How To Attract Laser Targeted MLM Leads Online

MLM Leads Online

MLM Leads OnlineIf you want to attract MLM leads online then there's only a few things you're really going to need: a blog and an autoresponder.

That's the honest bare bones minimum you need in order to find people that ultimately want to work with you. When it comes down to attracting the RIGHT type of MLM lead however, that's an entirely different story.

If you've been around online for any length of time then you probably already know there are varying opinions about how to build your network marketing business.

Some experts will tell you that you never even have to call a lead; that it's not necessary.

And others will say the most you have to do is pick up the phone after you've generated a lead.

I'm here to share with you the stone cold honest truth.

If you really want a business that duplicates, and you're NOT o.k. with bringing people on board and hanging them out to dry, then you're going to have to do more than simply email them.

How To Get Real Duplication In Your MLM Business

True duplication will only come when you learn the invaluable skill of TRAINING.

Once you learn this skill and pass it on to those in your downline that are willing to work you'll begin to see growth in your organization.

Here are a few reasons why I don't believe simply building a huge email list and marketing to them is a smart way to build your MLM business:

  • Marketing to a list is a form of residual income, but it's not LEVERAGED residual income.  LEVERAGED residual income only happens when you have a tiered compensation model.  This is why MLM dropouts that run into the arms of the internet marketing diva always end up doing the hustle.  True, maybe they'll work less than they would if they had a job, but they're still going to hustle for that paycheck, even if it's big.
  • Marketing to a list in order to get sign ups without moving things to a phone conversation will never result in good training, even if you automate EVERYTHING.  People need to interact with a real human being and get real coaching if they're going to duplicate in this business.
  • You leave a lot of dead bodies in your wake as you plow through huge numbers.  Since you're not really training your people to train by emailing and automating everything you ultimately end up giving this wonderful industry a black eye.  This hurts every active distributor out there when they're prospecting via phone or in person.

Now hear me out, I'm in no way saying that building an email list is a bad thing.

In fact, you should be building a list.  You're foolish not to.

It's what you do with that list that determines HOW you make your money.

I'm simply stating that if you want to do this right, your objective should be to first provide massive value to that list, and your second objective should be to attempt to move any interested parties on that list to a phone appointment.

What To Focus On From Here

Here is a list of ideas you can sort through to determine how you want to market your MLM business online.

I'd recommend figuring out HOW you want to market your business by first determining whether you're attracted to writing, audio, or video.

After you figure that out you can then decide which marketing medium you'll use.

Generating leads is quite simple once you get started and focus on the basics day-in and day-out.

Marketing For MLM Leads Online | Idea List

  • Blogging with WordPress and a premium theme like Optimize Press 2.0
  • Video marketing on all available channels (YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.) – I personally know people that do this exclusively and quite successfully I might add.
  • Podcasting and syndicating your audio show through places like iTunes and Stitcher.
  • Mobile media marketing (creating apps and generating leads through mobile – wide open right now as far as I can tell if you have the technical know-how)

Build A Targeted MLM Leads List

Although there are many other ways to generate leads and market online just pick one and be the best at it.

If you can squeeze the time in (and I believe you can), do your best to intertwine blogging into your overall strategy.

Don't forget to create a call-to-action in every single post, video, tweet, podcast, or show you do.  Tell your readers and listeners to take action, otherwise they won't!

A call-to-action can be something as simple as visiting a capture page and entering their information for some sort of freebie that you'll deliver via email, or to give you a Facebook like.

It doesn't have to be complicated.  I've automated mine with a simple plugin that puts the CTA at the bottom of every post.  The plugin is called MVP Signature, and you can add code to it as well to link out to other pages if need be.

Ulimately, the way you're going to attract leads online is by becoming an attractive sponsor.  You can do that by acquiring the necessary skills that MAKE you attractive.

Just like a shiny new paint job on a car makes the vehicle look more appealing to drive in, new skills that translate to awesome marketing make you more attractive to partner with.

I will add one caveat: if you outsource something rather than master it yourself, it will make you more attractive as a sponsor, but not as much so if you were to master it yourself.

What do I mean by this?

Take blogging for example.  If your blog looks like the Superman of network marketing blogs, but you outsourced everything except the content, then you wouldn't be AS attractive if you were able to say “yup, I built this whole thing myself, with my own two hands.”

The reason it's more attractive to say you mastered a skill yourself is because the people you ultimately bring into your business will believe with certainty that you are capable of teaching it to them.

Otherwise the only thing you're going to be able to tell them is: “you should outsource that, it's a waste of your time.”

If you hear this statement I want you to be very careful.

Not because it's a lie, but only because it may not be 100% correct.

You may be able to get people into your business by outsourcing and putting up the front that your an expert at something.

But eventually they'll find out.

Then they'll leave your business.

And I'll sponsor them.

You've been warned.  Don't be lazy.  Start mastering some skills and be the attractive sponsor you were meant to be!

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