TAN 064 : Social Media, Branding, and Chatbots From a 7-Figure Mogul | Interview with Heather Havenwood

In episode 64 we interview 7-figure mogul, Huffington Post's top achieving female entrepreneur and social media icon, Heather Havenwood. Heather reveals some of her best secrets in building a 7-figure brand, using social media to do it, and how chatbots are changing the face of Facebook, no pun intended!

This Episode Will Cover

Why Heather decided to use chatbots and which one she prefers.

How to leverage chatbots in your business and on your blog if you're a network marketing blogger.

Why you need to pay close attention to social media and how it can influence your brand and growth.

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A Note To The Reader

Her expertise is an example of what is possible in any profession. There is no guarantee of income or that you will achieve these results.

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