came To Be

In January of 2017, Vasayo officially launched. With their headquarters in Lehi, Utah, plans are set in motion when the launch celebration will occur in Las Vegas on May 29th and 30th.

The company has deemed its focus is Delivering Solutions.

In reviewing the company website, it is evident that there has been much thought and professionalism put into the start up of this company.

So, who started this network marketing company?

Are you familiar with Dallin Larsen? If you have researched network marketing in depth, his name should be quite familiar.

In the early 1990's, Dallin was the Vice President of Sales with USANA Health Sciences and helped to build that company to huge proportions.

When Gary Raser founded Dynamic Essentials in approximately 1999, he brought Dallin in to be the Vice President of Sales there and Dallin created a great sales program, but the company had issues with the FDA and it was forced to close its doors.

But, this did not stop Dallin; he founded Monarch Health Sciences in 2003 that offered weight loss products. The response was positive and from this, MonaVie was launched by Dallin in 2005. MonaVie offered juices, dietary supplements and weight loss products. MonaVie was a hit and people joined to start their own home based business offering MonaVie products.

In 2014, Jeunesse Global took over MonaVie and subsequently closed it down after Dallin had built it to huge proportions.

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Dallin and Karree have a vision

Dallin and his wife, Karree Larsen have entrepreneurial attitudes and they could not allow the MonaVie take down to halt their progress. Studying the possibilities, Dallin and Karree discovered a new technology that they believed to be the next successful network marketing company.

Dallin and Karree have vowed that they will stay with this company until “death we do part.” They long to make sure the Vasayo distributors will grow their businesses to extreme success levels.

“We are creating an entity for people to stay and flourish for the rest of their lives and we are confident that everyone will see, the enormous opportunity that lies ahead.” Karree Larsen

Microlife Science

Dallin and Karree had met with Dr. Emek Blair. While at the University of California – Irvine and the California Institute of Technology, Dr. Blair had worked on lipids. Without getting too technical, many nutrients that we attempt to take do not break down properly and enter our systems. Simply put, it is the delivery of these nutrients that is the key.

Many supplements have added ingredients and our body does not recognize the bad from the good from the neutral.

Dr. Blair developed a Liposome Technology that surrounds the nutrient and allows it to bypass destructive bodily forces and allows that nutrient to arrive to the proper destination and be absorbed to provide you with the needs your system requires.

With Dr. Blair's advice and counsel, Vasayo has been built using this superior technology.

Vasayo Leadership

Both Dallin and Karree understand that a successful network marketing company is only as great as the leaders behind that company. Using their expertise in MLM, the Larsens have enticed other leaders to join in on the vision.Dallin Larsen

If you decide to join this opportunity, you will have these great leaders helping you every step of the way:

  • Dan Zhu – Co-Founder and President of the Asia/Pacific Region – Dan has over 20 years of network marketing experience. He was the brains in launching MonaVie into Asia and he brings that expertise to this company. Dan has a Master of Science Degree in Business from Utah State.
  • Daniel Picou – Co-Founder and President – Daniel is the wisdom in the technology area of the company. He built and 2 successful companies in digital marketing. He brings these expert methods to Vasayo and will help develop a global, strategic business strategy.
  • Fred Black – Chief Operations Officer – Fred has over 35 years of experience in growing successful direct sales nutritional companies. Since High School, Fred has been the go-to person to solve issues in regards to manufacturing, processing and supply.
  • Brian Gill – Vice President of Marketing Communication – Brian brings 17 years of marketing experience to the table. He is a public relations and social media expert. You can be sure that with Brian in this position, you will get the best marketing material possible to build your home-based Vasayo business.
  • Michelle LeSueur – Vice President of Product Education – Michelle is the perfect fit for this position since she holds these certifications: Certified Nutritional Counselor, Certified Sports Nutrition, Certified Nutritional Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, DSHEA certified, and Neuro-Endocrine & Anti-Aging Regulation Certification. After all, the more education you can gain as an independent representative, the easier it will be to educate prospects and customers.

With leadership like this, it seems Vasayo is poised for greatness. And, you could also be a great Vasayo leader.

The Vasayo Product Line

Many of you have probably been waiting for me to get to this point… the products. It is the products that are one of the primary determining factors on whether you will join a network marketing company or not.

Let's take a look at the products:

Microlife Neuro

This product was designed with your brain in mind. The primary control of our system, we require a healthy brain and Microlife Neuro is designed to provide you with:

  • A balanced mood
  • Energy
  • Alert thinking
  • and more

The ingredients are:

  1. Citicoline – Improves attention and reaction
  2. Bacopa – Improves cognitive performance
  3. Ginkgo Biloba – Improves cognitive flexibility
  4. Vinpocetine – Improves blood circulation in the brain
  5. Huperzine A – Improves cognitive functions

Microlife Sleep

This product is designed to provide restful sleep that many humans do not get.

