TAN 062: How to Build an Organic Network Marketing Team to Over 200,000 Distributors | Interview with Kosta Gara

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In episode 62 we interview top earner and author, Kosta Gara. Kosta walks us through his escape to freedom from the tyranny of early Iran, including the path that would lead him to the network marketing profession. We also dive into the exciting release of Kosta's upcoming book: Organic Networker.

This Episode Will Cover

  • How Kosta was able to build a team of over 200,000 distributors using a philosophy called organic network marketing in a relatively short period of time.
  • What to do when setting goals to ensure you stay on track.
  • How to take your dreams and vision from $500 to 7 figures a year and more.
  • Why Kosta failed miserably in his first network marketing company, what he learned, and why he was outrageously successful in his second company.
  • The principle of CANEI. The method used by Kosta Gara to reach any goal he set for himself and his business.

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