TAN 007: What Network Marketers Need to Know About Offline & Online Marketing with Yours Truly

In this show my podcasting doppelganger and business partner Gabriel Ramos interviews me for the first time.

Gabriel asks me some tough questions and I do my best to open up and let you into my world, including how I got my start in network marketing and what I think of the industry today with respect to offline and online marketing.

This Episode Will Cover

  • How I got started in network marketing: even made myself laugh thinking about it.
  • What I think about network marketers building their business using just the internet, and can it be done (and duplicated).
  • My thoughts on building locally and how I'm using social media to prospect and book daily meetings with professionals earning over 100k/year.
  • What to do if you're interested in learning advanced online marketing skill sets after mastering the fundamentals.

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