TAN 066: How to Make SEO Work on Your MLM Blog | Interview with Phil Singleton

In episode 66 Phil Singleton, best selling author of SEO For Growth, and founder of the Local Business Leaders Podcast joins us and drops some heavy knowledge on how to make SEO work on your MLM blog.

If you don't have an MLM blog or network marketing blog, it's ok. The insight you'll get here will help you decide whether or not you want to head down that route. I'd say you're going to find it worth it though.

This Episode Will Cover

Simple steps for performing SEO that don't require expensive outsourcing.

Key aspects of starting an MLM blog and why it's a great idea still today.

Some epic WordPress plugins you'll want to install on your MLM blog if you have one.

Some of Phil's favorite resources and books for staying current.

How to literally make SEO work on your MLM blog.

Links & Resources From This Show

  • Local Business Leaders Podcast – Tune into Phil's show if you're building your business locally, you'll learn some crazy stuff that works!
  • SEO for Growth – Phil co authored this awesome book with the CEO of Duct Tape Marketing! Quite a good read I'd say.

A Note To The Reader

His expertise is an example of what is possible in any profession. There is no guarantee of income or that you will achieve these results.

Thanks for listening Alpha Nation!


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