Who is Ray Higdon & Should You Read His Blog?

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When the term network marketing rock stars is mentioned, there are several people who immediately come to the top of my thoughts. One of those people is Ray Higdon.

There are very few individuals involved in network marketing who are not aware of Ray and his wife Jessica. They are both greatly respected trainers and leaders in network marketing.

But, can Ray Higdon help you?

Is Ray with your multilevel marketing business?

Should you read his blog or any of his books?

I mean, who is this Ray Higdon and what makes his advice so special?

I will answer that first by telling you that Ray has “been there and done that.” He is an entrepreneur who has built a huge and profitable network marketing business but before he did, he had several failures.

Let me just tell you that Ray tells it like it is. He is not going to fill you with hype that is unrealistic. Ray Higdon shoots straight from the hip by telling you what he knows works and what doesn’t.

A Brief Ray Higdon Biography

Ray was born in Indiana and was far from the perfect student. From his own mouth, Ray tells us it took him 5 years to finish High School and he never even tried college. But one thing even his classmates would say is, Ray Higdon was always a natural entrepreneur. At 12 years old, Ray was bagging candy and selling it for a profit in school.

Living in Florida, Ray had a desire to earn money. At 18 years of age, Ray was working 3 jobs.

Ray knew he could do better and started looking for various ways to make more money. He looked for mentorship from people he thought had gained success.

Ray really gained enlightenment when he asked a manager from one of his jobs what his goals were. The manager said that even though he hated the job, he would probably just stick with it because he assumed he wouldn’t be able to get more money anywhere else.

Ray decided at that very moment he would never get into that frame of thought.

Ray Higdon would never settle for being mediocre

Ray did start trying multilevel marketing, but with his first few companies, he did not give it 100% commitment. Plus he did not receive proper training so many of those ventures failed. But Ray wouldn’t stop.

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Ray Higdon In Corporate America

Ray managed to land a lucrative position with the Collier County Florida Community Development Services. He was project manager and he managed the systems and software that developed permits throughout Collier County.

Soon, Ray was promoted to Enterprise Database Administrator and was earning great money, but he was bored. He was working long hours and left the job and took a job in insurance where he was making $80,000 per year. He was also working extremely long hours and was beginning to detest corporate life.

Ray decided to quit and start his own company

Seeing that people in Florida were living comfortably in real estate, Ray chose that niche as his business venture. With a partner, Ray invested in rental units.ray higdon real estate

The rentals Ray and his partner invested in were in a bad area of Fort Myers, Florida. Ray had to evict drug dealers and users and he soon got frustrated with angry tenants.

Sticking with real estate, Ray started flipping houses and became quite good at it. He became a master at flipping houses with little money down and no credit involved. So there was little if any risk.

From flipping to teaching

Ray was so proficient at flipping homes, he began teaching through paid speaking engagements the process. In 2005, Ray founded The Forever Wealth Club and he began a traveling circuit selling a system for $7,000 that teaches people how to flip properties.

But the same thing as his corporate job was happening… Ray Higdon was working many hours and not spending time with his kids.

The housing crash

In 2008, real estate went into a huge decline. Ray Higdon found that the empire he had built was crashing down around him. He was going broke fast and was quite close to bankruptcy. He was depressed and was anxious to find an answer to this mess.

Then a MLM company appeared in Ray’s sights and he felt a calling to join. Unlike other network marketing attempts, Ray chose to give 110% to being successful with this MLM company.

The name of that company was Numis Network. It was a MLM company that sold collector coins.

Ray was a natural and by his 5th month, he was making $10,000 a month and on his 7th month, $40,000.

Ray Higdon became the top earner with Numis Network who has since been merged with World Ventures.

Ray Higdon after Numis Network

Ray and his wife Jessica are no longer members of any one network marketing company. They turned their sights to helping all network marketers by showing them the best ways to prospect, recruit and train team members.

That is what Ray’s blog is all about. He shows you many aspects of MLM that your upline won’t show you or cannot show you because they don’t know the secrets themselves.

You can have Ray and Jessica Higdon mentor you into becoming a top earner with your company no matter what company you are with.

