How MLM Postcard Systems Can Help You Crush It in Network Marketing

mlm postcard systems

Today, we are going to take a close look at MLM postcards and how they can create a powerful way for you to climb to extreme levels in network marketing.

Our world has become inundated with advertising everywhere we look. It is capitalism at its best. But in some cases, advertising gets perturbing. Just consider that bright billboard that blinds you as you are driving on the interstate which only large corporations can afford. And, who doesn't enjoy the Superbowl commercials yearly, but there is no way a small entrepreneur like you and I could afford a 30 second spot. I believe the cost is over $150,000 per second.

There is a network marketing advertising method that probably creates nearly as good a buzz as does those Superbowl ads for Coke, Doritos and Apple.

MLM Postcards!

Many top names and network marketing earners use these simple MLM network postcards to attract prospects. By using a simple formula, only people that are pre-qualified will respond to these MLM postcards, and they are unobtrusive and can actually be a delightful direct mail marketing method.

Why do MLM Postcards work?

I mentioned earlier how people are becoming nearly numb and apathetic to much of the advertising methods used. Unless there is a nearly naked woman or something that is “grabby,” many people do not even read ads anymore. There may be a subconscious reaction but again, can we really afford those types of marketing methods?

  • You can market via email but do people read them?
  • You can market in newspaper ads but response will be minimal.
  • You can cold call people but with do-not-call regulations, it is a battlefield.
  • And, do you dare go door to door?

But when a person opens their mailbox, they generally read everything in it. They will set that mail on their kitchen counter where it will stay for some time with the people seeing it multiple times.

Just think about it, you read all your mail don't you?

Just use the MLM Postcards S method

What am I talking about? What is the S method?

Simple! S stands for simple.

Let me just explain this deeper… If you receive a huge sales pamphlet in the mail, will you read it completely?

Not usually because it is complicated. Unless it displays something you are absolutely interested in, you WILL NOT read it completely.

But if that pamphlet was a simple postcard with simple words, your curiosity will be enlivened. You WILL want to know more and this is how MLM postcards work.

You make them simple.

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How do you create MLM Postcards

This is simple, and that is what it's all about; keep it simple. Most Office programs have postcard templates integrated into them. Or, you can just search the world wide web for postcard templates.

You may want to run various tests on different styles, bust most MLM postcards are a simple design with little or no color. Keep in mind that color adds cost at printers and the idea is to keep costs low.

I suggest just coming up with to 3 sentences that act like a carrot in front of the rabbit:

  • A safe and inexpensive method to lose 5 pounds each week – Call 888-888-8888 or visit (website capture page)
  • Have a sexy complexion and make money with it – Call 888-888-8888 and see before and after pictures at (website capture page)
  • Gain financial stability while reading and traveling – Just visit (website capture page) or call 888-888-8888

Send them and they will visit or call

As you can see from the examples above, there is no mention of the MLM company. And I suggest you do not mention your MLM company until you are actually conversing with the prospect either on the phone or face-to-face.

The primary objective of your MLM postcards is to attain the people's contact information. This you will do with the website capture page or toll free phone number.

Website capture page

I call it a website capture page but in all actuality, it is a lead capture page. When the prospect visits this single page, you will fill them with more information and even offer a free ebook, white page or something similar.

Just using the first example in the MLM postcards examples, you will probably want to show people who have lost weight, before and after pictures. You will want to go through the benefits and value of losing weight and in the case of MLM, you can even suggest they will earn money by losing weight.

Several times throughout the capture page, you will have places where the person can enter their contact information. If they do so, you know they have interest in learning more. And the MLM postcards did their job.

Toll free number

Using the same basic method as the capture page, when a person calls the toll-free number, you will have an audible message saying the same basic material as the lead capture page.

You can set up pre-recorded message numbers quite inexpensively and the prospect simply “Presses #1” to leave their contact information. And you again have a lead, and the MLM postcards system was successful.

Magicjack and Google Voice are great services to leverage this concept.

Measuring results

When we consider many other marketing and advertising methods, it can be difficult to measure how well they are working. Measuring results from MLM postcards is actually quite simple.

On each postcard you can put a simple code that the person will enter when entering their personal information so you can accurately measure where the leads come from.

Printing and testing MLM Postcards

It is actually quite inexpensive to have postcards printed. There is no need to use expensive stock. People will read the postcard no matter the design or the quality of paper it is on. You can use your own printer or go to an inexpensive printing company.

