Market America Review: Is It Legit?

market america reviews

Consumers have flocked to the internet to do their shopping. When we look at online shopping websites such as Amazon, Ebay and others, the statistics show that people have become quite comfortable ordering goods and services through them instead of walking through shopping malls and stores.

One man seemed to foresee this online shopping growth and using his entrepreneurial mind, he created Market America.

In this Market America review, I will tell you more about this online shopping multilevel marketing company. I will tell you about the history of Market America. I will tell you about the leadership and what products Market America sells online. Also in this Market America review, I will examine the compensation plan for independent Market America representatives.

Last but not least, we will look at what other people have to say about Market America.

So, let's take a look at Market America…

Market America Review: Market America History

is market america legit

Once an independent representative of Amway, James Ridinger, better known as J.R. had an idea that could help people discover success in business without a large investment and be able to manage the largest part of that business on the world-wide web.

With Amway, J.R. realized the methods were primarily face-to-face and he predicted the internet would become a powerful tool for people who had a multilevel marketing business. He aimed to take advantage of that early.

Unlike many other MLM companies that carry their own branded products, J.R. knew that he could partner with other manufacturing companies and offer their products exclusively through his MLM company.

In 1992, J.R. Ridinger and his wife Loren founded Market America with the headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The primary product line Market America offered was dietary supplements, but the company has expanded into many areas. This allows independent Market America business owners a huge range.

Market America keeps expanding. They are operating in:

  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Mexico
  • The Philippines
  • and the United Kingdom

The Market America tagline is: The Unfranchise Business. Each distributor is set up with their own website.

Market America Review: Market America Leadership

The leadership team behind Market America has expanded the company into a super profitable powerhouse.

I am going to tell you a bit about each primary leader and also tell you the other leaders behind the scenes of this MLM company.

Founder, Chairman and CEO – J.R. Ridinger

J.R. prophesied the way computers could create wealth for many people who did not have the means to start a traditional business.

J.R. believes in putting people first and by following that protocol, he has become wealthy and helped many other people do the same.

Co-founder and Senior Executive Vice President – Loren Ridinger

J.R.'s wife Loren has been instrumental in growing Market America. She created a cosmetic line that has become quite popular.

Loren has been deemed one of the most influential women in the world and she has a strong passion to help people. She is heavily involved in several causes that include:

  • Rally for Kids with Cancer
  • Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation
  • American Heart Association
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Make-A-Wish
  • and the Jennifer Lopez Foundation

President and COO – Marc Ashley

Marc has a strong sense as to where to go next. His leadership abilities has helped Market America grow by leaps and bounds.

Executive Vice President – Marty Weissman

Marty's strength is in negotiations with vendors in product development, inventory and purchasing. He has a skill for diplomacy and is recognized as Market America's Goodwill Ambassador.

Executive Vice President – Dennis Franks

Once a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, Dennis has been instrumental in taking Market America to multiple global markets. He has also been a huge supporter of the nutrition and weight management products offered by Market America.

Executive Vice President – Joe Bolyard

Joe has been the key person in expanding to locations such as Australia, the U.K. and others. He plays a large role in policy formation and key decision-making.

Other Leaders

Other leaders that have helped Market America grow consist of:

  • Anthony Akers VP of Communications
  • Eddie Alberty VP of Strategic Partnerships
  • Steve Ashley President of
  • Michael Brady Chief Information Officer
  • Kevin Buckman Special Projects Consultant
  • Agnes Cruz VP of Creative Design
  • Clement D. Erhardt General Counsel
  • Vince Hunt Special Advisor to
  • Chris Peddycord VP of Business Integration
  • Brandi Quinn VP of Operations
  • Sam Ritchie VP of Research & Development
  • Eugene Wallace Chief Technology Officer
  • Andrew Weissman Vice President
  • Jim Winkler VP of Sales
  • Mark Lange, Ph.D. Director of Quality Control

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Market America Review: Market America Products

Market America uses the line, Malls Without Walls. It would take so much space to list every single product that is offered through Market America's distributors. The MLM company has partnered with multiple manufacturers to create products that are sold exclusively through Market America. Some of the product lines include:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Aging
  • Child care
  • Skincare
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal care
  • Home and garden
  • Entertainment
  • Financial management
  • Internet
  • and more

Market America Exclusive Brands

There are brands that are exclusive to Market America. You can only purchase them via the websites.

