What Does It Take To Become A Network Marketing Pro?

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network marketing proIf you’ve been in network marketing for a while then you already know how vitally important it is to establish an online brand presence. Having an internet presence (beyond simply social media) allows you to not only differentiate yourself from the masses, but identify with particular crowd of network marketing professionals. Think about it this way, how many people do you talk to end up wanting nothing to do with your business because of the perceived work they think it takes running around and recruiting? I can tell you first hand it’s a ton. That’s why you get excuses like “it’s saturated,” or “you have to get in on the ground floor.” These excuses aren’t REAL reasons, they simply translate in English to mean “that’s too much work for me.”

You can, in essence attract the very personality types you desire to work with by learning internet marketing techniques. What could be better than that right? Choosing WHO you get to work with. Before you go diving into creating an awesome internet presence though, you may first want to take note of what makes an MLM guru stand out as a network marketing pro.

So let’s get into the 10 key attributes that a network marketing pro possesses.

  • Leadership

O.k., I know you’ve heard guru after guru beat this war drum before. In fact, there are a lot of internet network marketing professionals that focus their entire blogs around this key attribute. Leadership will be the key to your raging success, provided you center it around skill sets that translate into dollars in your bank account. The truth is, you’ll never be able to sponsor any leaders into your business and have them do what you do until you become the leader yourself at a given skill. Ultimately, you attract that which you become. If you’ve never read anything on leadership, check out John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership, it’s a great read on this topic.

Here’s A Tip: Many network marketers trying to lead their groups tend to baby them and hold their hand in everything they do. This leads to frustration and ultimately quitting the business. I’ve sat down with people who had several hundred people in their organizations before quitting. When asking them why, most told me it was because “no one would step up.” A real leader is more like a road sign or map. They point people in the right direction and have faith that their people will do the work.

  • Burning Desire

The first time I was exposed to this concept was in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Every successful network marketing pro has this trait in abundance. I heard a speaker once explain this concept by relating a story about his girlfriend at the time. They were on a long road trip and the girl made a statement about how he was attending “silly conventions” and how she couldn’t believe he was doing that. The speaker stated that he pulled his car over, turned and looked at her and said: “If you try to poke fun at this or talk me out of this again, you’re out of my life.” Apparently she started crying and gave him the third degree about how he was putting his “business” over her, at which point he stated: “No. I’m putting my DREAMS over you, there’s a difference. So you need to make a decision, because this is our way to freedom. You’re either on board or you aren’t.” She married him and they retired long ago after building their business in Amway.

Now I’m not promoting Amway here, and I’m not involved with the company (I do buy some stuff from them, but that’s it). But, the story is what’s powerful. This guy no kidding had desire beyond anything else, and was willing to make massive sacrifices to get what he was after. I wouldn’t recommend making a statement like that to your wife or husband. But in his position at the time, it seemed appropriate. And things have a way of working out when you make the right decisions, even when they’re tough.

  • Massive Action

Knowledge does not convert itself into power until you do something with it. Jim Rohn, mentor to Tony Robbins has an old network marketing training course with some great golden nuggets in it where he talks about taking massive action. In it he describes one of his life philosophies of how action takers always trump efficiency. He describes it like this: “You’re 90% efficient and I’m 10%. You go out and talk to 10 people and sign up 9 into your business, I talk to 100 and sign up 10. I beat you.”

Massive Action takers always trump lazy, efficient people, every time.

  • Vision

Every successful entrepreneur, business leader, and network marketing pro out there has the incredible ability to create follow a vision. Doing so requires several things, but the most important is the way you decide to see yourself. This is manifested by your actions and your words. A powerful way to help build your vision is to craft a written positive affirmation about yourself that you read every morning when you wake and every evening before you close your eyes.

Ultimately, your vision is the embodiment of the “perfect, centered you,” including how you would look if you were standing in front of yourself looking back into your own eyes. I highly suggest working on this daily, since it directly empowers your ability to take action. If your vision is weak, it will be self-defeating and result in you coming up with excuses that keep you from achieving your dreams and desires.

  • Expert

Another powerful attribute network marketing pros have is that they are always becoming experts in skills that are required to build their businesses. Did you know this fact: By reading 5 well written books on any given subject you will know more than 95% of the people out there do about it, including people in the profession? So imagine what that would do to your knowledge if you read 10 or 15? You would probably be in the top 1%. Guess what the top 1% of income earners make in this industry….uh yeah, become an expert.

Here’s A Tip: As you begin learning something new, take notes and highlight key points. Keep a notebook and title it something like “Training Material.” Turn what you learn into your own words and make a training on it; YouTube video, blog post, etc. Don’t be selfish with what you learn, hording it will keep you broke.

  • Willing To Become Uncomfortable

Multiple professionals in network marketing have made this statement over and over again, and for some reason it is and will remain a universal truth. The honest fact is regardless of what business venture you undertake, achieving great wealth is mostly going to be possible only if you involve, connect with, and help a LOT of people. This requires you to get outside your comfort zone. One presenter I can recall elaborated on this by describing it as “living in the fringe of fear.”

