The Best Alpha Network Marketing Tools In The Industry

This resource page is meant to show full transparency on what I currently use in my network marketing tools arsenal. I will never recommend anything I do not use or have not used myself, and any software or service I have not used in some time will be removed from this list. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Thanks for stopping by!

Disclosure: Please note that many of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you.

Starting Your Own Company


Make sure you get help setting up your corporation when you start your business.  I highly recommend LegalZoom as the company to help you do it.  They basically do everything for you, including the necessary submissions of your paperwork.  Their customer service is excellent as well and they'll tackle any issue you have.  Realize that they are NOT a law firm so any legal questions you have will have to be handled through a legal channel.  There are a lot of perks with LegalZoom as well, such as free Quickbooks online for a while, among other things.

Prospecting & Recruiting

Rocket Recruiting

So my good friend and business partner Eric Tippetts created this product to help you and your entire team find success in this industry. It is a simple, no hype, no pressure MLM tool that helps you expose this industry and your opportunity to new people.  Rocket Recuiting has received support in the form of first class training from some of the top earners in the industry. If you're struggling to find leads make sure you check out the MLM Leads page on this site for how you can either get affordable, and/or free MLM leads as well! Use them as fodder for training up your teams!

Internet Network Marketing Fast Track System

Hybrid Networker University

As a co-founder of Hybrid Networker University I can not recommend this highly enough for Ariix representatives.  It would take me months of full time work to teach people what I know, and most people would rather get results fast; that's why I recommend this platform.  Our university plugs you into a high-end training program that was built using The Systematic Approach to Training modelIt really is your solution for the network marketing fast lane to success.  Hybrid Networker University is geared for Ariix representatives.  Unlike other programs out there, this truly is one of the best network marketing systems in a field reps arsenal. Note: If you decide to partner with our team your monthly cost for this system is $0.00, yup it's FREE! P.S. If you are already involved with Ariix, chat with us about how you can receive access to this platform for your team using Ariix's patented Power Reentry Program!

Email Marketing


Aweber is the best autoresponder email service provider in the industry right now, hands down.  It beats everything I've tried: Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and iContact.  I prefer it because of its ease of use and massive integration with the host of software programs and services out there.  Right now Aweber is giving away a free course on email marketing, click the link and you'll be able to download it!



GoDaddy is a great place to start when you finally determine what domain name you want to purchase.  They often run deals for 99cent domains, and have a hosting service as well (although I don't recommend it).  I highly recommend their affiliate program as well, since they pay out recurring commissions on purchases.  Don't forget, once you have your domain purchased, access the domain manager function inside GoDaddy and forward your domain nameservers to your HostGator account!


I'll start by saying ALL of my blogs use (free).  To build a blog on WordPress however, you need a hosting service after you acquire your domain.  This will basically be like the piece of "property" you sit your house on.  I was using Hostgator for the longest time (and still have domains hosted there, they do have great customer service), but have found Bluehost to be similar in nature (with a better affiliate program I have to add).


The Optimize Press WordPress theme answers every concern you have with regards to building a blog. I went from using a custom theme that required me to learn HTML, examine and change CSS, over to simply plugging and playing. I can't recommend it highly enough.  This entire blog was built on OptimizePress!

Note To My Team: This blog was built prior to my coming on board to help develop and enhance Hybrid Income System, you can technically rebuild this site on our platform without all the techno mumbo jumbo I had to learn. If I could go back in time, I'd obviously rebuild this site on Hybrid, but since so much has went into the creation and content of this site it would be inefficient time-wise to do so.

Spin Rewriter 4.0

Spin Rewriter is the software you need if you're going to spin your articles.  I will throw out that you should be comfortable with the concept of "spinning" articles for dissemination on the web if you're going to use this tool.  It comes with a great plugin feature to allow integration onto any WordPress blog as well.  Watch this free YouTube video to see it in action.  I've tried things like The Best Spinner and nothing touches this software.

Lead Capture


ClickFunnels is by far and away one of the biggest, well kept secrets of internet marketing among some of the big network marketing online leaders.  It was created by Russell Brunson, who is an outright genius when it comes to making money online and helping others do the same.  Strangely enough, I've seen network marketing leaders build sites using this software and then ask for an optin as an ethical bribe in order to "reveal" the secret to building that very page. Crazy right? Like I always say, the industry deserves better from us.  This is one of our network marketing "secrets."

SEO & Traffic Generation

Magic Submitter
Social Networks Auto-poster
Try Market Samurai For Free!

Magic Submitter

After being a loyal Traffic Geyser subscriber for 4 months (and seeing decent results), we had to part ways when this product came along.  Not only does it do more than TG, but for a fraction of the cost.  You can easily customize linking structures to your site, automatically build authority, and put your SEO on virtual autopilot with this software.  It also offers a generous 50% affiliate program if you decide to promote it!

Social Networks Auto Poster

This WordPress plugin is totally FREE and is one of the best network marketing tools you can implement for your blog.  It can auto post to around 25 sites every time you make a post and help build your traffic.  It compliments Magic Submitter perfectly.  There is also an upgrade inside the free version that allows you to auto post to Google+, Pinterest, as well as other awesome features; I would have happily paid for the upgrade for the Google+ perk alone.

Market Samurai

Before you even press the first key on your keyboard to write an article you should be doing keyword research.  This involves determining what people are looking for in the search engines related to your niche, analyzing your competition, and then finally writing an article in a manner that helps it to rank on Google.  This is the best keyword research software out there in my professional opinion, especially when it is combined with Majestic SEO (free) for competition analysis.  They even have a back office called "the dojo" for affiliates, how cool is that?

Hire Writers

If you're engaged in any type of link building campaign or SEO strategy then I highly recommend Hire Writers as a content creation service provider.  You can have 2000 word articles written for under 20 bucks.  If you're building your own private blog network this is a powerful time saver since you'll be able to quickly generate content for your network rather than spending countless hours writing content yourself.  I would not recommend using them for your personal site or blog since you'll lose the high touch aspect of connecting with your customers and prospects.  Hire Writers has a generous affiliate program as well.

Video Marketing


Screenflow is my software of choice for the Mac.  I don't use PCs any longer so I won't promote anything for them.  However, if you operate a PC and you're hardcore set on never going to a Mac then I know Camtasia is the equivalent for you.  Screenflow (and Camtasia) allows you to alter your video, extract audio files, convert to any format you want, and split clips.


This software was newly added to my list of video marketing tools due to its ability to create animated, extremely interactive clips.  If all you want to do is film yourself in a room, or in front of a green screen using PowerPoint or Keynote on occasion, then this probably isn't for you.  But if you want to enrich the experience for your viewers then I'd suggest giving it a try.  Really good stuff.

Scheduling & Appointments Made Easy

Appointment Scheduling For Your Website, Business Calendar For Your Team


In order to find success in your network marketing business, there are four magic words that will summarize your results: book your calendar full. The truth is if your calendar is full of appointments then you're probably growing, if it's not, then you're not. vCita integrates easily into any WordPress blog and allows visitors the ability to schedule a consultation with you. You can customize your availability times, brand the feel of the widget, and even integrate it with a Facebook Fan Page. Some of the high-end features require upgrading, but even the free version is amazing.


Igor's Solo Ads - 500 Clicks!

When I was first tasked to look into adding solo ads to the back end office of our marketing platform, Hybrid Income System, I tried several providers out to see where the quality was. Although I got good results with some of the other solo ad sellers, none of them came with Igor's personal touch and willingness to show me the ropes. This guy is awesome, and he's a huge Chuck Norris fan, nuff said.