Network Marketing Recruiting Tips To Help Your Sponsoring Efficiency

network marketing recruiting tips

network marketing recruiting tipsThe network marketing recruiting tips I’m going to share with you were first shared with me from Tim Sales. Although every organization and company has its own process for training new recruits, the basic flow of the signup is the same.

Tim did a great job in my opinion in making this easy to understand and duplicate for everyone.

If you’re struggling to see results in your business it’s probably because you’re failing in one or more of the steps I’ve listed below.

I highly recommend getting with your sponsor, or someone that is capable in this process, and asking for feedback regarding your skill level.

This may require you to have them listen in on some of your calls, or simply be present during one or more of your meetings.

Here is the process you should follow when taking a prospect from cold (suspect), to hot (prospect), to finally signing them up (on fire).

  • Meet & Greet: Get to know the individual and build a connection with them. This process is the same both online and offline. You’re simply having a conversation and seeing if there is a connection.
  • Qualify: Once a person let’s you in on something that’s below the surface of regular banter, like say for example: “I hate having to put my kids in daycare because it’s expensive, they’re always sick, and I never see them,” then that’s a green light that they qualify for more information with regards to your opportunity.  At this point some people will ask questions like: “would you be open to a work from home opportunity that could get your kids out of daycare?”  I would suggest not doing this, but it’s up to you if you’re really comfortable handling a billion-and-one objections and questions right then face-to-face. Because as soon as you ask the question whether or not they’re open, the next question out of their mouth will usually be: “what is it?” Followed by, “how’s it work exactly, what’s the name of the company, is it one of those pyramid deals?” And so-on and so-on. Right?  The better approach at this stage is to simply say: “It was nice meeting you, I have to run. Do you have a way we can stay in touch?” Get their number and get out of there.  Now you have the ability and control of following up on the phone the next day with them and using a script to better handle that conversation. Most people can not handle the first scenario, however they can handle the second scenario with the right training.  The network marketing recruiting tips I’ve learned through the years have been included in the following process that is used to sign up new distributors. Feel free to change the words in some of the statements and make them your own. Although scripts are a great tool, I highly recommend molding them into your own words so that the conversation flows naturally. Nothing is worse than a forced conversation.
  • Invite: I call this step the First Contact. This is where you call up your prospect (still cold) and ask them to review some information to help them solve their problem (in this case the kids they have in daycare). Use a script for this every time if you are able. If they make it to the step that involves reviewing your information, book the appointment. Some great phrases for inviting prospects to review your material are (using the daycare analogy): “so you don’t have to put your kids in daycare anymore, would you be open to watching a video that will allow you to work from home?” Usually I put it in more conversational speech, so I would say something like: “I was thinking about you the other day when you told me you hated having your kids in daycare, and thought it was definitely worth a call to share something with you that could bring them home and save you money. Would you be open to watching a video on some information that would allow you to work from home and achieve that?” Always phrase the invite in terms that solves your prospect’s problem.
  • Close To Action: Set the appointment in stone and make sure you have them agree to a time that they’ll watch the video by (assuming that’s what you’re using).   That way when you call them back it’s a simple matter of gauging their temperature on what they saw. My team and I actually build web pages with frequently asked question tabs built in, that way 99% of a prospect’s objections and questions are answered when I call in the Follow Up step. In the video I reference Close To Action later in the process (primarily because I'm on autopilot with my phone skills now), but this is actually where it takes place; before the follow up (my apologies for any confusion in the video). Simply put, the Close To Action is just getting a commitment from your prospect that they will review your material by a set day and time. Make sure you have your prospect confirm multiple times that they'll review your material before you set the follow up appointment!
  • Follow Up: On the follow up phone call you are simply reviewing what the prospect saw or watched and handling any concerns they may have. It’s important that you check their pulse (temperature, etc.) and measure where they’re at mentally in the game. If I use a scale of A-B-C for example, and they tell me D, then I’ll simply go for a referral and let them go. Don’t ever drag someone into your business. You’ll be babysitting, and they’ll be wasting their money since they don’t intend to do anything anyway.  One of the best phrases you can use when you’re performing a follow up call and someone tells you they are an “A” is the following: “Sounds like you’re ready to get started then.” Then just wait for a response, and keep your mouth shut. They’ll let you know if they answer is yes, and there may be an uncomfortable silence before they give it to you. When they do however, don’t be afraid to lead them. Set the appointment for the signup or do it right then if they are able. After that it’s a simple matter of booking their training sessions.
  •  Overcome Objections: Even though I listed this as the last step, the truth is it could happen in any stage. If you do things right and invite over the phone, it will help curve objections into a place where you can handle them with a script. If you’re web savvy or have someone on your team who is, I highly recommend adding a FAQ page to your site where the company information is located. This reduces the amount of objections and concerns you have to overcome.

You should never go backwards in this process after asking someone to review information that could possibly solve their problem.

In other words, if you’re having a good chat about the weather and John tells you he hates his blood-sucking job, don’t change the subject and then ask him what the weather’s going to be like the day after tomorrow. This moves you backwards from where you’re trying to get.

John just told you something intimate, has opened himself up and declared his vulnerability to you. You should look at this as a prime opportunity to tell him you enjoyed the conversation and that the two of you should stay in touch.

I hope you found value in the network marketing recruiting tips I’ve provided here in this article. If I could recommend one thing to you in the way of learning and education, make sure you do your best to master the phone.

Start polishing up on your phone skills and turning yourself into the alpha sponsor that others will want to follow.

I know you can do it! If a scientist that was so scared of people his tongue would swell up when he talked can do it, so can you. I have no doubt.


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