Network Marketing Fulfillment Logistics

network marketing fulfillment logistics

network marketing fulfillment logistics


Hey Jason Lee here.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about shipping and logistics. Network marketing fulfillment logistics

So if you are a field distributor, a network marketing company or corporate executive in a network marketing company, I want to briefly discuss shipping and logistics.

So there's a few things that you should care about as a network marketing company if you're doing shipping and logistics yourself or if you're outsourcing that to a third party. And it all comes down to this.

importance of logisticsAre your products being packaged correctly?

I'm not talking about the supplements that go in the actual bottle. I'm talking about the box that the supplement bottles go into before they go out to the field or the customer.

So are they being boxed correctly? Meaning someone places an order online for your company's products and they asked for three bottles of X and four bottles of Y. Does the box contain three bottles of X and four bottles of Y or does it contain some other quantity or the wrong products?

That's first: accuracy, right?

Are the packages being done correctly?

Number two is lead time.

So when you look at the supply chain process, from the time the order is placed to the time it is delivered to the buyer, what is that time frame?

The shorter you get it, the better… Because that is a higher form, higher level of customer service. So what is your lead time in your shipping process?

And this boils down to Six Sigma philosophy. So if any of you out there watching or reading this have a green belt or black belt in Six Sigma then you understand these things.

But lead time really is

  • refining your process,
  • getting it down,
  • eliminating bottlenecks in that supply chain process

so that you can take a product from a point of purchase and get it to the customer as quickly as possible.

There's a lot of little things that could cause hangups and snag ups in that process. But it's important to identify those deficiencies and correct them so that you can improve this aspect of your supply chain process as a network marketing company.

mlm fulfillment logisticsThe last thing is: are the products getting there on time?

So when you promised them to show up, are they showing up?

There's nothing more frustrating for the field, for the distributors to place an order for product, whether it's for them or for their customers, and then have it show up a month later or not at all. That's the worst case scenario you could ever run into because now you have an angry distribution field that causes attrition to go up. It causes fall out. And this is your distribution channel, right? As a network marketing company, this is your distribution channel. Your field of representatives is critical to your operations as a business.

So if you have products that aren't getting delivered on time or they're coming in way, way late and the field starts leaving; they start resigning, ending their 1099 independent contractor agreements with you, then you're going to go out of business pretty quick.

So your shipping and logistics needs to be refined in such a way that these three things are the focus of your daily efforts.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, I'm telling you all this just to help you as a company. If you're a corporate executive, I want you to win because network marketing is amazing and we need to protect it. We need to preserve it. I think this is one of the things that will help do that.

The other thing is revamping the entire training philosophy across the industry.

I think that's huge because right now you have a lot of rogue distributors across the industry that are doing things that are getting companies in trouble and causing the FTC to look at the industry in a different light.

That's a sad thing and it's a very unfortunate thing because if and when the FTC decides to take action, they could shut us down. They could shut companies down like they've already done, or they could go after the industry as a whole.

And God forbid that happens! Network marketing companies could cease to operate in the United States, right? That wouldn't be a good day. A lot of people depend on this industry. There's a lot of leaders in this industry. I do it full time. It would be a sad day if that happened, right?

So we need to protect it. Shipping and logistics is just a small part of that.

But here's my plug and my call to action for you since we're near the end of this video and this article.

My partners over at Gara Group have a company called (one of many of their companies) Shiply.

That's spelled SHIPLY.

And if you're looking to get a competitive bid on shipping or moving your products IN your network marketing company, I encourage you to reach out to me or reach out to them and let them know you found them through this article because you'll get a discount.

And it's an incredible company based out of Miami, Florida.

I know that sounds weird because it's in a spot of the country that you wouldn't think shipping would come from, but they have amazing rates because of unique partnerships they have with other shipping companies so their UPS rates are extremely low, which allows them to pass on those margins to you as a company.

And it doesn't really affect lead time all that much. We're talking maybe half a day, maybe a day most out of that warehouse where all the packages and current companies and clients that we have ship their products from.

gara group network marketing logisticsBut it's an incredible company… First Class!

  • They guarantee 100% accuracy on all packages,
  • 100% timely delivery based on what your needs are as a company.

And if you're a distributor watching this and you're wondering, well, this doesn't pertain to me, I really don't have any need to learn this stuff because I'm interested in building in the field. I would tell you that if you're a leader, probably specifically this message is for leaders.

If you have

  • relationships with companies in the field,
  • executives in the field,
  • network marketing companies,

we would love to talk to you about being a referral partner.

We compensate our referral partners for business that they bring us and so we can have that discussion with you if that's something that you're interested in.

So shipping and logistics is very, very important stuff.

If you're struggling in that area, reach out to me. I hold the title of business services manager so I can do a lot of things from an executive level at Gara Group so you can reach out to me personally and I can answer any questions that you might have. Or you can go to them direct, straight through their website

That's really all I have today.

So the three big things, right?

The three big things before I let you go,

1. lead time,
2. on time,
3. it needs to be accurate.

So those are the three big things that you want to make sure that you're doing right as a network marketing company when you're shipping your products. And if you're unhappy with your shipping service, you need to start looking around. Whether it's Shiply or someone else you need to start looking around because there's nothing wrong with shopping around, getting competitive bids, lowering your margins because it helps you serve the field and make the industry better.


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