TAN 002: Social Media Network Marketing with Logan Lynn Roberts

This episode of Unleashing The Alpha Networker features Logan Lynn Roberts, aka the Social Media Network Marketing Maven.

Logan has built a sizeable business using just the power of social media.  Today she opens up about how to engage your audience through social media, as well as some helpful tools to get you started right.

This Episode Will Cover

  • Logan's journey from real estate to home business owner, and why she gave it all up for the total time freedom she has today.
  • The cardinal sins of social media marketing and how to avoid committing them.
  • The tools Logan uses to power her social media business, as well as the skills necessary to start implementing her strategies in your business.
  • Key things to do in communication, whether online or offline, to get what you want.

Links & Resources From This Show

  • #LoLovesit (Logan's Branded Hashtag)
  • Sniply (Traffic and Social Media Marketing Tool)
  • Bitly (URL Shortener and Audience Engagement Services)

A Note To The Reader

None of the links above are affiliate links should you choose to visit them.

Logan Lynn Roberts was a top earner with Kannaway and provided tremendous value in this episode, be sure to drop by and tell her thanks!

Thanks for listening!


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