MLM Companies That Work in Order of Awesomeness

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Recently, I wrote a post about MLM Companies You Should Avoid Because They Suck. If you read that post, you know I did not name any companies because I felt that it would be negative and unfair. But in today’s post, I am writing about MLM companies that work in order of awesomeness. And unlike that other post, I will name some companies that I believe are awesome and getting more awesome.

Before I name these companies though, I am going to provide you with many tips to find the right and awesome MLM company that will work for you.

After all, what is awesome for 1 person may turn out to be just the opposite for another person.

I am going to explain some things you should look for in MLM companies that work so you can find the most awesome one to meet your home business needs.

MLM Companies That Work Tip#1: Length Of Time In Business

It is wise to choose a MLM company that has been around 2+ years. Statistics show that 90% of network marketing companies fail within 2 years of launching.

There are some circumstances that could mean joining a new startup would be a good choice, but just keep in mind the 90% failure rate.

MLM Companies That Work Tip#2: Company Management

It is always smart to review the ownership and management of the MLM company.

  • What is their educational levels?
  • Have they been involved in network marketing before?
  • Are they experienced in running a business structure?
  • What about their legal record? Have they stayed on the right side of the law?

These are one of those circumstances you may find that I mentioned in tip #1. Maybe the founder is someone you know who is bound to develop a successful MLM company.

If your intuition is telling you the MLM company will be awesome, by all means join!

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MLM Companies That Work Tip#3: The Products Or Services

It really does not make sense trying to “hawk” a product or service that you are not passionate about. If you use the product or service and love it, it makes good sense to start the business. But if you believe there are better products or services and you do not have the passion, that would take the MLM company out of awesome level for you and would not make sense to join.

I want to also stress to you that consumable products or services are a better money-making opportunity than items that are purchased only one time. Consumable items keep a consistent flow of sales from previous customers whereas 1 time items force you to always be on the consumer hunt.

It also is helpful if the products or services are unique.

Product Validation

Another item you should research is product or service validation. What I mean by this is: is the product or service certified or scientifically verified by a 3rd party?

Having 3rd party proof will give you an advantage over competitors who do not have validation. Just something to keep in mind when looking for awesome MLM companies that work.

MLM Companies That Work Tip#4: Can You Feasibly Generate Income Immediately?

Is the MLM company set up in such a way that if you get out and gain customers immediately, can you generate a descent income so you can finance other marketing means for recruiting and attaining more customers?

While I believe this should be feasible with any person who just started a MLM home business, not all MLM companies are set up properly to reward hard work and actions of new distributors.

Look at the rewards you will receive for customer sales.

MLM Companies That Work Tip#5: How Far Can You Spread Your Wings?

The further a company expands, the more opportunities you have.great mlm companies

While this is not a must for an MLM company to be awesome, it can be a huge benefit if they have a global presence. Or if they plan on growing internationally.

MLM Companies That Work Tip#6: The Compensation Plan

I will not tell you that any one comp plan is better than another. There have been network marketers who have had huge success with each and every one.

I do suggest you study the MLM company’s compensation plan and use your judgment whether it sounds like the comp plan you would feel comfortable with.

There are pros and cons with all compensation plans. And, there are really 4 primary comp plans. Some companies do use a mixture, but your main ones are:

  • Matrix
  • Binary
  • Unilevel
  • and Stair Step Breakaway

MLM Companies That Work Tip#7: The Company’s Systems And Tools

I highly recommend you research all the systems and tools the company offers you to help you succeed. Some may have:

  • Your own personalized website
  • A postcard marketing system
  • Capture pages
  • Etc…

You will want to understand what the company provides because it can help you build a huge team.

MLM Companies That Work Tip#8: Will You Have Fun?

If you can’t have fun, why do it?great network marketing companies

As a matter of fact, all the successful network marketers I know have fun at what they do. So, I believe it is a mandatory part of success in MLM… You MUST HAVE FUN!

So before you agree to join any MLM company, I suggest you ensure that you will have fun in the business.

Those are 8 tips to help you find the awesome MLM company that fits you best.

Now I am going to list 10 MLM companies in order of awesomeness according to my research as well as many other opinions. I believe all these MLM companies offer you a great opportunity to succeed and they are awesome in their own way.

MLM Companies That Work #10: USANA Health Sciences

Founded in 1992 by Dr Myron Wentz, USANA is considered an awesome MLM company who offers various nutritional products all around the world.

Headquartered in West Valley City, Utah, USANA is a public company listed on the NYSE.

