Juice Plus Review: Is It The Next Best Thing?

juice plus reviews

Before I get started with the Juice Plus review, I must tell everyone to please keep the O.J. jokes and innuendos out.

Maybe you're clueless as to what I mean. You'll understand by the end of the post.

Juice Plus is a multilevel marketing company that has been in business for a long time. I am going to tell you about the history of Juice Plus. We'll also examine the leadership managing the company. I'll also go through the Juice Plus product line.

We'll also get a firm understand of the Juice Plus compensation plan. And finally, we will see the pros and cons of Juice Plus coming from people who have been involved with the company.

Maybe someone has approached you about starting a home based Juice Plus business and you are looking for information before making a decision. You've come to the right place.

This Juice Plus review is completely unbiased. I am not affiliated with this MLM company, so you are ensured to receive accurate information.

Juice Plus Review – Juice Plus History

The primary MLM company that owns the Juice Plus brand is National Safety Associates. NSA was founded in 1970 and Juice Plus was started in 1993.

NSA was founded by Jay Martin, a school teacher who became an entrepreneur. Their first products consisted of water and air filters, but in the 1990’s, the company made a deal with Natural Alternatives International to produce Juice Plus products which would be marketed and sold via a MLM format through NSA independent representatives.

Juice Plus has continually added and deleted products since its start in 1993.

The Juice Plus tagline is: The Next Best Thing To Fruits And Vegetables.

The company has had various ups and downs, with studies showing the products not working the way advertised and other studies showing the complete opposite.

But the huge roadblock that damaged the Juice Plus reputation was the primary Juice Plus spokesperson. O.J. Simpson who was known as “The Juice,” claimed that the Juice Plus products had cured his arthritis.

O.J. was a great running back who won the Heisman Trophy and went on to a huge football career with the Buffalojuice plus and oj simpson Bills. He was considered a living legend. But when his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend, Ronald Goldman were found murdered, O.J. was accused.

In trial, O.J. claimed the arthritis could not have allowed him to commit the grisly murders. NSA quickly dropped O.J. Simpson as a Juice Plus spokesperson.

And Juice Plus sales figures dropped drastically.

Juice Plus has regained composure since those happenings, and is a MLM force.

Juice Plus Review – Juice Plus Leadership

There is not much information on all the leaders of Juice Plus, National Safety Associates. We do know that Jay Martin continues as CEO.

The website does list the Health Advisory Board. They are:

  • Dr. Matt Brown Jr.
  • Dr. Richard DuBois
  • and Dr. Michael Ewald
  • Dr. Tina Jones
  • Dr. Valerie Miles
  • plus Dr. David Phillips
  • Dr. Mitra Ray
  • Dr. Jan Roberto
  • and Dr. Bill Sears
  • plus Dr. Paul Stricker

It seems that finding any other leadership information on Juice Plus is like searching for a pin in a hay stack.

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Juice Plus Review – The Juice Plus Product Line

Juice Plus is known primarily for the supplements they offer that are claimed to be the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. There are 3 various supplements that come with 120 capsules:

  • Orchard blend has the equivalent of nutrition from 20 fruits and vegetables. It comes in capsule or chewable form.
  • Garden blend is similar to Orchard blend, having the equivalent of 20 fruits and vegetables. It also comes in capsule or chewable form.
  • Vineyard blend has nutrients from 9 berries and works in conjunction with the other blends.

Juice Plus Complete Nutrition

Juice Plus representatives also sell the complete nutrition products which consist of:

  • Complete Shake Mix: Full of protein, it comes in french vanilla or dutch chocolate.
  • Complete Nutrition Bars: These are the perfect snack and come in tart cherry with honey or dark chocolate with fig.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus

Juice Plus also sells a unique system that allows you to grow fruits and vegetables using only water and nutrients. No soil is required. The system allows people to grow their healthy items in tighter and more confined areas.grow vegetables

This system has become quite popular.

Here is what a couple of Tower Garden users had to say:

I have harvested so much lettuce and parsley that I donate to the meals-on-wheels program in town” Jack

“Our Tower Garden thrives—even in the brutal Texas summers! It is growing like
crazy…and it’s so easy to maintain.” Mary

Juice Plus Review – The Juice Plus Compensation Plan

When I look at the Juice Plus compensation structure, it is quite easy to understand and “cut and dry.”

You can make money off retail profits, commissions from downline sales, bonuses and various benefits.

