The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing Ever Told

fibs in network marketing

Hey Jason Lee here and we're going to cover the biggest lie in network marketing ever told.

How's it going puppy? This is our dog, Skye, and she likes a lot of attention. And funny she should jump up here now, because that's one of the things we're going to …

Should You Quit Your MLM Business?

mlm business decisions

That early 1980's song by the Clash comes to mind as I consider all the information I will give you in today's post… Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Have there been circumstances that have you asking should you quit your MLM business?

I will be the first to …

How to Determine Which MLM Companies Will Go Out of Business

shut down mlm companies

Is there a good formula to determine which MLM companies will go out of business?

I will be the first to say that there is no perfect formula. After all, there were MLM companies that went defunct that I thought would last:

  • Equinox International
  • Mona Vie
  • and several others.

On …

How to Get Momentum in Your MLM Downline

drag car mlm momentum

When I mention MLM momentum. We can look at it in one of two ways. I like to use the depiction of MLM momentum like 2 vehicles.

  1. A freight train
  2. A drag car

So which of these two would you want to base your MLM momentum with your downline on?…

Why Tony Robbins Loves And Supports MLM


Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” Tony Robbins

While many people are critical of multilevel marketing and direct sales, the self help guru Tony Robbins loves MLM and supports it completely.

But, is Tony Robbins …

Your Warm Market Wants Your Network Marketing Business, Here’s How to Talk To Them

how to sign up your warm market

I know many newbies in network marketing seem to have a dreaded fear of talking to their warm market. Are you fearful of approaching your warm market? There is no need to be scared. If done correctly, you may find yourself growing even closer to some people within your …

Why MLM Leaders Quit Their Companies

mlm top earners quit

Everything seems to be flowing smoothly with the MLM company you joined. You are making a fantastic income and the people you have brought in are also doing quite well. You have trained several in leadership and it seems that the system is running like a fine-tuned piece of machinery. …

John Oliver Rips MLM Apart with Extreme Bias

john oliver and hbo

Everyone has a right to their opinion and when it comes to MLM John Oliver has a strong opinion that seems to be extremely biased. It seems with MLM John Oliver has this impression that every MLM company is a pyramid scheme just waiting to prey on victims.

Since we …

5 Reasons Why Network Marketing is The Perfect Business

perfect business

Just look around you; traditional businesses are closing right and left. Individuals have borrowed extreme amounts of money to open their own business only to discover heavy competition, high overhead costs, crime against their business and much more. They discover that the business dream they had was actually a nightmare. …

MLM Success Stories From Top Earners That Came From Nothing

tell your mlm success story

What is success and for that matter, what is MLM success? I believe every single person may have a different definition of success. I have listened to many MLM success stories and I get goosebumps from many of those stories. It can be highly motivating knowing that it is possible …

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