Why Your Network Marketing Team is Dead and Won’t Duplicate

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One of the biggest keys to network marketing success is network marketing team duplication. I often hear network marketers say that their team is dead and network marketing team duplication is not happening.

They wonder why this is happening. They start looking at possible reasons.

  • It is the MLM company I joined
  • The products are too high priced
  • There is too much competition
  • My team members are all negative
  • etc…

While these all may be possibilities, I would say that the most common problem in network marketing team duplication is looking at you in the mirror.

The problem is probably you

You see, normally network marketing team duplication happens as the leader uses the proper methods and standards to create duplication.

Team members copy their leader

and if you are not following a prescribed course, your team will follow a similar course as you do.

Is the fact that you do not have network marketing team duplication your fault?

First and foremost, determining who is at fault is not a way to solve the problem. I think it can be a negative aspect to determine who is at fault because that is not fixing the problem, so whether it is the MLM company owner, your sponsor or you really makes no difference.

Let's determine ways to create network marketing team duplication.

The network marketing company you are with

I believe every network marketing company that is in business has a method or methods they instill from the beginning that they consider are duplicatable. And the fact is, most of these systems they tell you have been used with great success and have been duplicated.

In a perfect network marketing world, the leaders would follow the prescribed method and they would accurately train their team members the same way they were trained and duplication would roll just like a freight train building up speed.


The network marketing world is not perfect

First, some network marketing owners do not understand MLM and they develop systems that are difficult to duplicate.

Or leaders have been trained in a system that works and can be used successfully in network marketing team duplication, but the leader takes short cuts or changes little things in the system and it becomes difficult for his/her team members.

Or team members simply are not trained in the network marketing team duplication system and have to come up with their own method.

And lastly, the MLM company has used a duplicating system that worked many years ago, but with changes in technology, it has slowly faded into obscurity.

It is all about training

I read many materials from a plethora of MLM companies. I read network marketing blogs and books and I have noticed that the largest percentage of material is geared toward prospecting and recruiting. I then see these same people complaining about retention.

If you are not training your new team members, you will not retain very many of them.mlm duplication training

The only way to keep your team alive and have network marketing team duplication is with training. And I mean training your team members with what works for you.

Maybe you were taught a system from your MLM company and it was pounded in your head that you need to teach all your new recruits the same system so they can duplicate. But you actually are using your own self-developed system that is working. But you keep teaching your team members the original system you learned…


It just doesn't make sense.

The warm market list

Nearly every MLM company that is alive and well teaches new recruits the warm market system.

Now don't get me wrong, because the warm market system does work if used properly and it should not be the only thing taught. Because everyone will run out of warm market leads at some point and those team members will be dead in the water unless they have learned how to prospect and recruit from the cold market.

Yes, making a list of everyone you know, and sharing your new-found financial freedom with them does work. But it must be used properly or friends and family will run the opposite way if they see you are coming.

So as the leader, you need to train your team members on proper ways to share with their warm market list so they do not create enemies.

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Eric Worre

Over the years, Eric has taught me a lot about network marketing team duplication. I love how he tells the story when he was new in network marketing and he went to a training meeting being held my a member of his upline.

He tells how the person used an hour of time to essentially say, “The business is not selling, it is sharing.” Just share with more people.

He was saying that the business is all luck. That you just need to throw as much mud against the wall as you can and see how much sticks. The person did not provide good training. He did not provide network marketing team duplication training.

It is so much more than just sharing and network marketing is not luck. Luck is for casinos.

Learn about and use the products

Remember that I said that your team members will do what you do. So to start, you need to learn all you can about the products or services offered by your MLM company. You need to use the products.

As your team members are seeing you learning about, and using the products, they will do the same. They will duplicate. And when a person has a question about the product, both you and your team members will be able to provide an answer.

