How To Go From Struggling In Network Marketing To Sponsoring Over 40000 Distributors | Interview With Billy Funk

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Today I interview the top income earner from Kannaway: Billy Funk. Billy is also known as the extreme networker, and opens up some of his struggles that he first encountered when starting in network marketing, including how he went on to sponsoring Network Marketing Sponsoring Successover 40000 distributors in a relatively short time span.

I've included the show notes below along with some key takeaways from the interview.

One of the reasons I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview Billy was because of his straight forward, no hype approach to network marketing.

Billy and I were acquainted on social media through Facebook, and in this episode he covers difficult subjects like: are service based network marketing companies better than product based ones?

Billy also agrees to jump in and do some live role playing with me on the call (he's really good on the phone, you'll see what I mean)

In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • How Billy got started in network marketing.
  • The strategy he used to build his latest companies only using the phone and the internet (for free, seriously, not kidding).
  • The challenges Billy faced in his first two companies and why he had to pack up shop.
  • The skills Billy thinks are necessary when you're first starting out in this industry.
  • How he works the phone during prospecting calls (we actually do live role playing).
  • What Billy did when he was told by his first upline to approach his friends and family.
  • How Billy found massive duplication in his business.
  • Plus a ton more!

Links & Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

How To Find Billy Funk (Billy Funk's YouTube Channel)

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Thanks again Billy for sharing your network marketing journey with us today, I look forward to seeing you again on a future podcast!


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