TAN 035: MLM Team Building & Duplication The Right Way with Kimmy Brooke

In episode 35 I interview Kimmy Brooke on the subject of MLM team building and how to get it done the right way and achieve duplication in your organization.

Kimmy shares some of her strategies on creating a teams that stay motivated and grow, ultimately creating the residual income this industry is so well known for.

This Episode Will Cover

  • The primary skills that allowed Kimmy to build teams in rapid succession and her daily habits in doing so.
  • Kimmy's recommended superglue for holding teams together and the water she uses to get them to grow.
  • How to organize your day to stay productive and make the most out of the limited time you have, priceless!
  • Mindset tips on helping your new distributors get over their fears and doubts.
  • What to teach your new team with respect to duplication and the importance of creating a list.
  • How to drive depth in an organization like a jackhammer, and the focus you should have in each independent business.
  • Should you allow crosslines to work together on your team, or should you keep them separate? When it is acceptable to bring different organizations in your team together.

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Although the books The Four Year Career and Mach II With Your Hair on Fire were not mentioned in the show, they were written by Richard Bliss Brooke (CEO of Life Shotz and Kimmy's husband) and are absolutely phenominal!

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