MLM Recruiting on LinkedIn for Rapid Results

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MLM Recruiting on LinkedIn.

Today we're going to be talking about how to build your network marketing business using the power of LinkedIn. It is: MLM recruiting on LinkedIn.

I love this strategy because for one, the average user on LinkedIn earns an annual income of around 75 thousand dollars a year. I think it's even higher now, maybe closer to a hundred.

There's a lot of disposable income in your potential leads that are on LinkedIn, so it is a powerful place to do your marketing if you know how to do it right.

I'm going to teach you some proven steps here, five proven steps on how to grow your business using MLM recruiting on LinkedIn, and how to make money even if they say no to your network marketing business.

Let's get going.

Initial Impressions

First and foremost, people will judge you within a few short seconds of interacting with your profile; of interacting with who they perceive you to be on LinkedIn.

If you have a profile picture and you look like you just woke up, you have a beard and you're just a mess, not necessarily that beards are bad, but if you're just a mess, then they're probably going to go away.

Your leads are not going to follow you.

You don't look like a leader.

You're not representing yourself like a leader, and they're not going to reciprocate any kind of outreach that you do.

Have A Professional Profile.

Be sure your profile design and description are first class.  If you link out to Twitter or you link out to any other website, those sites need to be professional as well because they're going to click the links and go there and check you out.

Your work history, your education. Everything in that profile should represent you as an expert marketer. Not necessarily an expert network marketer, but definitely an expert marketer.

Represent Yourself as A Professional.

Spend 75 bucks and have a professional photo shoot done.

Go wear a blazer or a collared shirt, at least business casual and get some photos done so you can populate your social media accounts with those images.

It'll help you a ton when you begin MLM recruiting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Groups Rock

LinkedIn groups are also a great place for leads.

Every time you put content out there on the internet, you should go to LinkedIn groups, or at least outsource somebody to go to LinkedIn groups and publish that content there.

You can join up to 50 groups in LinkedIn the last I checked, and if you're in the network marketing profession, I highly recommend you join at least 40 groups that are related to network marketing.

You can join company specific groups, so network marketing companies have their own groups that you can join, and network marketing related groups also. There's plenty of those out there. Join all of them and market to those groups.

Create titles that people will want to click on, titles that people will want to read, and then post the URL in the description, and the LinkedIn group will automatically take the URL and fill in the description for you, so you can market to all those groups.

A little ninja tip for you, if you blog and you have a social media counter on your website installed as a plugin. You have Digg is a great one or ShareThis is a great one.

If you post to the LinkedIn groups and then you like your own post to the URL that your blog post is on, it'll register on your blog post and you'll get a free counter on your blog article, so that's kind of cool.

This is a great way to leverage MLM recruiting on LinkedIn.

You can begin building up social proof for your content before you've even really marketed it.

Make sure you post to groups. At lot of times groups are 10 thousand, 20 thousand plus people, so by posting to 50 groups you can get exposure to hundreds of thousands of people without even paying for advertising.

Very powerful.

Build Relationships

Build a relationship. I like to build a relationship with people that reach out to me, so people that connect with me, I shoot them a message. People that message me, I definitely shoot them a message.

A lot of times what I try to do, is move it over to Facebook or something that has a real-time messaging service.

LinkedIn does not, so I'll use Facebook, I'll use WeChat or I'll use other platforms like that where you can text message them via an app or something like that and go back and forth and move the conversation to light speed instead of having it crawl at snail pace like it does on LinkedIn because you're waiting for a response, they're waiting for a response, that sort of thing.

Build the relationship. The way you do that is by moving it off of LinkedIn, unfortunately, because they don't have a really good messaging service, and you move it over to something that does, either your phone, Facebook, WeChat or there are some other ones that aren't as popular that I can't think of at the moment, but there are other messaging services that you can use.

Facebook is probably the most popular method for MLM recruiting on LinkedIn.

Move It To The PhoneMLM recruiting on LinkedIn

As soon as you begin a dialogue with them and you've been chatting with them and learning more about them and building that relationship with them, at some point you're going to, as a network marketing professional, you're going to need to ask them the following question. “Hey. This has been great. Do you have time for a short five minute no pitch, no selling, no hype, phone call?” or “No sales pitch related phone call, just to get to know each other a little bit better. And find out a little more about one another in terms of whether or not there's a win-win for us.”

I love saying things like that, because I never pitch anybody my business.

Even when I get them on the phone, I don't even talk about my business unless they meet this first letter down here under number five.

I don't even talk about it.

Why would you?

If they're not qualified to look at your company presentation, then there's no reason in even bringing it up, right.

Move it to the phone, that way you can get on the phone with them and have a grown-up real life adult conversation as a business professional with them to find out what they're all about.

