TAN 017: Training New Network Marketing Reps So They Duplicate (Part 4 of 4)

In episode 17 we delve into the crucial skill of training your new people.  This skill in and of itself is the main reason most distributors are never able to see their team duplicate.

Listen in to discover the strategy that the commercial nuclear industry, airline industry, and even NASA use to train their people to ensure their people are masters at what they do.

NOTE: I made a brief comment that this was the last skill you would train your new people which is technically incorrect.  Training is the last FUNDAMENTAL skill you should train your new people before they move on to more advanced skills training.

Hope that clears up any confusion!

This Episode Will Cover

  • The 4 step process to train your new distributor in ANY skill.
  • How to train your new distributor to be master trainers themselves.
  • What the Systematic Approach to Training is and how you can use it in your business when training new network marketing reps.
  • What to do in the beginning to ensure your new rep gets a fast start before they are qualified trainers.

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A Note To The Reader

We would appreciate your feedback on this four part series.  A ton of effort went into the making of it, and we've pretty much laid out the road map for you to bring up a new person in your organization.  Although the intimate details may not be there, most of what you need is.

Make sure to leave us a review on iTunes if you found value in this series and let us know what you thought!

Thanks for listening!


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