Here Is The MLM Clue You Are Missing

MLM Clue

First and foremost I have to ask one question:  Do you have a freaking MLM clue?  In other words, are you aware of the following facts?MLM Clue

  • MLM is being pursued online, successfully, every day
  • You are a more attractive sponsor if you have an online MLM presence
  • If you do not have an online MLM presence, you will likely lose many signups to sponsors that do (maybe not at first, but eventually)
  • You can generate free leads online faster than you ever thought possible by just shaking hands and going belly-to-belly

If you’ve ever found yourself on Google typing the words “MLM online,” “network marketing online,” or “how to succeed in MLM online” then you’re not alone.  Tens of thousands of people flock to the internet every day in search of answers to their MLM nightmares; the lack of leads for their business.

The only problem with this is that their focus is typically too narrow.

Did you know most “MLM gurus” monetize their income using sources outside their primary opportunity?  It’s true.

It’s probably a more accurate analogy to describe most of the gurus as affiliate marketers in the network marketing niche.  Maybe this upsets you, maybe it doesn’t.  But it is what it is.

The question you really need to ask yourself is:  What do I really want my business to look like?  It’s yours to design, realize that.  If you want to be known as the techie geek MLM guru, I’m sure there’s an opening.

How about the online MLM engineer that builds his business offline and trains those offline people to be successful?

You see, there’s plenty of room to brand yourself as an expert.  And even more room exists to expand that brand and become an attractive sponsor.  The thing you need to keep in mind going forward is what you want to be known for.  Remember, it may seem large, but the internet is truly a small space when you isolate niches.

If you start making a big stink, people will remember you.  And if you’re rude, the going will only get tougher.  Don’t burn your bridges as you delve into internet marketing.

Some of the brightest minds in your industry may be willing to help you in the form of interviews, guest posts, and things of that sort.  And by standing on the shoulders of giants, you too can proclaim in a roundabout way that you’re an expert.

This next statement is for those of you that already have found the web, but are still struggling.  STOP doing any of the following before you hang yourself with a rubber noose:

  • Spamming social media about your site
  • Spamming social media about anything
  • Commenting on blogs with generic statements (just to get a link, but not adding value)
  • Spinning other people’s content and posting it as your own (for amateur internet marketers)
  • Adding random friends on facebook
  • Tweeting people you don’t know just to spam your links
  • Spamming your links anywhere
  • Posting opportunities on free sites (biz opp type trashy stuff); didn’t you know, the word “business opportunity” is synonymous with SCAM

Remember, there is a big difference between spamming and marketing.  Spamming is the mass solicitation of affiliate links, biz opp links, sales pages, and things of that sort that offer nothing of any real value to the visitor.  Video pages that inform the reader they only need to enter their contact info in exchange for 7 more videos do not count as value-added.

Marketing is different in the sense that you are sending your audience to a place where they will receive value-added material.  There may be subtle promotional material on the page, but it’s not in your face and it’s normally hidden from view through a hyperlink that uses anchor text.

Don’t worry, if you have done any of the things I mentioned above it’s not too late for you.  Just stop NOW.  Get an MLM clue, and move on.  And if you’ve destroyed your reputation and then some it’s an easy fix.  Cancel your accounts, make new ones with new pictures, and start over the right way.

Fortunately it is possible to reinvent yourself online, unless of course you have a face that looks like Jay Leno or something.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one last thought.

You have a barrier of some sort, and it’s probably stopping you from doing what needs to get done.  Find out what that barrier is, and how to break it down.  More than likely your barrier is your biggest excuse; kids, time, long hours at work, or maybe even lack of money.  Just remember, PLENTY of people have made this thing called MLM work in any or all of those situations.  If you find the will, you’ll find a way.

Be sure to check out our MLM Tools page.  Don’t stay in the dark!

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