Mannatech Review: Does This MLM Company Transform Lives?

mannatech review

We are going to take a close look at a long time multilevel marketing company who is based in Texas. This is a Mannatech review. A company that claims they transform lives.

So let's be the judge of that!

This is a comprehensive and unbiased review. I am not attempting to “hook” you into joining this company or any others. The goal is to educate readers so they can understand all aspects of MLM companies before they make a decision.

We will examine the Mannatech history. I will take you through the Mannatech product line. Also, I will talk about the leadership of this MLM company. You will get information on the Mannatech compensation plan as well as top earners in the company. Last but not least, I will tell you the pros and cons from the comments and reviews of other people.

By the time you are finished reading this Mannatech review, you will have enough knowledge to decide if this is the MLM home based business you want to manage.

Mannatech Review – Mannatech History

Mannatech was started in 1993 in Coppell, Texas by Samuel Caster. It began as primarily a dietary supplement company and was founded on a Christian perspective, hence “manna” which was what fed the Hebrew people as they wandered through the desert.

Samuel Caster was using wisdom starting Mannatech at that particular time. There was a concerted effort to take the power from the FDA over their views on supplements. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 opened a path for companies to provide consumers a wider range of safe dietary supplements.

Mannatech began at a level of recruiting locally and soon spread to all areas of the nation. Mannatech is now an international MLM company and operates in many countries around the world. Along with the United States, you can find Mannatech home based business owners in

mannatech leaders

  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • and many more

Mannatech has been the subject of controversy several times. Many of these have been from over-zealous representatives making claims that the Mannatech products can cure or treat diseases or conditions.

But it does seem that the company has since properly trained their associates in what, and what they cannot claim.

Mannatech Review – Mannatech Product Line

The Mannatech product line is built around a proprietary ingredient called Ambrotose.

The company makes it clear that they follow good practices:

  • Over 100 patents
  • 17 published clinical trials
  • Some of the Mannatech products are certified by NSF International
  • The company has invested over $50,000,000 in research and product development
  • And the company follows Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure a safe and high quality product.

Plus the kicker… Mannatech gives an 180 day satisfaction guarantee. You will not find that long of a guarantee anywhere else.

Integrative Health Products

12 various products that provide natural and safe health:

  1. Advanced Ambrotose
  2. Ambrotose AO
  3. Ambrotose Complex
  4. Catalyst
  5. GinMAX
  6. GlycoCafe
  7. Manapol Powder
  8. MannaBears
  9. NutriVerus
  10. Optimal Support Packets
  11. PhytoMatrix
  12. and PLUS

Targeted Health

These 10 products target specific areas of the human body:

  1. BounceBack
  2. CardioBALANCE
  3. GI – Probalance
  4. GI – Zyme
  5. ImmunoSTART
  6. Manna – C
  7. MannaBOOM
  8. MannaCLEANSE
  9. Omega – 3 With Vitamin D3
  10. Phyt – Aloe

Weight and Fitness

Mannatech offers 5 products to help people stay within their weight and fitness goals:

  1. AmbroStart
  2. SPORT
  3. TruPLENISH Nutritional Shake
  4. TruPURE Cleanse
  5. and TruSHAPE Fat-Loss Capsules


Using natural products integrated with scientific testing, Mannatech has 6 skincare products:

  1. Emprizone
  2. FIRM With Ambrotose
  3. Uth Facial Cleanser
  4. Uth Moisturizer
  5. also, Uth Skin Rejuvenation Creme
  6. and the Uth Skincare System

Home Living – Essential Oils

Mannatech also sells various essential oils as well as the essential oil diffuser. You can flavors such as lavender, orange, eucalyptus and many more.

So as you can see, Mannatech does have a wonderful product line which can help representatives transform their lives and customers too by using safe and natural products.

Mannatech Review – Mannatech Leadership

Mannatech is run by what seems to be a great leadership team. So, who are these executive leaders?

  • CEO & President Alfredo Bala
  • President Asia Patrick Park
  • President North America and EMEAA Chris Simons
  • Regional President China Russ Wood
  • Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Joel Bikman
  • Senior VP of Global Operations Landen Fredrick
  • Chief Accounting Officer David Johnson
  • Treasurer Ron Norman
  • and General Counsel Erin Barta

Mannatech Review – The Mannatech Compensation Plan

When I research the Mannatech compensation plan, I would have to say that it looks great. From what I see, people

mannatech comp plan

There is a lot of money that can be made with a Mannatech business

who work hard to both sell products and recruit can make some fantastic money with a Mannatech home based business.

The various ways you can make money with their comp plan include:

  • Retail profits
  • Bonuses – Member, All Star, Direct, Generation Direct and Personal Power.

