TAN 005: How to Become An MLM Recruiting Monster with John Melton

In this show I get the privilege of interviewing the Monster Recruiter, John Melton.

John walks us through his network marketing journey and going from scratch to six figures in under 12 months.  In this episode he shares some of his Facebook strategies, and some other social media tips on using the internet to accelerate your MLM recruiting efforts!

This Episode Will Cover

  • How John was able to get over 5,000 comments on a Facebook post in just a handful of days, and what caused it to go viral.
  • The skills John believes are crucial to success in the network marketing industry.
  • John's take on the character traits and mindset behind becoming a master MLM recruiting machine.
  • Key tips for approaching people on Facebook without coming off weird (pretty simple, but you need to know!).
  • The difference between organic leads and paid leads and why John favors one over the other.

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A Note To The Reader

None of the links above are affiliate links should you choose to visit them.  Make sure to thank John for delivering his MLM recruiting tips on today's episode.

John Melton is a top earner in Vemma, thanks again John for feeding Alpha Nation!

Thanks for listening!


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