The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing Ever Told

fibs in network marketing

Hey Jason Lee here and we're going to cover the biggest lie in network marketing ever told.

How's it going puppy? This is our dog, Skye, and she likes a lot of attention. And funny she should jump up here now, because that's one of the things we're going to …

9 Sponsoring Secrets to Bring Leaders Into Your MLM

sponsoring mlm leaders

When I see an obvious MLM advertisement that reads like a job offering, I just have to shake my head in wonder. What is this person thinking? Do they actually think they will attract a strong downline by using this method? What they will actually do is anger the person …

Should You Quit Your MLM Business?

mlm business decisions

That early 1980's song by the Clash comes to mind as I consider all the information I will give you in today's post… Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Have there been circumstances that have you asking should you quit your MLM business?

I will be the first to …

What’s The Best MLM Comp Plan?

best mlm compensation plan

It is a question I am asked by people looking to join a network marketing company all the time… What is the best MLM comp plan?

I can find this a difficult question to answer and the temptation of telling the person the best MLM comp plan is the plan …

9 Tips to Build Your Health and Wellness MLM Business Fast

mlm tips

Health and wellness is one of the largest niche areas in the MLM industry. Many network marketers have grown huge a monstrous health and wellness MLM business and have done so quite fast.

You may think that getting into health and wellness MLM would be overwhelming with all the competition …

How to Get Momentum in Your MLM Downline

drag car mlm momentum

When I mention MLM momentum. We can look at it in one of two ways. I like to use the depiction of MLM momentum like 2 vehicles.

  1. A freight train
  2. A drag car

So which of these two would you want to base your MLM momentum with your downline on?…

Worst MLM People of All Time

bad mlm people

They say that one bad apple can spoil a whole barrel. I don't know if that is completely true or not, but I do know that in the world of network marketing – of multi level marketing, the worst MLM people have damaged the reputations of many good and trustworthy …

What 12-Gauge Shotguns and MLM Leaders Have in Common

12 gauge shotguns

When I look at successful MLM leaders, I often picture a 12 gauge shotgun. It may seem an odd comparison, but there are some things that the two have in common.

You may be picturing a show like the Beverly Hillbillies with Jed Clampett protecting his family and property from …

Service or Product Based MLM Companies: Pros and Cons

service mlm company

Maybe you are considering starting a home based business. You probably have heard about network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM). Now you are wondering – service or product based MLM? Which would be the best choice for you?

There are pros and cons with both service or product based MLM …

9 MLM Ideas To Generate Leads Every Day

network marketing success tips

I have heard some network marketers exclaim, “I just don't know where to get leads.” I am here to tell you there are a wide variety of MLM ideas to generate leads. But it is also important on how you approach those leads once you have them.

So be sure …

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