And Organizational Bonuses include:

  • Automatic Order
  • Team
  • Team Development
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Generational
  • and Leadership Level
  • Leadership Development
  • Presidential Development
  • Lifestyle
  • Silver and Gold Presidential
  • Platinum Presidential
  • and various other incentives

There is no possible way I can explain the Mannatech Compensation plan as well as this PDF. So download it here.

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Mannatech Review – Top Earners

Over the years, Mannatech has transformed lives by creating millionaires. One such millionaire is Mannatech’s top earner of all, Ray Robbins. In 2015 alone, Ray earned over 3 million dollars.

Some other people who have been added to the Mannatech Millionaire list are:

  • Sabrina Kuo of Taiwan
  • Johanna Bala of the United States
  • Janie Wesselman of the United States
  • Julia Zhu and Tony Bao of Canada
  • Myung Jun Kim of Korea
  • Rodney Fleetwood of the United States
  • Je Heng Jung of Japan

So with the right attitude and work ethics, you can transform your life with a Mannatech home based business.

Mannatech Review – Mannatech Pros and Cons

I scoured the internet to find what other people are saying about Mannatech. While it is a good idea to review what others are saying, do keep in mind that these could be coming from people with extreme views.

I suggest you use your intuition as well as all the information in making a decision.


They have never been late with a paycheck in over 22 years. They have no long-term debt. Mannatech has exceptional products with a science base.


They change their business plans to much. They need to find direction and stick to it.


The founder of Mannatech also has set up a non-profit, MannaRelief, that helps provide vitamins to orphanages all over the world. It is good to know that a good product is being sent to help out children worldwide.


Sometimes difficult to keep motivated in building my business.


A typical day at work

A typical day at work will be to gear my self with tools of the month, bring it to visual and readable evidence and contacting potential clients and arranging meetings.

What you learned

That nothing life comes easy, but if you want it with the burning DESIRE and the needed MINDSHIFT, things will start to change and happen towards your benefit.


Once again, in this business as well its important to have self-control to exert the fullest extend of productivity.

Your Co-workers

The most driven people on earth, who deserve everything they DESIRE because they deserve it.

The most hardest part

The hardest part of the business is to learn and applying the instructions to make the MINDSHIFT, up until you hear that a NO, from a client who reject the business is a stepping stone closer to your end objective, it bears THE SEED OF SUCCESS. Every failure bears the potential seed of success. You can only see it when your mind is in the process of shifting or if it is already shifted.

The most enjoyable part

The recognition, free time and money with a healthy body.


When I look through the various reviews, I find very little negatives. What few there are come from people who have a negative outlook on MLM in general.

Mannatech has many people who claim they HAVE had their lives transformed. Just consider these testimonials:

“For the last 16 years I have always felt that the Mannatech supplements have filled the gap that I was not getting from my regular diet.” Mike Greer, Mannatech Independent Associate and Competitive Athlete

“Mannatech gave us the vehicle we needed to go forward in life. I challenge others to open their minds and hearts to find the vehicle that will give them the health and the finances to make their dreams a reality.” Maureen Forrest, Mannatech Independent Associate

And Mannatech supports the Mission 5 Million Foundation with a goal of providing proper nutrition to malnourished children around the world.

Plus Mannatech has developed and follows a strong code of ethics that focus on:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • and Sound Judgment

As a member of the DSA, they follow all their ethics and principles.

Mannatech Review – Past Controversies

Mannatech has been the focus of various controversies over the years. I would say that the current leadership has bypassed all those past issues. Some of them were:

  • In 2005, Mannatech had a class action lawsuit for violating the Securities Exchange Act. It came from representatives making false claims.
  • In 2006, a Doctor in the United Kingdom was found to have abused her power as a Doctor by selling Mannatech products as the diagnoses for patients. She was penalized for her actions.
  • In 2006 the Texas put Mannatech under investigation for deceptive trade practices. Charges were filed. Mannatech did not admit any wrong doing but did agree to reimburse past customers.

Leadership changes were made. Samuel Caster resigned as CEO and many other leaders were replaced. Since that point, Mannatech has made huge changes and has essentially re-branded and they are transforming people’s lives in many ways.

Also, past Presidential candidate Ben Carson was a huge supporter of Mannatech. He claimed the products helped his health and well-being.


Overall, I have to say that if helping people use healthy dietary supplements is your passion, Mannatech just may be the best choice for you as a home based business.

The company has great leaders, great products and a good comp plan. They seemed to have worked through some of the major issues and the company has been growing strong again.

If you think it may be right for you, I suggest you visit the Mannatech website at


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