TAN 020: Designing a Network Marketing MLM Blog That Attracts Leaders

In episode 20 I'm going to share some of my best tips on designing a network marketing MLM blog that attracts leaders.

In this show I'll cover a wide variety of topcis to help you whether you're a seasoned blogging pro or a newbie thinking about creating your own MLM blog.

This Episode Will Cover

  • Tips on how to brand your blog, including color scheme considerations and font selection.
  • The power colors that you should keep in mind with respect to the network marketing vertical and why so many people use them (I don't simply because I wanted to be different).
  • What you need to know about CSS and other programming language when designing your blog, and what to do if you don't know squat.
  • Things to consider with respect to your content and design, and why it matters for SEO purposes.

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