MLM Success Stories From Top Earners That Came From Nothing

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What is success and for that matter, what is MLM success? I believe every single person may have a different definition of success. I have listened to many MLM success stories and I get goosebumps from many of those stories. It can be highly motivating knowing that it is possible to climb from little or nothing into a huge MLM success.

I truly believe it is extremely important that we hear and tell MLM success stories. There is such a high level of negative viewpoints towards multilevel marketing with one of the primary false thoughts saying that only the already rich MLM company owners and founders are the only people who profit from the company.

It's a lie.

Network marketers who are diligent and follow a plan can have MLM success stories

Multilevel marketing is simply another business format. Yes, there are many who make no money at network marketing but that is not the fault of the MLM business format. It comes down to many possibilities:

And we need to all work together to change that situation in this great industry.

There are many network marketers who have had great successnetwork marketing success stories

And, they are not necessarily the founders or owners of the multilevel marketing company they are associated with.

And to show you, I am going to share several MLM success stories of top earners that came from nothing.

Now, just as I asked what is MLM success, I can say the same about the word nothing. I use the term nothing here, but the idea is that they started at a low point. For some people, low can be measured in different levels. A person who was raised in a wealthy household may feel quite low if they are forced to purchase a $250,000 home in the upper middle class neighborhood, while a person who was raise in a trailer court will feel low if he/she is homeless.

Just keep that in mind as I share these MLM success stories.

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MLM Success Stories #1: Rafael Rojas

A Mexican national, Rafael started working as a dishwasher just to survive when he immigrated to the United States. Survival has always been a battle for Rafael and his wife Monica. Traveling from city to city in need of work just to be able to eat, Rafael had lived in Acapulco, Mexico, El Paso, Texas and other places.

Rafael was in search of the American dream and he started joining multilevel marketing companies. He lost faith in 2 of the immediately and when he found one he did well with, it collapsed just as he and Monica were expecting their first child.

Rafael and Monica did not give up, but they did lose faith in MLM. Going deep into debt, Rafael bought a restaurant in Mexico. It was during this time, he remembered a meeting he once had about Melaleuca.

Meeting with the original person who had told him before, Rafael and Monica became excited and joined. They were nearly $70,000 in debt and went to work building the business immediately.

To make a long story short, Rafael and Monica joined Melaleuca in 2005 and have broken many records in the business. The couple are in the top 50 list of high earners in MLM.

MLM Success Stories #2: Ray Higdon

Ray is a classic tale of a MLM success story from nothing – several times.

When Ray was young, his Mother died and his Father remarried. Ray's Stepmother was abusive to Ray, beating him on a regular basis. She finally left Ray's Father, but in a weird circumstance, she took Ray. This was when Ray was 12 and he started abusing alcohol.

Ray discovered network marketing and he was good at it. Ray had the hear of an entrepreneur and he began to get into real estate buying in Florida. It went well, but the bottom fell out. Ray was at nothing again and on top of that, his wife filed for divorce.

Ray met Jessica who now carries the Higdon last name. She gave Ray her full support and he delved deep into MLM again and was quite successful. So successful that people were begging Ray to train them.

Ray has since retired from MLM and has devoted 110% of his time and energy to training network marketers.

MLM Success Stories #3: Jimmy Smith

I have a difficult time saying Jimmy was a nothing, but considering the days and the economy, I guess it somewhat fits.

Jimmy had a choice early in life:

  • His Mother wanted him to go to college
  • His Father wanted him to follow the male legacy… The family of butchers.

Jimmy followed his Father's dream for him. With a high school education, Jimmy became a butcher, and for the last 40 (give or take) years, he has cut meat. Sure Jimmy kept the bills paid, but he was never able to really get ahead…until…

He retired and was on the verge of losing everything. Jimmy joined Isagenix and he showed that rags CAN go to riches. Jimmy makes over $2,000,000 per year with his Isagenix MLM business, and he is over 60 years old.

Jimmy says if he can do it, anyone can be a success in network marketing.

MLM Success Stories #4: Randy Gage

Randy Gage has taught many people how to succeed in network marketing. I just love reading his material. Randy Gage has been on the complete bottom.

At 15 years old, Randy did an armed robbery. He spent time in jail and ended up in Miami, Florida where he washed dishes in a pancake house. When Randy was 20 years old, he joined Amway. He did quite well and when he was 30, Randy opened a Pizza joint, but it was a failure.

He realized his forte was network marketing.

Randy has published several great motivational and training books on succeeding at network marketing. He is also a renowned public speaker. And, Randy Gage showed us all that you can have success after multiple failures.

MLM Success Stories #5: Katrin Bajri

When we consider the word nothing, Communism really rises to the top of the list. People in communist countries are considered nothing unless they are high level leaders.

Katrin lived in communist East Germany and she was not a high level leader, but from what we see with her MLM skills, the communists should have considered Katrin for a leadership position.

When President Ronald Reagan said those famous words, “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall,” and soon after, the wall separating communism from democracy was destroyed. Katrin made her way to a free world and joined a MLM company. She did well, but the MLM company did not and it closed its doors.

Katrin found another MLM and joined Forever Living Products in 1999. In under 3 years, Katrin reached the highest level possible – Double Diamond Manager.

Katrin has shown us there is success after nothing. She wrote the book Breaking The Wall about it from her home in Dubai.

MLM Success Stories #6: Kenny Troutt

Okay, this is one of the MLM success stories that is about the founder of a MLM company. Kenny Troutt was the founder of Excel Communications which climbed to the pinnacle of MLM success and made Mr. Troutt a billionaire.

Born in the late 1940's, Kenny was the son of a bartender. He did attend college, but only because of his own hard work selling insurance while he attended.

Kenny remember what it was like to be poor and that keeps him working smart and hard even now that he is super rich.

Excel Communications was sold by Kenny, and now he owns a lot of real estate along with being a race horse owner. He has owned horses who have won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes.

MLM Success Stories #7: Naoki and Kimie Hongo

This couple were living in extreme poverty in Japan when they were introduced to the opportunity to join NuSkin.

Skeptical at first, they tried the products and Kimie just loved how it helped her skin's texture. So the couple began to tell their closest friends about the NuSkin product line, and they began to purchase products from the Hongo's.

When Naoki and Kimie received their first check, they were flabbergasted. They never dreamed they could make this kind of money. So they started telling the same people they were selling the products too, and they agreed to join the Hongo downline.

The Hongos have built an extremely large NuSkin business in their native Japan. They are huge earners in NuSkin and have shown many people there can be success after being nothing.

There IS success to be had in multilevel marketing

You just heard 7 MLM success stories but believe me, there are many more. Some may not be as huge as the ones I listed here, but just consider the fact that if a person needs to earn an extra $500, $1,000 or $2,000 per month and they do so by using network marketing, isn't that success?

Success doesn't even need to be measured in money or material items. MLM has allowed people to be free from jobs that were killing them. They used the MLM format to be able to free up their lives, travel and have fun, while still earning an income that pays the bills and puts food on the table.

Those too are MLM success stories.

Have you told your MLM success story?

mlm success stories

Tell us your mlm success story.

Maybe to you, your MLM success story does not seem as interesting but trust me, it probably is to many people.

The reason I say that is because the world has been inundated with negative perceptions of multilevel marketing. It IS important that you share your MLM success story. So please take the time and share a brief snippet of it here in the comment section below.

I know there are people who will love to hear your story of success.

Are you wondering if you can be a success at network marketing?

First and foremost, if you want to have success at network marketing… You Can!

I won't tell you it is easy, but it can be done with some hard work and diligence. And to help you become an MLM success, I offer:



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