TAN 013: Sponsoring Up The Network Marketing Food Chain with Master Recruiter Todd Falcone

In episode 13 I interview the Fearless Networker, Todd Falcone.

Todd describes what it takes for a network marketing business owner to build a big business, including some of his strategies for sponsoring up the network marketing food chain.  He even describes the methodology for how he put over 9000 people into one of his organizations by using this tactic!

This interview is loaded with actionable content and tips from a true master recruiter in the industry!network marketing recruiting tips

This Episode Will Cover

  • What a new distributor can do right away to start seeing success in their business.
  • How many people Todd believe you can legitimately handle on your team per month if you want to train them effectively.
  • How Todd was able to put 9000 people into his business by sponsoring “up the socioeconomic ladder,” and how you can do that too!
  • What to say to a new rep that tells you they “don't want to talk to their warm market.”
  • How to drive depth and taproot in your organization if you're already building a moderately successful business.

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