What to Do When An MLM Leader Leaves Your Downline

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It can be frustrating but it is something that happens… You put in time and training into developing them into a great leader and they have built a strong organization under them and you get the news (hopefully by the person themselves) that an MLM leader leaves your downline.

The first thing you will probably do…I know I have, is to question our own leadership abilities.

  • Did I say something wrong?
  • Did I not provide them all the resources they needed?
  • Was it me?

These are understandable questions that you will ask yourself but…

First and foremost, when an MLM leader leaves your downline, you cannot panic.

Instead of looking for the why at this point in time, you need to ensure that the members of that person's downline are not sitting in limbo. They need to know that just because their immediate leader left, there is another leader in place to keep the system flowing smoothly.

This is important because in these situations, followers of that particular leader may just leave too if they are not immediately assured that there will be no changes in how the MLM company will operate.

There are a plethora of reasons why an MLM leader leaves your downline, and…

I would wager that you are last on the list. Unless you said something downright hateful most MLM leaders who are making good money have a deeper reason than their immediate upline.

It may be:

  • An offer they couldn't refuse at another MLM company
  • Just tired and want to retire from it all completely
  • Maybe their spouse is giving them an ultimatum
  • Or maybe it was you, but if they did not come to you with the problem, was that person really a good leader?

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To start with, when an MLM leader leaves your downline

You need to begin contacting all his/her downline with encouragement. You should probably first send an email that would say something like:



This is Jason Lee and I wanted to touch base with you. I am (MLM Leader's) sponsor and I regret to tell you that (MLM Leader) has decided to leave.

You need not worry because everything is the same only, just missing one person. I want to offer my unbridled support to you and any members of your downline.

I want to assure you that nothing has changed in the operation of (MLM company). And, I am here to help you in any way you need.

As soon as I have mailed all team members, I will be giving each of you a call to fulfill any needs you have. If you have a need or want to talk beforehand, you can reach me at this email or (phone).

May your (MLM) business grow to monstrous proportions.


Jason Lee

Just full supportwhen a leader leaves

As you can see, the email was just support. You do not want to question if they were told earlier about an MLM leader leaving your downline. You just want to be there to give them support.

By doing this, if it was by chance you and the MLM leader who left your downline may have spoke out against you, they may begin questioning what he/she said because you are providing support and you did not talk down about the person.

After you have emailed every downline team member of the MLM leader who left, it is time to pick up the phone

But do consider what you will say and how you will say it to each person.

The situations could be different. If you know why the person left, there is no reason that you should ask any of the people why he/she left, but if you do not know why they left, it may be okay to just ask if they had any idea why they left.

This is a good idea because if an MLM leader leaves your downline and joins a competing company, they may be breaking policies they agreed to when joining the company. Many MLM companies have a non-compete policy that states a member can not join a competition MLM for 6 months or longer after leaving the company. There are also policies against taking downline members which is considered “raiding.”

The MLM leader could easily be sued and lose if in violation.

You are not the MLM police, but do know that if an MLM leader leaves your downline and starts dragging others with them, it is harming your business that you have worked hard to build

These type of things happen in corporate America all the time, and business is business. The business moves forward even when a key leader resigns or quits. And in many cases, the business grows even stronger because the leader who left was actually holding growth back.

It is important that you take a close look at the situation in that way, and I suggest that you also explain it that way to the members of that leader's downline.

Now that you have counseled the downline of an MLM leader who left your downline, it is time that you consider

Should you have contact with them when an MLM leader leaves your downline?

In the majority of circumstances, I would say this is a bad idea, but there are cases where I could totally understand why a person would do so.

If an MLM leaders leaves your downline and they are a family member or very close friend, I would strongly urge you to call them to find out all the W's (why, when, who, etc…).

The answer may be enlightening… Maybe you can talk them out of leaving. It is possible that they had a cannot pass up opportunity that they are now telling you which will force you into a decision.

Should you stay or should you go?

Just for the sake of understanding, I am going to use an example using 2 current MLM companies. This is all fictional so if it has happened, it is purely coincidental that I would write a story that is similar.

