TAN 059: How To Rank Your MLM Content With Zero Technical Knowledge | Interview with James Upjohn

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In episode 59 we get the pleasure of talking to SEO expert and guru James Upjohn. James is an absolute dynamo with respect to ranking MLM content and goes into some awesome in-depth stuff on how to rank your MLM content with zero technical knowledge.

He also does us the enormous favor of talking about Magic Submitter, my favorite piece of software for SEO!

This Episode Will Cover

  • Solid on-page and off-page SEO tips for ranking your content fast.
  • What James thinks of directories, forums, guest posting, and other not-so-white-hat strategies.
  • What James thinks of Private Blog Networks and buying links.
  • One of the only Fiverr gigs James buys with respect to SEO (the rest are pretty much rubbish as he would say).
  • How to use Google to your maximum advantage when you are ranking your content.

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