These brands include:

  • Isotonix – nutrients
  • TLS – weight loss
  • HeartHealth
  • Ultimate Aloe
  • PetHealth
  • NutriClean
  • Cellular Laboratories
  • Timeless Prescription – anti-aging
  • Fixx – personal care
  • Pentaxyl – skin care
  • RoyalSpa
  • Matriskin Technology
  • Snap – cleaners
  • Prime Anti-Aging
  • Motives – cosmetics
  • MA Web Centers
  • ShopFinancial
  • Lumiere De Vie – cosmetics
  • Miracles

And I predict many more brands will jump on board the Market America business format.

Market America Review: The Market America Compensation Plan

Leaders at Market America claim they have the best compensation plan in the industry. I really cannot verify that, but I will say that just like any MLM comp plan, it takes dedication and work to make good money.

You need to recruit other distributors as well as get Market America customers.

There is some investment you will have to make to make commissions with Market America.

  • There is a one time setup fee of approximately $130.
  • You have a yearly fee for your website of just under $100.
  • There is also a $20 monthly fee.

The Market America compensation plan is a binary comp plan. You build 2 legs and you get commissions on the lesser leg.

Unlike other MLMs, you can open other shops once you are earning $3,600 per week off that shop and your downline.

This video explains the comp plan in more detail:

Market America Review: What Others Have To Say

No matter the business, there are going to be good and bad reviews. I suggest you examine all before making any judgment about a company.

is market america a pyramid scheme

What are the pros and cons of Market America?

Here a few random reviews people have had about Market America:


I had an issue with an order and they met my expectations immediately. They were fast to respond, listened, and made me feel appreciated.

The products are great and so are the people. Most companies are more interested in the bottom line than they are with its customers, but not Market America. When they sent me the new products, they also sent a nice personalized note and a free SHOP.COM eGift card to make sure I was completely satisfied. I will continue to order from market America because they have earned my trust and confidence.

I highly recommend this company and its products. Well done, Market America.

Con is a clever scam; after 3 years no pay out.

The problem is if you bring someone in the business and they drop out you lose 1000 BV business volume which pays cash. So far after 3 years I have seen nothing; upset my friends by bringing them in the business also my charity and its all lies I feel now its time every one who been scammed in Britain need to take action and report them to save others being suck in market America and JR as he calls himself. Shame on him the biggest scammer of them all. If you any sense warn you friends and your Church to stay clear.


I am surprised this company isn’t ranked #1.

I spent several years evaluating businesses and franchises, and Market America is really unlike the others on this list. It’s not the same business model as a MLM, so really shouldn’t even be on here.

The compensation is set up very different in the respect that distributors do not get paid on “levels” and they don’t get paid different percentages. So it doesn’t matter if you started 20 years ago or a week ago. You should always be able to make more then your upline. Not to mention, the reps are not paid on “recruiting” people, and they get paid on volume of sales. That is a major positive difference.

The company is a Network Marketing company, so that hold similar to these other companies. People network with others to provide them with exclusive products. Market America does not have just 1 product line, but rather several thousand products within multi-billion dollar industries.

So there is something for everyone, not a 1 trick pony where people always get tired of it. Overall, the business is unique, versatile, and provides a great opportunity.

Market America Review – My Views

Overall, I see Market America as a good opportunity for people if they believe in the business.

I do believe the products offered by Market America are extremely high-priced, but Unfranchised Business Owners do have a plethora of products to offer.

If managed properly, you can make good money with a Market America home based business.

The Last Words

I hope you gained some good insight in Market America from today's Market America review. Please leave your feedback below.

If you would like to try Market America products or possibly start a home based Market America business, I suggest you visit their website at:

Market America does hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That in itself is a great indication that Market America holds high standards in how they operate their business.

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