We will say that I have been building a large empire in Herbalife. I sponsored my cousin who proceeded to sponsor another 30 people who in turn sponsored people on down the line. I am pulling in $300,000 year and my cousin is at about $190,000 per year.

My cousin developed a recruiting system that is under his trademark but he has used it exclusively for Herbalife recruiting. He is approached by a Primerica executive and offered an extremely large bonus and a starting downline of 10 people if he will join. My cousin is an MLM leader and leaves my downline to go.

Can I blame him? No!

When an MLM leader leaves your downline and comes to you with an offer

Okay, now let's say that my cousin comes to me offering a smaller but still large bonus and a downline of 5 people immediately to come with the opportunity.

Now would it be a wise decision for me to follow my cousin or stay where I am?

I must consider the fact that my cousin may try to make similar offers to others he has brought in which could hurt my bottom line.

This is when as an MLM leader myself, I need to measure the whole situation

First, I have built an extremely profitable business. Even when an MLM leader leaves your downline (my cousin), I still have a huge business. Why would I just give that up for something different even if they are offering me some great benefits?

The products are still great and have not changed. The compensation plan has stayed the same and I am quite satisfied with it. It just wouldn't make sense that I should leave a good thing.

There will be more leaderstop mlm earners who leave

This is an important aspect you need to provide your team members. As a matter of fact, now is the time you need to empower them to step up as leaders themselves. Leaders come and go, but as long as the products and compensation stays the same, the MLM company will roll right along.

We must always remember that no one person in an MLM company is indispensable.

When an MLM leader leaves your downline…

It is a great time to create, plan and manage a training and morale event. All those people that were a part of that leader's downline can use a morale boost and this is a perfect time to put together a great event.

I suggest that you request top leaders in your MLM to come and speak. You may even consider successful network marketers who are not necessarily with your particular MLM company.

By doing this, it will show all these members that the company is still alive and well. You can personally introduce yourself and let those people know that they still have leadership and at the same time, you can review for new leaders.

MLM leaders should consider the consequences of leaving one MLM for another

I slightly mentioned it earlier, but I always stay up to date on the material Kevin Thompson posts. Kevin is a very wise MLM attorney and he often gives us legal information that is helpful. Kevin explains many of the issues when an MLM leader leaves your downline for another MLM company in this article.

  • Even though an MLM leader worked very hard to build a downline, if they intentionally try to attract those people to quit and join the other MLM company, the first MLM company can sue and will normally win.
  • There are normally non-solicitation clauses in policies of MLM companies. This means the leader can not solicit people they did not personally enroll. So maybe you enrolled Joe and you can take Joe, but all the people that Joe enrolled cannot be solicited by you… Only Joe.
  • There are provisions that a leader cannot “trash-talk” the MLM company they are leaving.

All the work involved in switching MLM companies

To cover themselves from being sued, MLM leaders who leave a company for another should completely delete all their business social media accounts and start new ones. This will keep the person from accidentally soliciting someone still in the original MLM company.

The person will have to completely throw away their email lists or go through them with a fine-tooth comb. Just one slip of an email to a person still in the original MLM company could result in a ferocious legal battle.

Also, if the MLM leader has a website that educates readers but also promotes the original MLM company, they will be wise to get rid of that website for the same non-solicitation reasoning.

Before an MLM leader leaves your downline for another MLM company they should…

Consider all the costs.

I know that we are talking about an MLM leader leaving your downline and not you leaving, but I say all this just to give you the information in case one of your leaders mentions it or you have considered it.

MLM leaders should completely weigh everything before making such a drastic decision.


It is not something that we like discussing, but it is a situation that can, and does happen. It is important that we all understand the legalities so we can explain to our downline.

I hope this post helped you understand the whole situation if an MLM leader leaves your downline.

Have you ever faced a situation such as this, we would love to hear the story. If you have any questions, you can post those below too.

I hope that you never are in this position, but now you know how to handle the situation.

May you have huge success with your MLM business. Please do me a favor and share this with your friends, family and team members on social media. I would greatly appreciate it.

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