TAN 001: How to Succeed in Network Marketing with Denis Lam

I'm excited to launch off the podcast with a special interview featuring a home business rockstar, who also happens to be my personal business coach.

Denis walks us through his challenges in the network marketing industry, including all of his failures starting off to his success in creating a walk away residual income.

Denis discusses his path of becoming a biomedical engineer pursuing a doctorate to leaving that all behind and building a network marketing business, all from home.

This Episode Will Cover

  • The mindset required to build a 6 figure network marketing business, or any home business for that matter.
  • The struggles you will likely face in building a network marketing business in today's culture, and how the internet has transformed that journey.
  • The fundamentals that never change in this industry, regardless of when you decide to build it.
  • What to focus on in your business.

Links & Resources From This Show

A Note To The Reader

Denis Lam is my personal business coach and mentor.  If you're tuned into this podcast and are considering network marketing as a home, please feel free to reach out.

The benefit of finding Denis through this site is that you get to have him in your hip pocket if we decide to work together since I work closely with him on SEO related items inside Hybrid Income System.  Awesome right?

Thanks for listening!


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