Who is Todd Falcone & Should You Buy His MLM Scripts?

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If you are involved in network marketing, you have surely hear his name. Todd Falcone is one of the rock stars in multilevel marketing and direct selling.

While there are so many people online who claim to have the best information to help you grow in your network marketing business, Todd Falcone is the “real deal.”

And Todd Falcone has MLM scripts. Scripts for nearly any situation you may find yourself in at any given moment in building your network marketing business.

But should you buy Todd’s scripts?

In today’s post, we will take a close look at Todd Falcone and see if he is a MLM leader you should learn from. I will give you a brief biography and will tell you what else Todd Falcone has done and created within the network marketing world.

Todd Falcone was instrumental in teaching me how to prospect. He is a machine…and can teach anyone how to get better results while prospecting.” Mike Dillard

Todd Falcone Biography

Todd Falcone has over 25 years of experience in network marketing. He currently resides in Arizona with his wife Carla and 2 sons, Gianni and Joey.

Todd’s Education

Todd Falcone attended California State University at Long Beach and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. Graduating in 1990, Todd set out to show others that his education was to no avail, and network marketing was his preferred choice.

Todd was an account executive in the broadcasting industry and also joined 3 various network marketing companies over the years, rising to the top of money earners in all of them.

Many people seem to want to know what company Todd is with now… The answer is all!

But how can Todd Falcone be involved with all network marketing companies?

Simply put, Todd recognized that in all network marketing companies, many people are not being trained in the best todd falcone websitemethods to build their own MLM home based business. Todd had a desire to use all of his education and training to help network marketing business owners and help change the impression of the industry as a whole.

To do so, Todd decided to start his own business. Not a multilevel marketing business, but a business that would train network marketers and help them understand how to build a strong business no matter which company they were affiliated with.

“Todd Falcone is one of the best network marketers I know. He is a prospecting pro and knows EXACTLY what it takes to massively succeed in network marketing.” Jordan Adler

Reach For Success

In 2002, Todd Falcone founded Reach 4 Success LLC. Todd is the CEO of this training and development company. The company works with entrepreneurs in the direct selling and network marketing industry by providing various training information in the form of educational content, seminars and keynote speaking engagements, plus much more.

In his speaking, Todd is described as raw, real and direct. He explains basic as well as advanced methods to build your network marketing business.

Some of the areas he has covered in speaking engagements are:

Network Marketing Fundamentals

Todd covers basics such as:

  • List assembly
  • The first contact
  • Prospecting importance
  • Office setup
  • 3 way calls
  • Fear
  • Mindset and beliefs
  • Using MLM scripts
  • Asking for referrals
  • and more…

Developing Prospecting Skills

Todd Falcone explains how prospecting is the most important activity in network marketing. He covers aspects that will bring effectiveness to your prospecting skills. He covers all aspects of prospecting that you can possibly think of.

Marketing To Warm, Cold and Referral Markets

Todd covers aspects and ways to properly market to each area. There are techniques that will work with one and not the other. Todd shows the methods and strategies that work.

Recruiting Leaders

Called recruiting up, Todd Falcone is a master of recruiting people who are considered a “higher class” than thetodd falcone mlm recruiter. He shows us that no matter the house they live in, car they drive or career they have, all people “put their shoes on the same way.”

Todd teaches us how to break through our fears and to approach people who are economically superior.

Online Marketing

Todd covers using the internet to your advantage… The right way! He teaches how to utilize technology and still integrate the “old school” relationship building into the mix.


Todd Falcone also delves into the subject of accountability. How to leave the employee mindset behind and have the entrepreneur mindset. This means being 100% accountable for all your actions. When you get the entrepreneur mindset and hold yourself accountable, you will perform to optimal levels to have success in your MLM business.

Developing Leaders

Todd also moves into the advanced stages of moving into leadership roles in your network marketing business.

The fact is, Todd Falcone teaches network marketers anything and everything they need to know to have huge success with their network marketing business.

“Todd is able to breakdown the essentials of sales and business building into a form that allows people of all levels to become masterful producers.” Susan Sly

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Todd Falcone Training Products

Todd has created a plethora of products that can, and will help you grow your network marketing business…

One of the top rated courses he offers is called Cracking The Code To Success In Network Marketing and has helped many people gain ground in network marketing success.

The other products Todd created below can also be found on the same page through the link above.

Building Blocks

Called Basic Building Blocks to Network Marketing Success, this training is for new network marketers or for any making less than $1,000 per month.

Social Media

Social Media Recruiting in 3 Simple Steps will show you how to properly engage people on Facebook using strategic methods.


Breaking Barriers will show you how to overcome the hurdles in front of you in your MLM business.


TeleProspecting for Pros shows you the ways to use your phone properly for prospecting.

Sponsoring Success

The Sponsoring Success Series shows you how you can have fun sponsoring and make huge amounts of money.

Network Marketing Mastery

Todd created the Mastery Course which is an in-depth 3 day course that goes deep. He also has the Network Marketing Mastery Interview Series where he interviews 10 MLM rock stars who share their strategies.


Todd Falcone shows us how to eliminate procrastination and stay consistent in this course titled Cracking the Code to Consistency.