Being willing to live in the fringe of fear not only keeps you on your toes, it keeps you sharp. It also puts you at the front of your business and gives you the “boots on the ground” credibility you need to help inspire your new members. When people come on board somewhere in your downline they want to know that someone else has done it before them. Whether this matters or not is irrelevant, the important piece is that it matters to some of your people.

Don’t worry though. If you aren’t building your business offline, and you’re solely working things like Facebook and the phone, they just need to know that you’re leading in that area; basically that you’re capable of teaching them that strategy. Ultimately, the top leaders in your organization won’t care what you have or haven’t done. They’ll see the possibilities and get the job done with or without you. That’s why it’s so vitally important that you focus on the #1 key attribute as you move forward in this business industry; skill based Leadership. That way you’re capable of attracting and sponsoring the type of person I just described; someone that will get the job done with or without you.

  • Grit

Have you ever watched TED Talks? It’s a great show. I can still remember the episode that covered this, because it was backed by an exhaustive study in which they polled hundreds of business owners with net values in the millions of dollars.

Basically, they attempted to gather the character traits that each entrepreneur had and find a common link or theme throughout each one of them. Among every millionaire there was surprisingly only ONE! And this was it: grit.

Grit is the ability to persist, consistently, day in and day out, regardless of the struggles one may face in their challenge. You can call it persistence, dogged determination, relentlessness, and more. It has many names. But on TED Talks the speaker summarized it using this word, and boy was it powerful when I heard it: GRIT.

  • 100% Responsibility

This is probably going to be a tough one to grasp, because when I first heard it I wanted to challenge it left and right. Honestly, it pissed me off.

Successful entrepreneurs take 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens in their lives. Now I know what you may be thinking: wait a minute, what about tragedies, other people, natural disasters and such. We have absolutely no control over those things and they can cause bad things to happen to us.

I agree. But the one thing I could not deny was the fact that even in all these cases, the choice to not make the mental shift (even if in faith) puts control over your life and destiny in the hands of someone (or something) else. This fundamental lack of control is something that defeats us as human beings, it crushes our spirits. Ultimately the good Lord (or universe, or whatever you believe) is going to throw challenges our way. But it won’t be anything we don’t have the strength to overcome. We can still control how we react to the challenge. And the victory in these cases makes us stronger.

Start looking for and evaluating ways in which you can take total control over your life. Look at your finances for example. Do you have control over them, or is your income based on whether or not you show up? I’m not here to slam on jobs, but I wanted to make a point. We all have the power to craft our own destiny, react to our personal challenges, overcome those challenges, and live the life of our dreams. It starts by taking control of your life, in every area that makes a human being fulfilled.

  • Sales

This may sound crazy to you if you haven’t decided to join a network marketing company yet. But do your research and don’t just trust me on this. Unless you understand sales, in both written and spoken form you will never attain wealth. This is truthfully what keeps most people living financially average lives. Fortunately, the internet has allowed some people to make good money without facing a ton of rejection. But sales typically requires rejection.

If you truly want to build a massive company that enhances the lives of other people though, you’ll have to go through the sifting process to find the right folks. Many will say “no” to your offer. Some will say “yes.” However, most people won’t go through the process of doing it because the fear is too strong.

There’s a great book out there called The Referral Code that talks about this very subject. In the book there’s a character called Sam that trains people to become professional salesmen (or women if you prefer). Without going into too much detail I’ll just say that he describes people failing at this because of three primary characteristics many people just aren’t willing to overcome: feeling pushy, feeling needy, and feeling rejected.

Crazy right, how a few simple feelings will keep most people stuck doing something they dislike for 30 years or more? Don’t worry though, if this bothers you I will give you a positive note in that the fear goes away. No one knows when, and it’s different for every person, but it does go away when you face it enough times.

  • Marketing

Last, but not least, you MUST learn marketing. Today this MUST include internet marketing. Think about it, how much more attractive are you as a sponsor if you’ve A) established an internet brand, network marketing professional blog, and training platform for your new members, and B) know how to generate leads online. Your offline efforts will flourish if you can point people to not only a company training video, but your own lead capture platform as well. These skills will put you ahead of 95% of your competition.

Who’s your competition you ask? Every network marketing pro out there my friend. Unless they’re in your downline of course.  This includes people crossline in your same company, and even your upline (when he sponsors people personally they're crossline to you right?)!

Amazingly, there are still a TON of network marketing training platforms that only train offline techniques. Now don’t get me wrong, nothing can replace face-to-face. But, what if you could meet someone online, and then arrange a meeting. What if instead of showing someone a lousy YouTube video you had nothing to do with creating, you showed them a full blown lead capture system or blog that you created?

Being a creator empowers you. Make sure you’re leading in this area. It’s better to be a trend setter than to follow the masses.

Don’t forget other marketing techniques beyond just the internet. There are plenty of other ways to draw in leads. Roadside banners and yard signs on busy intersection corners are great examples. Things like these require you to understand copywriting though (written sales); attribute #9. Besides learning internet marketing stuff, make sure you broaden your horizons in these areas. There are tons of great books on guerrilla marketing out there.

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