You can see the USANA website here.

MLM Companies That Work #9: Mary Kay Cosmetics

Founded way back in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash and headquartered in Addison, Texas, everyone must admit that this huge cosmetic MLM company is awesome.

Mary Kay has helped many representatives reach for their dreams and obtain them.

If cosmetics might be your passion, you may want to visit the Mary Kay website here.

MLM Companies That Work #8: Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 and has grown this Ganoderma Coffee MLM company worldwide.

The coffee is smooth and allegedly helps build your immune system.

While Organo Gold has had its critics, there are many distributors who will tell you this British Columbia, Canada based MLM company is awesome.

If you would like, you can visit the Organo Gold website here.

MLM Companies That Work #7: Nu Skin

This international personal care and dietary supplement MLM company was founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Steve Lund and Sandie Tillotson.

Based in Provo, Utah, Nu Skin has revenues over $2 Billion. The company has had some setbacks but continues to be a huge force in network marketing.

You can see the Nu Skin website here.

MLM Companies That Work #6: Scentsy

The uniqueness of this MLM company has made it in the level of awesomeness.

Scented candles and warmers is the primary products that are loved by many.

Scentsy was founded in 2003 by 2 women who soon sold the company to Orville Thompson who has built the MLM company to huge proportions.

Scentsy is headquartered in Meredian, Idaho and you can visit the Scentsy website here.

MLM Companies That Work #5: Amway

There is no way I could leave this awesome MLM company off the list.

You probably know that Amway is a well-rounded company that offers various products from vitamins to water filters and a lot more.

Amway was founded in 1959 by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel. The headquarters are in Ada, Michigan and no matter what people say, Amway continues to be one of the most successful MLM companies in the world.

If you think Amway is your best choice, here is the website.

MLM Companies That Work #4: Jeunesse

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis launched Jeunesse Global in 2009. Their combined experience has taken this skin care company to an awesome level.

I doubt anyone dare argue that Jeunesse is climbing to great heights and many of the independent Jeunesse home business owners are making great money.

Headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, Jeunesse has offices all over the world.

You can see the Jeunesse website here.

MLM Companies That Work #3: Essante Organics

Founded in 2004 by Michael Wenninger, Essante Organics has been taking the MLM all organic world by storm.

With a wide range of products all based on staying completely organic, there are many who exclaim “Essante is awesome!”

The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona and you can see more at the Essante website here.

MLM Companies That Work #1: iGalen

Although the official launch is in October of this year 2017, iGalen has absolutely exploded in Canada and North America. The Canadian Master Distributor put 4,000 people into her business in under a year and there's no signs that's stopping.

The company products revolve around helping people that are either pre diabetic or diabetic.

I can personally attest to the products helping my dad since he has Type 2 diabetes and has seen dramatic improvements in his blood sugar levels.

The products use a patented compound called Emulin that helps the body to better manage its Carbs.

The compensation plan is a binary comp plan, extremely simple to build, and they also have a Bill of Rights, similar to the one Ariix uses.

I've worked with the ownership team of this company personally, and can tell you they have attracted some heavy hitters into the company.

If you'd like to be a part of this fast growing company just click the link above.

Feel free to read an iGalen review here that I wrote about the company.

MLM Companies That Work #1: Ariix

I can say with every inch of my being that Ariix is an awesome MLM company. Which is why I put it tied for first place with iGalen.

With a wide range of health and wellness products that are amazing, and a management team that truly cares about their people, I know you will love Ariix too.

The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and was founded in 2011 by Mark Wilson, Deanna Latson, Dr. Fred W. Cooper, Riley Timmer, and Jeff Yates.

And to tell you how awesome, Tim Sales joined the company immediately after its founding because he foresaw the awesomeness.

If Ariix sounds like the business you would like to start You can enroll here. Tim opted to reenter in part of our downline with his business, so if you'd like to join Tim's organization under us you can book an appointment above!

Here's a solid Ariix review I published some time back.

MLM Companies That Work – What Is Your Opinion?

You may or may not agree with my awesome MLM company list. That is cool. What companies do you believe to be awesome?

The main point is, before joining any MLM company, do your research and follow your intuition.

Nearly any stable MLM company can be an awesome business adventure for you if you follow the system and create a duplicatable recruiting system.

Ask for help from your upline and in turn, help your downline.

MLM Companies That Work – Conclusion

I hope that this post gave you some inside information and a great idea on MLM companies that work in order of awesomeness.

I just have to say that once you have found your awesome MLM company and are getting started, the key is recruiting.


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