Master Prospecting

It is called 23 Unbreakable Rules of a Master Prospector and is great! He also made the Championship Prospecting Series with Todd calling real live leads. Listen and learn. Another course Todd offers is called How To Win In The Game Of Prospecting.

Cold Market

Todd shows us how to master the cold market in the Cold Market Lead Mastery Course.

Female Network Marketers

In Dynamic Divas of Networking, several female top earners share some of their secrets to success.

Recruiting Professionals

This course, Recruiting Professionals LIVE Dials, Todd shares live calls with professionals and how he recruits them. He also has the course Insider Secrets To Recruiting Professionals.

The Important Stuff

Todd Falcone also offers a course called What Matters Most. He provides the methods to overcome objections and perform like a network marketing superstar.

Todd’s Proprietary System

Todd also developed a follow-up and prospecting system called The Fearless Networker System. It helps you keep track of your prospecting, leads and follow-up system.

Fearless Networker

Plus, Todd Falcone wrote an excellent book called the Fearless Networking Book and what’s more, it is free. You just pay for shipping and handling.

But, Should You Buy Todd Falcone’s MLM Scripts?

With over 80 pages of scripts for nearly any circumstance, Todd created The Little Black Book of Scripts. Todd covers so many areas in this book and gives you scripts to use that will magnify your expertise and build your network marketing business.

Todd covers

  • Different types of prospecting markets

Warm Market

  • Approaching the Warm Market
  • Warm Market Memory Jogger
  • Five Simple Steps to Success with your Warm Market
  • How to Guarantee that you are never part of the NFL
  • Warm Market Close Friend Business Script
  • Warm Market Close Family Member Business Script
  • Warm Market Distant Family Member or Friend Business Script
  • Warm Market “Up the Socio-Economic Chain” Business Script

Cold Market

  • The Money-Back Guarantee Product Script
  • The “I Know You’ll Love this” Product Script
  • Seven Strategies for Success in the Cold Market
  • Todd Falcone’s Cold Lead Business Script
  • The 3-way Call to a Leader or Expert Script
  • The “Cold Lead, Wrong Contact” Script
  • The “Flipping Tele-Marketers” Script
  • Working with Agendas

Follow Up

  • Follow up Strategies
  • Six Strategies to Improve your Follow up
  • The “Prospect is There” Follow up Script
  • The “Prospect Didn’t Show up But I’m Nice” Follow up Script
  • The “I’m a Little Irritated that you Didn’t Show” Follow up Script
  • The “I Can’t Believe How Irresponsible Someone Can Be” Follow up Script
  • Closing Strategies and Scripts

60 Yards

  • 60-Yard Recruiting Strategies and Scripts
  • Seven Simple Tips for Mastering the 60-Yard Rule
  • The “Bank/Post Office/Grocery Store 60-Yard Rule Script
  • The “Specific Trait” 60-Yard Rule Script
  • The “Server” 60-Yard Rule Script

Voice Mail

  • How to Leave an Effective Voice Mail Message
  • The “Curiosity Generating” Voice Mail Message
  • The “Specific Reason” Voice Mail Message
  • The “Courtesy Call” Voice Mail Message
  • The “Bank Account Balance” Voice Mail Message

Recruiting Professionals

  • Recruiting Professionals Strategies and Scripts
  • Todd’s Real Estate Professionals Script
  • Todd’s Real Estate Professionals Script #2
  • The Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer Script
  • The Financial Planner or Stock Broker Script
  • The Outside Sales Professional Script
  • The Inside Sales Professional Script
  • The Managers and Directors Script
  • The Retail Sales and Customer Service Script
  • The “Curiosity Generating” Professionals Voice Mail Message
  • The “Financial Matter” Professionals Voice Mail Message
  • The “Long Version” Professional Voice Mail Message

And So Much More…

  • Recruiting Network Marketers Strategies and Scripts
  • Recruiting Network Marketers Script #1
  • Recruiting Network Marketers Script #2
  • Funded Proposals Strategies and Scripts
  • Funded Proposal Phone Script
  • Conference Call Moderator Script
  • Todd’s Personal Voice Mail Message
  • Todd’s More Specific Voice Mail Message
  • The “Old DS” Super Posture Teaser Message
  • Todd’s Go-To Teaser Message
  • Email and Letter Correspondence
  • Todd Falcone’s Email Scripts Short Introductory Email to Professionals # 1
  • Short Introductory Email to Professionals # 2
  • The “Short and Sweet” Email that Follows a Conversation
  • The “Longer, More Detailed” Email that Follows a Conversation
  • Todd Falcone’s Snail Mail Scripts
  • Introductory Snail Mail to Professional
  • Introductory Letter with Enclosure
  • Todd’s Lead Coding System
  • Tracking your Progress
  • Connecting and Rapport Building Tips
  • Mastering the Art of the 3-Way Call

How Great Is That!!!

All I can say is: Of course you should buy Todd’s little black book of scripts!

Just look at what all comes!

You can get The Little Black Book of Scripts here. Just scroll down to the second product and grab a copy!

Let’s face it, Todd Falcone is a rock star network marketer.

Have you studied under Todd before? Let’s hear your experiences and how Todd has helped you grow your business.

Please share your comments below.

By the way Todd, thanks for all you do for network marketers, you rock brother!


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