Find a strategy that is provenmlm duplication strategy

You could try to develop a strategy yourself, but that can be time consuming and costly. It is much better to find a strategy that is already in use. It does not have to be a strategy from someone who is also in your MLM company. If you are an Herbalife distributor and you discover a strategy being used by a Forever Living distributor that works, why not use it? There is nothing wrong with using a strategy developed from a competitor or separate company as long as the strategy is withing the guidelines of the MLM company you are attached with.

Again, start teaching your team members the strategy and watch your network marketing team duplication come alive.

Make sure the strategy is able to be repeated and is simple

First off, you need to use the strategy in the same exact way that you will teach it to your team members. It has to be simple enough that your team members can easily teach it to their team members.

Your strategy may not be perfect and improvements can be made as time passes. As a matter of fact, that is a way you can empower your team members. Be upfront with them and tell them the system works for another network marketing company. Tell them you would appreciate any of their ideas in improving the strategy.

By doing this, you will find your team members having fun and duplication will come easy.

Develop training guides

You can make the duplication process even easier on your dowline. Create training guides. These could be:

  • Manuals
  • CDs
  • Videos
  • or Powerpoint presentations

The easier you make it for your team members to train their team members, the more duplication you will get.

Remember how important training is

Not only do you want your team members duplicating your strategy for prospecting and recruiting, you want network marketing team duplication in training too.

Your team is watching you. They will copy what you do. If you make time to train your team members; if you take time to call them and follow up with them; if you offer to do 3 way calls, they will duplicate and offer to do the same things with their team members.

It becomes a domino effect.

It cannot be a hobby

To truly have success with network marketing team duplication, you cannot treat network marketing like a hobby. Even if you do the business part time, it has to be consistent.

Remember that your team members will not necessarily duplicate your strategy, they will duplicate you. They will copy what you do and if you are treating your network marketing business like a hobby, they will do the same.

Share the strategy

So should you hide the strategy and just keep it to yourself and your team?


You learned the basic strategy from elsewhere and you will do yourself good by sharing it so network marketers everywhere can learn the strategy. You may even be able to profit from the strategy.

This will give you a solid reputation and your network marketing team will be invisible. They will know that they have a leader of leaders and you will see duplication upon duplication.

That is how network marketers become millionaires. They don't just have teams, they have created kingdoms all because of duplication.

You will attract team members

By following the processes above, you will attract recruits. You will discover that you do not even have to share the opportunity anymore because people will be attracted and asking you to join the opportunity.

And your team members will have the same things happen to them. Because they duplicated your strategy, they will attract followers.

So, network marketing team duplication all comes down to 5 easy steps:

  1. Find or develop a strategy that works.
  2. Ensure the strategy is simple and can be duplicated over and over.
  3. Keep working the strategy and as you learn new things, enhance the strategy.
  4. Share the strategy with the network marketing community.
  5. Be the network marketing powerhouse you have become and keep training others the strategy so they can become a force too.

Make a plan

As a leader, it is important that you plan out your day, your month and even your year. As I said earlier, you do need to take time to prospect and to recruit, but you also need to schedule training time for the new recruits you bring in. You also need to schedule follow up training.

If you do not schedule time for these actions, your network marketing team will die and will not duplicate.

It would be like taking an amateur swimmer and telling them to swim the English Channel without training them how to do it. They would most likely drown. You do not want your network marketing team members to drown, so you have to schedule training times with them.

I also suggest you provide them with an easy contact number so if they run into a question in the midst of a presentation, they can get an answer immediately.


Network marketing team duplication is not difficult. It just means following a prescribed path so that your team members will follow the same path. Always remember that if you go off the path, your team members will follow.

I suggest you keep this post handy… Bookmark it so you can remind yourself from time to time how important you are in the network marketing team duplication process.

I do want to remind you that if you are using a strategy that is not from your MLM company, make sure that you are abiding by the company's terms and conditions.

As long as you do that, I am sure the company will be overjoyed if you have developed a strategy that works.

If you have any other network marketing team duplication suggestions, or have any questions, please post them below.

I appreciate you visiting today and please take a moment and share this with all your social network followers. Thank you.


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