TAN 010: Leveraging Network Marketing Systems and Using Leadership to Build Your Business with John Chatman

In this episode I'm excited to interview a system creation expert and top earner, John “Blaze” Chatman.

John talks candidly about his journey from struggling and almost quitting the network marketing industry to where he's at today: rockstar.  John discusses leadership and how finding real mentorship in his life allowed him to dominate the online MLM world.  John also gives us some golden nuggets about creating network marketing systems and utilizing them to build huge organizations!

Listen in and let your jaw drop as John Chatman delivers some of the best network marketing goodies yet!

This Episode Will Cover

  • Why John stresses leadership and who he owes his success to.
  • How to create a system of your own, and the key elements it must have in order to attract and maintain an audience.
  • Why John almost quit network marketing and what made him ultimately decide there were no back doors.
  • John's golden bars (not nuggets) on how to get network marketing systems created without feeling like you have to do everything yourself.
  • What it takes to become an effective leader worthy of attracting other leaders.

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