How MLM Recruiting on Instagram Can Grow Your Network Marketing Business

mlm instagram recruiting

How to recruit new reps into your MLM business using Instagram.

We published a recent podcast, well not too recent, regarding MLM recruiting on Instagram.

We did a great interview with April Marie Tucker, and we'll link to that in the bottom of this article, but we're going to cover a few more bases in this video on how you can use Instagram and leverage it to build your network marketing business.

It's not that complicated.

Number one, you want to make sure it's first class for MLM recruiting on Instagram

The design should be really well done; the picture should be professional, at least business casual in my opinion.instagram network marketing recruiting

What I like to do is use the same picture throughout all of my social media accounts, because when people bounce from one social media platform to another, and they see the same profile picture, they'll recognize me.

If I have different social media profile picture on every account, they may not recognize me. Especially in a list when they do a search query, and they're looking for “network marketing leaders” or they type in some sort of search query like that and they see a whole bunch of people, they're more likely to recognize me if they've seen the same picture before.

I highly recommend you get a professional photo done, and you can have a professional photo shoot done for as little as 75 bucks or 50 bucks, even if you find someone locally in your area that does it on the side.

MLM recruiting on Instagram requires business casual at a minimum.

I don't recommend you go fully overboard tux and you know. Keep it casual, business casual. I mean, at the highest level suit and tie, but I like to keep it business casual.

Make sure your profile is first class. That means your pictures are first class. The images, which we'll get into, the pictures in your profiles, are first class.

We'll get into that in a second.

For MLM recruiting on Instagram, you need a link

With your profile, one of the things you're going to want to do is you're going to want to have a link in that profile. That link should include a call to action that tells the visitor when they visit your profile what they're going to get by clicking the clink.

Typically you offer something for free.

FO means Free Offer.

If you offer some thing for free to them, like perhaps a 10 step checklist on how to use Instagram to generate a lead in your network marketing business or a pdf guide or an e-book or a video series or something; if they click on the link they're going to go somewhere and have to enter their information to become a subscriber or a lead in your database to get that free offer.

That's really what you're incentivizing them to do.

Speed up the communications with MLM recruiting on Instagram

Instagram, you have to understand, is not a real time messaging platform, kind of like LinkedIn. You don't send messages and get them right away. Typically if they message you, hours go by if not a day, then you message them. It's a very slow process.

The quicker you can move that person onto your terms and to your communication medium, either Facebook, definitely try to get them on an e-mail list if possible, plug them into some live webinars.

You're trying to speed up that communication process. The only way you can do that is by transitioning them from here to another platform where that can take place.

A link in the profile.

If you have a blog, which I recommend you get one if you don't have one, have your free offer on that website and link there. Use that as your lead magnet, or create a new lead magnet and build a new list for that profile if you want.

Number two, pictures when MLM recruiting on Instagramhow to recruit on instagram

When you do your pictures in your Instagram account, they should be professional, first-class, and I highly recommend you use text in them. Put text in them in such a way that they look really, really well done.

There's a great app out there call Ripl. R-I-P-L. You can look it up on your iPhone or Android device and download it, and you can basically put text to any image and really make them look really cool really quick and then publish them to your accounts.

It's a very cool app to help you out there.

Definitely put text in those images.

You're also going to want to use hashtags when MLM recruiting on Instagram

Hashtags are another way for people to search for things. I always include the hashtag for my name, so #JasonLeeHQ, along with any other relevant hashtags that you want to include in those images, because people can search by those.

You can also do searches using hashtags to see how many people are looking for or how many images have hashtags like those in them to get an idea on the amount of eyeballs that are going to look at the content.

If you do a #MLM, you'll see that it's got tons of potential views. It's also a very competitive hashtag, so if you publish images with that hashtag, they may end up on the top but they'll get thrown down pretty quick as other people post images with those hashtags.

You want to use them. Use generic ones as well as niche specific hashtags to help give your pictures the best chance of being found by your target leads, your target market.

Number three is automate your MLM recruiting on Instagram

There's a couple tools out there, software tools out there that you can use to automate your Instagram efforts.

In other words, they'll go out, they'll automatically comment on people's pictures. They'll use things like Spintax which basically uses a thesaurus and changes up the words so that when it posts to one account and it posts to another account, the phrases aren't identical and Instagram doesn't freeze your account.

There's some really slick software tools out there to help you with things like that.

I think they'll go out and follow people and even unfollow people. FollowLiker's a great one for that. I highly recommend you check out FollowLiker.

Very powerful!

You can build up a big following pretty quick.

I'm not a huge Instagram marketer; I just understand it really well.

And, I have people on my team that kill it with Instagram.

I understand it, I know how it all works, and I can train to it, but it's not one of my big wheelhouses that I leverage.

You want to focus in your business where you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Hit that.

Make that your wheelhouse.

For me, it's blogging and SEO and cutting videos like these and getting them ranked and on search engines and on YouTube.

That's what I do. I do that really well.

I also do a lot of paid advertising both online and offline.

Those are my wheelhouses.

Instagram really isn't, but I understand it. I understand it very, very well.


A good buddy of mine Christopher Hussey, used FollowLiker to build his following on ntwrkr Magazine to over 50,000 followers.

Now, when you have a 50,000 follower base for your product or your brand, you've got a pretty big audience. You can drive that audience to webinars, you can drive them to product launches, you can drive them to all sorts of things.

I highly recommend you check that out.

I used to use Instagress, but I got out of that and I know some people that still use it, but this is really the new software that does a lot more than Instagress will do and will help you out in a big way.

That right there is a golden nugget. In fact, I would imagine that there's people out there that are Instagram gurus that will charge you money to tell you that.

I'm not going to charge you money, because I think knowledge is power.

I like giving that away because it helps build trust, and the more you guys can trust me, the more you're likely to come back and maybe build a relationship beyond just this video where it's a one-way street, me communicating with you, and that's what it's all about.

Win-win relationships within the network.

You'll hear me say that a lot. Check that out. FollowLiker.

Number four, move your MLM recruiting on Instagram to real time.

I mentioned that earlier.

Real time is really where it's at in terms of building your network marketing business.

If you're talking about product launches, marketing to an e-mail list, or things along those lines, then real time doesn't really matter.

If you want to build your network marketing business, you need to take people who like your stuff and comment on your stuff inside Instagram and either yourself respond to them and drive them into Facebook with a message or drive them to Facebook through your link in your profile. Drive them out of Instagram some way, shape, or form so you can begin communicating with them on a more rapid basis.

You can even, in your profile description say, WeChat me at blah with your handle. Whatever your handle or your username is in WeChat. You can get them on WeChat. Or “Facebook message me, my handle is Jason Lee HQ”.

Get them messaging you outside that platform, but don't forget to always include the link if you can capture them on an e-mail.

You can use that e-mail list, drive people to webinars, still get them from the e-mail list to real time communication. E-mail list I would make one of your first priorities, and also getting them real time on a platform where you can communicate with them.

Ultimately, the goal is this.

If we're using Instagram as an example, Instagram to some real time platform. We'll call it RTP, real time platform, so Facebook, WeChat, whatever. Then, you're beginning a real time conversation here and then moving it to the phone or Skype or whatever allows you to actually hear their voice or see their face.

Cell, Skype, local meeting if they're local to you. That should be your pathway to building your network marketing business after you get somebody engaged in your content marketing efforts online.

That's what I have for you in terms of MLM recruiting on Instagram and using Instagram to build your network marketing MLM business.

We will see you on the next one. Take care.

By the way, here's that April Marie Tucker link.


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