Social Media Marketing Tips From A Network Marketing Pro | With Social Media Marketing Maven Logan Lynn Roberts

social media marketing tips

social media marketing tipsThis interview is a candid conversation between myself and Logan Lynn Roberts, aka the Social Media Marketing Maven of network marketing.

In this interview we delve into Logan's story a bit and discover how she was able to create an empire in less than a year with the power of social media.

Logan openly shares some of her secret social media marketing tips, including tools she uses and skills she believes every network marketer should develop if they want to integrate social media in a serious way into their businesses.

Here is the layout of the interview:

  • Introduction
  • Questions & Answers For Listeners
  • Logan shares her story about reluctantly starting in network marketing and why she chose social media over other methods to focus on.
  • Logan describes her philosophy on using social media including her do's and do-nots.
  • Logan describes two tools she enjoys using the most for social media marketing: they will surprise you!
  • When I ask what skills she developed to become successful with social media marketing Logan weighs in with her honest opinion.
  • Closing

You can listen to the full interview right here:

Some key social media marketing tips and takeaways from the interview:

  • Using your own unique voice and learning to tell your story is key in presenting your brand in a way that attracts other potential business partners.
  • Learning how to present information, either online or offline is a skill that is vital for you to become a top earner in your company.
  • It is a guarantee that you will face struggles in your business.  This is a fundamental law of success.  A struggle must be endured and overcome before the success comes.

Listen carefully during this interview as Logan shares her story.  Don't just take into account the story itself, but the way in which she shares and imparts her knowledge.  She has finely tuned her craft and her story for the audience out there that is looking for her.

I would like to personally thank Logan for doing this interview and sharing her knowledge with my audience.  The pleasure was all mine!


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