How to Sponsor 1 New MLM Rep in 24 Hours

sponsor a new mlm rep

Did you just join a new multilevel marketing company and want to get started with a bang? You want to sponsor a new MLM rep quickly. Is there a way to sponsor a new a new MLM rep within 24 hours?

Yes there is!

In this post, I will share some methods and strategies you can use to sponsor a new MLM rep within 24 hours.

I suggest you take notes so you can start your new business in a powerful way.

It is great that you are fired up and want to start quick and fast

I need to really get to this before I start providing strategies on how to sponsor a new MLM rep in 24 hours; you are on a high; you have just started a new business and you are pumped up. That is great! But how will you be when that “high” dissipates?

I have watched this happen so many times. A new person starts with a bang but when the immediate thrill wears off, they slow down or even stop. And, the people they sponsored will follow suit.

You need to realize that the high will wear off and you will have to make a decision.

Successful network marketers keep moving even after the “high” wears off

It is important that you need to keep the momentum going just as if you had just started. You want to always keep the attitude of how can I sponsor a new MLM rep today?

The new MLM rep you need to sponsor first

This may sound crazy, but in the first 24 hours, the new MLM rep you need to sponsor is looking at you in the mirror. You need to sponsor yourself!

But you are probably saying that Joe, Julie, Jim, John or someone else sponsored you. True, they did, but you need to make a decision to sponsor yourself. You need to go all-in.

I think it is great that you have the desire to sponsor a new MLM rep immediately, but let's consider the person that needs to be sponsored first… You!

Your MLM company's training resources

While you should be “fired up” to sponsor a new MLM rep as fast as possible, you need to realize that this is a forever business. You need to get yourself developed too.

The very first thing you should start with is going through every bit of MLM training resources that your company offers. I suggest studying every manual, video and any other training material your company offers, your sponsor or even your team offers.

This will provide you with material to help you not only sponsor a new MLM rep, but also how to train that new rep so they also become strong and powerful.

Other training resources

Just as you are reading this blog post today, you can find a plethora of great training resources to help you manage your new MLM business. There are many books you should read to help you and a lot of quality people who have been key leaders in network marketing. People like:

There are many great lessons about sponsoring and training from all of these personalities.

Okay, now that I have told you all of this, let's get to the point of this post.

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These are tips and steps to sponsor a new MLM rep in 24 hours

Hopefully, you have taken my advice and reviewed all the training information offered by your MLM company. In doing so, you have taken some of that 24 hours away… Don't fret. Do not get stressed or anxious.

The time you have taken to sponsor yourself will make this even easier.

So let's look at what you need to do first.

The first step to sponsor a new MLM rep in 24 hours

The first step leads right back to you.sponsor network marketing rep

You have to believe you can.

You have to know you can sponsor a new MLM rep.

Some people may tell you it is impossible and they are right, but they didn't separate the word correctly. Just tell that person they are right because I'm Possible!

You can and will sponsor a new MLM rep within 24 hours.

The second step to sponsor a new MLM rep in 24 hours

If you have followed the complete article to this point, you are going to have an MLM aura surrounding you. To be very honest, it wouldn't surprise me if someone doesn't approach you and ask you if they can have what you have. That is known as attraction, and attraction marketing has become the best method of sponsoring new MLM reps.

But,, to get started in an old-school fashion, let's use a system that has worked for network marketers since network marketing first became a business format.

Make a list

It is time to get out a pen and paper and start writing down every single person you know. List every friend and family member.

  • Do not leave anyone off the list
  • Do not prejudge anyone
  • List every person

This is known as your warm market, and you need to contact these people in a special way.

Sort your list

Now you take that list and determine which of those people you have the best rapport with. Which of those people respect you the most?

Move those people to the top of the list, and do not erase anyone off the list.

Now is the time to start contacting those people.

Keep in mind that you want to go into this in a warm way and not burn bridges or scare your friends or family away.

You will also want to use third party tools to close them if they show slight interest.

