What Is Network Marketing Leadership And How Does It Work?

network marketing leadership

network marketing leadershipWe often talk about this trait in the network marketing industry all too often, but the question we should really be asking is what is network marketing leadership and how does it really work?

I mean, what are the key traits, qualities, skills, or attributes of a network marketing leader, someone that's made millions of dollars in this industry.

I could go down the list of leaders we all know from either the internet, or in the offline world that talk about leadership as being the key thing we all need to possess in order to build big businesses, but have you ever heard anyone explain what that really means?

Sure, anyone who's been in this business any length of time has read books by John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, or Dale Carnegie right?

The first book I was exposed to back in my first network marketing days was a book by John Maxwell called “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”  Funny story about that.  At the time I was still working my 9 to 5 job slaving away on shift work when a supervisor I worked with found it under his desk in the control room at an operating nuclear plant.

His exact response I'll never forget: “What the he## is this piece of $h!@ book doing here?  Get this mindless piece of propaganda out of my control room.”  Wow.

That experience was branded into my mind, and it always reminds me of how prevalent positional leadership can be out there in corporate America (I'm not bashing corporate jobs, only to say that it's much more difficult to identify real leadership there because of this issue).

Later the same month the organization I was a part of in my first network marketing company told all of us to pick that book up (total coincident), touting it as the greatest leadership book ever written.  It flew off the shelves in our company.  It was probably one of the best books on leadership I had ever read.

In Maxwell's book there is a specific section that I want to touch on that really tends to trip people up that they lose sight of.  This concept didn't jump out at me until the second or third time through the book, but it is extremely important.

The chapter is called The Law of Respect.  In this chapter, John gets really specific with one of the key concepts that draws people towards others in a very profound way: skill.  For our industry this would be ANY network marketing leadership skill that translates into earning potential.

You see, if you start focusing on just one skill that translates to earning potential in this industry, and you learn it at an expert level, you can start to attract people to you that are interested in that skill.  If that skill is difficult to master, you can actually attract a very LARGE number of people in your niche.  A great example of this is blogging.

Make sense?

Here's what it says in Chapter 7 of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: “People don't follow others by accident.  They follow individuals whose leadership they respect….The less skilled follow the more highly skilled and gifted.  Occasionally, a strong leader may choose to follow someone weaker than himself.  But when that happens, it's for a reason.”

Did you hear that?  WOW.

That means you can essentially master a respected, money earning skill in this (or any) industry, and attract leaders BIGGER than yourself!  This concept is absolutely mind-blowing and it is the ONLY place I can recall reading anything about sponsoring up the leadership chain.

Now, if you don't become a greater leader than the one you lead, the one that joined you probably won't stay around long.  But it's still a powerful concept.

It means you could, under the right circumstances, potentially sponsor an already successful 7 figure earner if you just master a skill that they're interested in learning.

The next question then becomes “what skill do I learn?”

There are so many out there you could focus on it's almost a dart throwing contest on what you should pick right?

Not necessarily.

I would have to say there are a few that can bring tremendous results based on your personality type and how you want to do your marketing.  Copywriting is one that comes to mind if you're extremely introverted.  I would learn it nonetheless, introverted or extroverted.  Simply put, it's the art of influencing someone to make a buying decision (or action) with the written word.

Copywriting is the top passive marketing skill we recommend learning to our members inside the Hybrid Income System.

Another great skill to learn that can generate tons of targeted leads is blogging.  Copywriting happens to mesh very well with this skill since your communicating in writing!

network marketingNow you could also break blogging down into further parts and develop those skills as well to become an even more attractive sponsor.

For example, if you were able to build an extremely well designed blog and monetize it that's a great technical skill to have.  Many network marketing leaders outsource this type of thing.

SEO is another one; the ability to organically rank a site in the search engines (something I've personally focused on).  SEO involves a bit more than what I described (like identifying link penalties due to algorithm changes, etc.), but from a network marketing standpoint the ability to rank a site and get free leads to it is what most people really care about.

There are a few skills you should also be aware of that cross both online and offline marketing techniques.  One that immediately comes to mind is working the phone.  The ability to engage, influence, and enroll someone over the phone is an essential skill because it's ultimately where you'll end up with a good lead.

Another skill that many people don't think about that is absolutely necessary for duplication to occur is the skill of training.  If you want people to duplicate, everyone in your organization should learn the skill of being able to train another person.  Probably didn't think too much about that one right?

I can personally tell you from experience, the one thing that allowed me to be successful in my nuclear career path was the training I received.  When I was a teenager, I participated heavily in martial arts and the one thing that helped me to achieve medals, ranks, win competitions and more was my training.

And it was my instructor's ability to train me well that I credit with speed at which I adapted and excelled.

Train your group to become trainers and it will help you a tremendous amount.  Encourage them to become experts and it'll blow your mind what they do.  This is true in ANY organization, not just network marketing.

I hope you enjoyed this article on what network marketing leadership.  I hope you're able to discover the skill that attracts you that you truly wish to master.  I hope even more that you're able to commit to the effort it takes in mastering it.

And lastly, I want to hear about your success when that mastery is achieved and  you find the victory you've been looking for!


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