TAN 014: Qualifying and Inviting Like A Network Marketing Professional (Part 1 of 4)

In episode 14 Gabriel Ramos and I dive into the process of actually qualifying and inviting people.

We cover the core concepts of what qualifying and inviting really means in the network marketing profession, and then move into doing live role-playing so you can witness the process as it would probably occur over the phone!  Live sparring and role playing in this profession are always a ton of fun!

This Episode Will Cover

  • How to qualify someone correctly and what that actually means.
  • How to invite someone correctly and what the purpose of an invite is.
  • What it may sound like to qualify someone live.
  • What it may sound like to invite someone over the phone to view your company presentation.
  • What to say when a lead or prospect responds to your invite.

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A Note To The Reader

We would appreciate your feedback on this show.  Gabriel and I will continue to feed you our best tips on this process through the next 3 episodes.

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