Once you know what they're all about and what their needs, their wants, their desires are, maybe what their business struggles are, now you're in a position where you can possibly help them.

If you have an affiliate product that you can offer them, you can earn a commission.

If you know somebody that can help them, you can refer them and you can build the strength of that network by offering a good referral to somebody else that possibly can help them, right.

What if you get on the phone with somebody and you're in a health product related MLM, and that person you're on the phone with is not interested in health product MLM's.

In fact, they're like, “I am looking for a network marketing business and I want to be in a travel company, and that's it. Nothing else. I want to be in a travel company.”

What are you going to do?

Are you going to try to convince them how stupid they are, because they need to not look at a travel company and join your health business instead?

If you're a struggling network marketer that's probably what you would do, but if you want to build a strong network, if you want to strengthen the relationships of your network and the relationships you have with people in your network, then what you would do as a professional, is you would say,

“You know what? I have the perfect person for you. I know a leader, or I know an X-Y-Z individual in this other great company called, whatever it might be, WorldVentures, whatever the company is. Let me put you in touch with them and they can hook you up. They'll show you all about that company. They know exactly what they're doing. They're great marketers. Let me hook you guys up.”

You do them a solid, you build that relationship with that network, with that individual, now you have trust with the person you referred them to.

That type of reciprocity, by the way, will earn you gold. It will earn you rewards in ways that you can't even imagine.

You won't even see it coming.

You won't even realize what kind of rewards that puts in place for you in this world by doing those sorts of things selflessly.

Begin doing things selflessly, especially when you can't create the win-win, instead of selfishly and it's going to grow your business, not just your network marketing business, but your business-life in a monstrous way.

Move it to the phone, get to know them for better MLM recruiting on LinkedIn.

That's part of building trust and building a relationship, and then move to step five.

Qualify Themhow to build your mlm business on linkedin

Step five is qualify, invite, follow up and in between here is present.

  • Invite
  • Follow up
  • Enroll
  • Train

That's the fundamental process every network marketer should be engaged in.

If they are qualified, you can move to the rest of this. If they are qualified, you can invite, follow up, enroll and train them. When you present to them, if they're qualified, you do an invite successfully and you present to them.

I highly recommend using things like automated videos and things like that to make the presenting easier.

I had a 15 minute call this morning with a solid lead down in Miami, great guy. 20 minute call, sent him the videos, boom, got a follow up call with him scheduled for Wednesday. I don't do anything in between now and then except maybe answer an e-mail if I have to. That's how you streamline your business. Qualify, invite, follow up, enroll, train.

If they're not qualified, if they don't meet this first step, you don't move on to the rest.

You don't continually try to qualify them and beat them over the head with the qualification bat if they're not qualified. The lead that says, “I'm interested in a travel MLM” to you, and you're in a health product MLM does not mean hit them again until they say, “I'm interested.” That's not what it means.

Don't do that, stop doing that if you are, okay. Then you move on, if they're not qualified, you move on.

What's the win-win relationship I can create on this phone call?

“Oh, you say you're in a software development company? What kind of software are you developing?” “I'm developing this kind of software to do this.” “You know what? That's a great idea. In fact, I know somebody that you could partner up with, or I can help you out with that, especially in this niche.”

What if during¬†MLM recruiting on LinkedIn … by the way, here's another great example.

I met a gentleman here locally who is developing an app, an iPhone app. Great idea, great concept, connects businesses. It's a business connection app. If you run a business and you have a tax ID number, not just a social, but you have a tax ID number like an EIN, you can sign up for this app for free and network with other businesses in your area. It works on geographic targeting. Immediately, it's almost kind of like BNI, but it's app-based and it's free.

He runs live events here every month, pretty fantastic. I said, “Hey brother. What a great idea! What if I helped you expose this app to the network marketing profession abroad? We could take your app and go from where it's at now to a huge subscriber base,” so we're in the works of doing that with him. I'm not going to tell you the name of the app because it's pretty exciting stuff, but that's a great example of a win-win.

He was not qualified in the least for this profession. Doesn't mean he couldn't do it, just means he's not qualified, so what I do, I move over here. I said, “Hey. That's awesome. What are you working on?” He told me. “That's an incredible app, let me download it on my phone and check it out.” Checked it out. “I can see how this app you made can benefit this profession.” That's a win-win, and that could make you a lot of money by the way, a lot of money. If I stayed over here and I kept trying to beat him over the head with the qualification bat, I never would of got this.

Concluding Thoughts

That's the difference between a distributor mindset and a business mindset. Get out of that distributor mindset…I'm a product slinging rep mindset, and get yourself into the serial entrepreneur mindset.

It will do incredible things for your business, and it'll change the way you behave in this game of recruiting, and your life will become infinitely more enjoyable as you build your network marketing business.

MLM recruiting on LinkedIn is as easy as that!


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