  • Reduces stress
  • Is not addictive

The ingredients are:

  1. Melatonin – Improves sleep patterns
  2. Gaba – Improves the sleep function of the brain
  3. NAC – Seems to minimize sleep apnea
  4. Vitamins B2 and B6 – Regulates brain neurotransmitters

Microlife Energy

There are many products that create energy, but the after effects can be a huge crash. The Microlife Energy uses a natural form of energy to allow you to feel the power without the let-down. Ingredients include:

  1. Guarana Extract – Guarana not only will create natural energy, it helps suppress your appetite so you also stay at healthy weight levels.
  2. Green Tea Extract – Used for ages in Asia, green tea is well-known to improve energy levels.
  3. Maca Root Powder – Found in South America, researchers have discovered Maca Root does give energy.
  4. Rhodiola Rosea – Many sport's stars use rhodiola for improving physical performance and energy.
  5. Hesperidin – Facilitates energy metabolism in the human body.

Microlife Renew

Free radicals attack our body's systems daily. Pollutions and other toxins can make their way into our body and cause havoc. The Microlife Renew helps to protect and renew cells so they can successfully defeat the free radicals.

  • Full of antioxidants
  • Prevents cell breakdown
  • Powers up the immune system

Ingredients in Microlife Renew include:

  1. Curcumin – Improves cardiovascular functions
  2. Ginger – Promotes healthy joint functions
  3. Shiitake Mushrooms – Boosts immune functions
  4. Acaí Berry – Many antioxidant properties
  5. Resveratrol – Protects brain cells and improves cognitive functions

Microlife Core Essentials

This is a multivitamin and mineral supplement using the Microlife Science technology that will allow your body to get the full benefits. They will help your complete body from head to toe.

Ingredients include:

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Vitamin K
  3. B Vitamins
  4. Selenium – Promotes immune cell production
  5. Chromium – A help in defeating diabetes

These are the current products offered by Vasayo. You can bet that they are hard at work in development of other products to add to the portfolio.

The Vasayo Compensation Plan

Dallin, working with the other leaders, has developed a compensation plan that seems to be outstanding.microlife technology

Taking a brief look at the compensation plan, there are 18 ranks representatives can attain. This will be determined by the number of PV's you generate, customers you have, and active affiliates on your team.

There are a variety of ways you can make money as an independent distributor.

Your retail sales can gain you commissions of up to 20%. And on top of that, if you have 500 PV in 1 month, you will get a $50 bonus and 1000 PV will get you a $150 bonus.

New members

When you sign up a team member, for their 1st month if they have 80 PV, you will get a 10% product intro bonus and 160 PV gets you 20%.

Binary compensation

Vasayo uses a binary compensation plan. You build a left and right teams, and Vasayo checks weekly and pays you on the lesser leg. At the point you hit 240 Group Volume on both sides, you receive $25. These are cycles and you can cycle over and over until you hit the cap of $27,500 per week.

Vasayo also pays matching bonuses. This all is dependent on you finding a Bronze affiliate in one leg.

They also pay rank bonuses and leadership bonuses. So, a primary factor in developing a huge income is training, developing and leading your teams.

There are many ways to profit with your own Vasayo business. And that is where Dallin and Karree instituted the core values of the company:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Loyalty
  • Generosity
  • Action
  • Partnership
  • and Lifestyle

There is no better way to understand the compensation plan than by just studying it yourself. You can download and review the Vasayo compensation and rewards plan here.

Your Investment

To join as an independent distributor and make these profits, it does require an investment on your part. You will have to invest time and be willing to learn.

The costs involved with joining as a Vasayo affiliate are determined on the starting package you desire. It can be:

  • $239
  • $329
  • $499
  • or $889

My Thoughts

Before I move further, I must tell you that this is a completely unbiased review on this company. I am not affiliated with Vasayo and I am not being compensated in any way to provide this review.

Do I think this would be a good opportunity?

Yes, I believe that Dallin Larsen and his leadership team has built a great network marketing company that will be with us for a long time. Normally, I would tell people to be quite careful with joining a start up multilevel marketing company, but I believe that this situation is quite different.

The experience of all the leaders who started this is outstanding.

If you are moved by Dallin, Karree and the Vasayo opportunity, I would suggest you try the products and if you still have the excitement, I do believe it is a great opportunity. You can find out more by visiting the Vasayo website here.


If you desire to join a network marketing company, but don't believe this is the right one for you, do contact me and I can help you find a company that would be right for you.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. And please share this review with others on social media. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for visiting today and I wish you all the best.


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