I suggest printing 200 – 300 of one message and maybe 2 – 300 of another message with different codes on each one. Then as you get responses, you can measure which message works best.

I suggest that you keep testing and even when you find a successful message, try others. You may discover that certain messages work better in one demographic and a different message works better elsewhere.

Who do you send MLM Postcards to?

Here is where there can be a lot of debate. Some network marketers have been known to just open telephone books and send to addresses from there.

Personally, I believe that using a method that finds prospects that may be more qualified is wise. Considering the weight loss example, I would start by researching communities with extreme obesity and you can actually order phone and address books for those communities.

But, and easier and less time consuming method is to just purchase leads. There are a plethora of lead selling companies that will provide you with contact information.

A couple of lead generation services are:

You will want to read and understand their terms.

Bottom line is you need to send the postcards to whoever your ideal customer is. It might be people looking to lose weight or it might be network marketers. It totally depends on your message.

Start sending MLM Postcardspostcard marketing

You will want to make a plan of how many cards you will send each day. Measure your costs and as time goes by, you will want to measure your ROI (Return On Investment).

But trust me, using MLM postcards works! It WILL help you crush it in your network marketing business.

Who came up with the MLM postcards system?

If you really look at everything, mail has been used for years upon years as a selling medium. But, it fell off for some time when the internet took hold. But people still enjoy getting mail and they read nearly everything they get in the mail. You cannot say that about emails.

I don't know for sure who came up with the MLM postcard system, but many highly successful network marketers will tell you they owe much of their success to MLM postcards.

Do not use misleading information on your MLM Postcards

I drastically need to talk about this situation because when network marketers use misleading information on MLM postcards, they are harming the complete MLM industry.

I have seen MLM postcards that say:

  • Do you need a job? I am hiring – Call 888-888-8888
  • Lose 5 pounds tomorrow guaranteed if you visit (website) in the next 5 minutes
  • A secret cure for cancer that will also make you profits – Call 888-888-8888 or visit (website)

To be honest, I get slightly angry when I see MLM postcards with misleading information like this.

Why each of those MLM Postcard messages are misleading

I want to explain why each of the above lines are misleading.

  1. Do you need a job? I am hiring: As an MLM business owner, you are NOT Hiring! You are not an employer. You are not offering an hourly wage or salary. And, are you really going to keep that person if they join your MLM? They are looking for an immediate job and the odds that they quit are high.
  2. Lose 5 pounds tomorrow guaranteed: Are you serious? Can you actually make a guarantee of that? If you left the word guaranteed out of the message, it may be okay, but you cannot guarantee anything of that sort.
  3. A secret cure for cancer: Now this one gets me angry. First off, no matter what MLM company you are affiliated with, nearly all are adamant about independent distributors not making any claims that products can cure diseases.

The trouble you could face by using misleading MLM Postcards

There are some very serious consequences when you use the United States Postal Service to mail misleading information. Federal mail fraud is one of the most prosecuted cases and carries some heavy penalties:

  • Fines up to $250,000
  • Federal prison up to 20 years

It just isn't worth it, so if you even have a question whether your MLM postcards could be considered misleading, I suggest that you just do not mail them.

You can actually develop a system where the MLM Postcards pay for themselvesmlm postcard tips

Do you always have to offer something for free? Not necessarily, and if a person has to send a small amount of money for an item, it gives more oomph to the level of interest and need the prospect has.

So you are offering a free eBook via your MLM postcard system… Why not still say it is still free, but to receive it you need to send $4 to cover costs. You will get $4 on each response along with their personal information. This helps you cover the costs of the MLM postcards and also gives you a lead.

It is an excellent method to have your MLM postcards be self-sustaining.

MLM companies have started using the MLM Postcards

Several MLM companies have even started offering pre-designed MLM postcards to their independent representatives. They started doing this because they know MLM postcard systems work.

You may want to check with your multilevel marketing company to see if they have this feature.

You really need to try The Elite Postcard System to crush it in network marketing. Alternatively, you can simply pay and have this company mail home business postcards for you.

While I explained in this post how you can make the MLM postcards yourself and you can purchase the leads.

But wouldn't it be great if you did not have to take all that time to do those tasks? What if there was a system that can do it for you?

There is and it works!

When I discovered the Elite Postcard System, I was amazed and you will be too. It duplicates all with direct mail. Network marketers everywhere are crushing it with this system, and you can too.

Just click here and discover the advantages you will have with the Elite Postcard System.

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