3 Solid MLM Lead Generation Tips to Help Catapult Your Business

Let's face it, lead generation for your MLM business is what will ultimately make or break your network marketing career.MLM Lead Generation Tips

The bottom line is you MUST take full control of your lead generation if you want to earn big money in this profession.

Now don't get me wrong, the fundamentals DO matter.

What's the point if you learn how to generate 100 MLM leads per day if you have no idea on how to invite those leads to watch a presentation, or follow up with them and handle objections, or better yet TRAIN them.

There are basically two types of network marketers I've seen out there in mass quantities.

The first type is the network marketing distributor that thinks they only need to learn how to generate leads online and the rest of the business will take care of itself; as if this is THE missing key that will unlock every single door out there.

The second type is the network marketing distributor that believes offline prospecting is for idiots.

Both of these mindsets are inherently flawed.

There's no faster way to tank your business than by teaching your newly found distributors the art of creating lead capture pages or blogging in place of the fundamentals that they SHOULD be learning.

And there's no better way to turn your business on slow motion than by completely neglecting the offline marketing strategies that actually DO work.

You may or may not realize this, but according to the Direct Selling Association, ~70% of this industry is still built totally offline!

Yup, that means there are a LOT of house plans, hotel meetings, and coffee shop meetups going on every day on this industry's behalf.

Before we go any further though on MLM lead generation I want to cover a few fundamental concepts you should be aware of.

Watch this short video for a few fundamental lead generation tips that may help you out in your business.

Mastery of the fundamentals is key in your ability to work any leads you generate.

And since you have experienced the online network marketing world to some extent I will warn you a bit of caution: not everyone, top earners included, consider leads the same exact thing.

There are some out there (even some gurus) that will call an email subscriber a lead, probably because an email subscriber is considered an asset (you can attach a numerical value to them).

By calling a subscriber a lead it also allows an internet marketer the ability to use HUGE numbers in their marketing material since leads with phone numbers are exponentially harder to get.

For example, say you grow your email list by 5k subscribers in a month.

If I take that number and now apply it to marketing material, it would sound like this: “Find Out How I Was Able To Generate Over 5000 MLM Leads In A Single Month With This One Simple Blog.”

Sounds amazing right?

Only in my opinion, those aren't leads, they're subscribers.

A lead is only a lead in network marketing if you have their phone number and they've expressed interest in your primary business, end of story.

I'll probably catch some flack for that, but hey, it's the truth in my professional opinion.

If you're ever wondering whether or not some expert you follow is mixing up the terminology for their own benefit just ask them to clarify it, if they're honest they will. And if they are generating REAL leads they should be able to show you on a spreadsheet or using a free screenshot service like Jing.

I'm telling you, numbers that high are worthy of screenshots, and very few people will actually have them (probably because they're subscribers, not leads).

But I digress.

Ok, so what do you do if you're stuck, you've burnt out your warm market and you've hit the first brick wall of not being able to find any network marketing leads.

Here are a few things you can do for free:

  • Run 5 Craigslist ads per day using terminology like: Sales Professionals Needed for Temporary (or Contract) Work. Do not use work from home, and be forewarned that if you use network marketing or MLM terminology you may get banned. But it's not a big deal, just get another Craigslist account using a different email address and give it another go. I've never seen anyone go to jail for posting ads on Craigslist. Just a heads up, I have a few people on my team doing this very effectively, and they generate anywhere from 5-10 REAL leads (not subscribers wink wink) per day that they call. This method will get you all sorts of leads as well, including the low of the low looking for employment, and the cream of the crop recently let go from their high 6-figure job, so be prepared for some interesting phone calls.
  • Actively prospect on LinkedIn using a template to reach out to working professionals. We teach our guys to utilize the advanced search function inside LinkedIn which allows you to narrow people down by location. This way you can target people in your local area and see if they're open to meeting up for “networking” and “mutual business networking relationships.” You can then decide if they qualify to look at your company presentation and bam, you have a lead at that point. If they don't qualify after a sit down, you at least have one more high class professional in your phone list that may have a need you can solve down the road. A good number to shoot for is 30 reach outs a day if you want to book daily meetings.
  • Actively prospect on Facebook. Use a template again and change it slightly for each person. I wouldn't actively reach out to more than 15 people a day or Facebook may ban your account. This number may change depending on how stingy Facebook decides to get, but if you space the messages out over 12 hours you should be fine.

I hope this article has helped you considerably with some ideas on how you can generate MLM leads for your business.

Just like anything though you have to consistently stick with it to see results.

The powerful thing about these MLM lead generation tips is they don't rely on passive marketing to work.

You aren't simply hoping someone responds to your material, you're actively making it happen!


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