TAN 053: How To Sell, Close, & Recruit Anyone Into Your Network Marketing Business with Greg Gomez III

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In episode 53 Greg Gomez III talks to us about his perspectives on selling, closing, and recruiting. Greg has built multi million dollar companies and is the current CEO and founder of FastStartMarketer.com. Listen in as he teaches us how to utilize the most powerful skill in our arsenal to achieve the ultimate form of success: selling.

Greg dives deep into how you can use the skill of selling to recruit anyone into your network marketing business.

This Episode Will Cover

  • The importance of selling in network marketing and whether or not you need to learn it.
  • Sales tips Greg uses everyday in his MLM business.
  • Greg's approach to building a network marketing business the product-first route.
  • Greg's best closing lines on the phone, epic.
  • What to do if you're an introvert and deathly afraid of selling, and how you too can build a network marketing business.

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