Juice Plus has a 7 level system for distributors. The higher you climb, the more you make. Those levels are:

  1. Distributor – You just earn retail commissions.
  2. Direct Distributor – Retail profits plus 6% commission.
  3. Virtual Franchisee – Retail profits plus 14% commission and 5% performance bonus.
  4. Sales Coordinator – Retail profits, 22% commission, 5% performance bonus and 4% promote out bonus.
  5. Senior Sales Coordinator – Retail profits, 22% commission, 5% performance bonus, 4% promote out bonus and 20% business incentive bonus.
  6. Qualifying National Marketing Director – Same as #5 plus Q-School.
  7. National Marketing Director – Same as #5 plus a complete benefits package.

The best way to understand the Juice Plus compensation plan is by downloading this PDF.

Various Arguments Against Juice Plus

The nutritional benefits claimed by the Juice Plus representatives have been the subject of many debates and studies:

One study caused concerns that the nutrients were not properly absorbed by the human body. One study showed that blood levels were elevated with folate and beta-carotene and Vitamin E and Vitamin C levels were inconsistent.

Australia forced Juice Plus to remove any statements that the products were equivalent to fruits and vegetables.

There have been many other studies that show both pro and con.

But Juice Plus continues operations and there are many people quite satisfied with the effects on their systems.

Jeff Roberti – Juice Plus Top Earner

He is a network marketing legend!

Jeff Roberti is a top earner from Juice Plus and has helped the business grow substantial. In 2015, career earnings for Jeff exceeded $85,000,000 and he makes well over $450,000 per month.

Jeff did so by working hard, selling the products and building a huge Juice Plus team.

Juice Plus Review – Pros And Cons

Some people have seen dramatic results in going on a diet using Juice Plus products. Let’s look at various pros and cons of doing so.

Pro – Convenience

The diet is a convenient way to lose weight.

Con – Too Fast?

Some medical authorities say that too fast of weight loss can be hard on humans. Using a Juice Plus diet plan means quick weight loss that goes against their statements.

Pro – High In Protein And Vitamins

Some weight loss plans do not provide the nutrition a person needs. Juice Plus weight loss products have high protein levels and the vitamins in the blends provide needed nutrients.

Con – Expensive

The Juice Plus products are costly. It can cost a lot to lose your desired weight using a Juice Plus plan.

Juice Plus Review – What Others Have To Say

Let’s take a look at what other people have to say about Juice Plus… Keep in mind that these are just opinions.


Over a year on this product. I was a skeptic at first…but the weight loss, added energy, and amazing lack of getting sick this past year sealed the deal for me! Awesome nutrition resource that conveniently offers premium versions of fruits and vegetables in an easy form to take daily!


My children and I tried a sample, and they did not enjoy the experience. They all said “It tastes like beef and gravy!” I was shocked at their reaction as I popped mine in my mouth and realized how right they were! It was not a flavor one would expect from a fruit and vegetable based product. They all spit it out. I suppose it could be that they are accustomed to a too sweet, sugary, gummy vitamin, but it cannot be effective if I cannot convince them to eat it.

After researching the product further, I discovered sufficient shortcomings in the company's claims, studies, and results to no longer consider purchasing the product. For the price, the bad taste, and the misleading claims, I just cannot justify the expense. If it works for others willing and able to afford it, I am happy for their good health and good fortune, but our family will continue to rely on run-of-the-mill, inexpensive, vitamin supplement products with run-of-the-mill, but completely reasonable claims.


I have been taking Juice Plus for 5 months and have been able to discontinue all anti-inflammatory drugs. I have had two hip replacements and an ankle fusion so naturally had a ton of inflammation. Now I have nearly zero aches and pains associated with aging. This stuff has been a god send for me!


There is no science behind any claims that Juice Plus makes. I could tell no difference after taking it for months. If you will do a little research, you will find that it only provides 4 (yes 4) vitamins. The popularity of this product is just further proof that the placebo effect is alive and well!

From all the reviews, both pro and con, that I find online, it seems that there is an overwhelming amount of people who say that the Juice Plus products have helped them.

So, I believe it just comes down to your “gut.” If you would like to try the Juice Plus products or become a home based Juice Plus business owner, I suggest you visit their website at: http://www.juiceplus.com/us/en


Juice Plus is a good company with strong financial backing and leadership. If you're considering joining and really like their product, feel free to give it a go.



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