An example on how to talk with your warm market prospect

2 things before I explain this…

  1. You are nervous
  2. You are excited

You cannot allow the nervousness to show, and the excitement can be there, but lightly.

Start the conversation just by asking how they have been and the family. Let them ramble as much as they want and when they ask why you are calling, just say something like “I have been showing people how to make a little extra money from home (or something on those lines.” Right after that you can say “I figured you know people that need to make some more money, so send them my way.”

Now it is time to listen closelymlm recruiting tips

If your warm market prospect even states a slight curiosity, you are in. Stop the conversation and do not start letting them lead you with questions. Just explain that you want them to see or hear something and find out when you can do a 3 way call, or sit with them during a video presentation or any of the other 3rd party tools your MLM company offers.

Let them know that you are partnered with one or more entrepreneurs and you are introducing a financially freedom method. It is important that they see the video or talk with the partner so they can understand the system completely.

The person will probably try to ask you more questions, but just explain that you are quite busy and you will be able to explain more during the call, video or other 3rd party method. And try to set it up quickly. I would even go so far as to try and set the 3rd party close up immediately.

Just tell your prospect you will be calling back soon.

Let your sponsor do the close

The best method is to just let your sponsor close your warm market prospect. Introduce your prospect to your sponsor and tell your prospect that your sponsor is quite busy but agreed to take time out to explain the system to them.

Now you just allow your sponsor to do the close and 9 times out of 10, you will have a new team member.

You did it! You sponsored a new MLM rep within 24 hours

It can be done and you proved it. The warm market is the best place to start and you will get new MLM reps from your warm market if you follow the prescribed course of action I gave you above.

But you do need to keep learning, and teaching.

Do not leave that new MLM rep you just sponsored hanging. You need to help them duplicate and do the same thing your sponsor just had you do. Help them sponsor someone into their business in 24 hours.

Don't stop now!

You have momentum. Keep contacting the rest of your warm market. Put your sponsor to work closing them… They will be happy to do so because someone joining your team is also joining their team.

It is not impossible to sponsor a new MLM rep in 24 hours, because you are… say it… I'M POSSIBLE!

How to keep attracting new MLM reps

As I said earlier, at some point you will not have a warm market list to call anymore, but that will not stop you if you use proper techniques.

I mentioned attraction marketing earlier, and that is the process of establishing yourself as an expert in the field your MLM company inhabits.

There are many ways to attract people to ask you about the opportunity. Instead of just telling people out of the blue, you can do certain things that will have people asking you about the opportunity or the products.

Keep the momentum going by:

Starting a blog

Educate people with blog posts about the area you are integrated with in your MLM. The cost of purchasing a domain and hosting are actually quite low in comparison to the amount of people that will request information about the opportunity if you consistently provide educational posts.

Be sure and review many of the articles I have on this blog about blogging to attract MLM recruits.

Personal development

Read books and study successful network marketers. Develop a strong technique and strategy and you WILL attract recruits. Learn to present the opportunity via simple conversation with strangers, webinars and videos, and other areas. You want to keep learning and growing.

Dress for success

If you look successful, people will draw to you to find out how they can be successful too. If you walk around in holy (not religious either) jeans and an old t-shirt, most people will not take you as a successful person.

I am not telling you to have a suit and tie on at all times, but dress and groom as if you are about to enter a business meeting. Because at any given time as a network marketer, you may be in a business meeting.

Use social media to its full potential

You will find several posts on my blog on using the various social media channels to recruit into your MLM business. I recommend you read those and learn to use places like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • and others

to your full advantage. You can recruit and sponsor many MLM team members if you use them properly.

Final thoughts about how to sponsor a new MLM rep in 24 hours

I really hope that this post helps you get that first MLM prospect sponsored. I want to see you get the momentum rolling.

Just always remember that this is not a hobby, it is your business. Treat it as such. You have the power, you have the ability and means, now get out there and start sponsoring and make sure and train those you sponsor.

I just want to share with you that I developed some awesome scripts that you can use to recruit top earners for your MLM business. These scripts can be purchased and used for an ultimate MLM experience here.


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