What some people have to say about Ray Higdon

It is amazing the great testimonials about how Ray and Jessica has helped network marketers. Just listen to a few:ray higdon testimonials

Lynda Kenny

I have been group coached and mentored by Ray Higdon since September, 2014 and I have to say my whole life and business has changed for the better.

I have gone from someone who never showed up in my Network Marketing company to recruiting prospects, increasing my rank status and now building a team. In the past, I was afraid to even pick up a phone. Prospecting aside, I have invested in a six months coaching program with Ray, which followed his Invest, Learn and Teach workshop held in January, 2015.

I am learning marketing ninja tactics in more depth, improving my blog and getting support and mentoring from someone who I see as the best there is in the Network Marketing Industry…… a true professional, a gentleman and someone I now see as a friend.

Kathleen Deggleman

I'm a seven-figure income earner in the industry. live achieved significant success already, but I know how important it is to have a mentor and a coach.

I'm so impressed with what Ray and Jessica Higdon have to offer.

I joined Top Earner Mastermind as a Diamond. What I liked best about having Ray and Jessica as my mentor and coach is the access to them. They're very available for anything I need — emails, phone calls, coaching calls.

After my 1-on-1 VIP day, I feel more focused and empowered to do what I need to do to take my business to the next level and it's great to have experts in your back pocket that you can rely on and have access to.

My team AND income has TRIPLED since I started!

If you're sitting on the fence, wondering if you should be a part of this program, I can tell you that my life really started to change when I became an active member in programs like this. It absolutely will change your life.

It Seems Like

Ray Higdon really knows his stuff. He and his wife have helped tons of network marketers move their home based business from making little to making tons of money.

Yes, you should read Ray’s blog. You can find it at https://rayhigdon.com/blog/

And, if you ever have the opportunity to attend an event featuring Ray Higdon as a speaker, I encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity. You WILL NOT regret it.

Some excellent Ray Higdon quotes

Ray seems to always have some great words of wisdom. Here are some:

active or inactive?

The ability to say “Woe is me” shows the abundance of inactivity.”


Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood to do it has passed”


Free is the most expensive option and will take you the longest… like cutting your grass with scissors”

your products

When it comes to your products and services, don’t focus on what it is, focus on what it does


So many people are suffering from weapons of mass distraction…”

note taking

The notes that you have been taking are uncashed checks. To cash them, convert those notes to online content with call to actions”

Those are just a few of the wisdom straight from the lips of Ray Higdon.

Key Takeaways I have Got From Ray Higdon

I will tell you that I consider Ray Higdon a mentor. I have learned a lot from this network marketing Rock Star and I expect to learn more.

I truly believe if you read Ray’s blog and follow his advice, you can build a massive MLM business.

Here are a few key things I have learned from Ray:

On and Off

I don’t mean being on and off with your MLM business. Consistency is important.

Actually, what Ray says is that he was originally trained in the “old school” methods of recruiting… Face to face, belly to belly.

But Ray says that all network marketers should use all resources. While not giving up the face to face method, they should also embrace online prospecting and recruiting methods too. You need to integrate both methods into your network marketing business.

Who Ray Considers The Best Prospects

In Ray’s statements, we cannot overlook anyone, but he suggests the best prospects are individuals who have tried network marketing but did not have solid leadership to show them how to build a strong MLM team.

Work And Play Hard

Here is another thing I loved when I caught this from Ray. He works hard, but when it is play time… family time, he plays even harder.

By giving his wife and children quality time together, he found that when he is working hard, everything flows smoother.

Embrace NO!

I about spit my drink out when I heard Ray said that when he first started, he set a goal of getting 20 no’s every day.

The majority of us network marketers set goals that are yes’. And here this superstar says he sets no goals.

But as I reflected, it made sense. You know you will get some no’s and you expect and even embrace them. Because a certain amount of no’s always have a yes in the midst of them.

Some Of The Great Stuff On Ray’s Blog

There is so much you can learn from Ray Higdon on his blog… And it costs nothing but time. I highly suggest you visit and learn.



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