Meet Jason Lee: Network Marketing MLM Consultant

Hi, my name is Jason and I currently reside in Richland, Washington, also referred to as the Tri-Cities.About Jason Lee

Here is why I started this blog and how it can help you; if you fit into one of these categories then the work I put into this site is probably right up your alley.

Are you:

  • A network marketing professional that hasn't quite found success in this industry, or a network marketing professional that has found success but was burnt in the past by bad policies or corporate shenanigans?
  • Or perhaps a network marketing professional that's found a lot of success, but now wants to build an online brand as an industry consultant to diversify your income?
  • Sick and tired of your 9 to 5 job and spending your entire life working for others’ dreams but not sure what you can do to escape the corporate grind and have a lifestyle you really want?
  • Enjoying your career and getting paid very well, but a prisoner of time and unable to spend more time with the people you love and care about?
  • Already a business owner, but the business owns you or are you simply running an adult day care (bad employees)?
  • An entrepreneur at heart interested in starting a business but don't know the fastest (legal and ethical) options to achieve financial independence and success?

No matter which category you may fall into, I want to take this opportunity to share with you how to achieve the financial and time freedom you desire, but before we get started, here's a little bit about who I am.

My Network Marketing MLM Story

As the son of  two hard working parents I was pretty much raised by my grandparents.  My father drove 18-wheel semi trucks for a living and my mom was a school bus driver.  During my youth they both worked a horrific schedule.  Although we had what most would consider a middle class lifestyle, it was only because my parents were able to acquire property and build their house on their own, brick by brick.
where dreams go to die

After school I joined the military under the premise that the Navy would pay for my college (which it did).  Thinking that a college education would amount to wealth I headed down that path.

Fast forward 10 years following my navy service on board ballistic missile submarines and you would find me training highly technical engineering types in the energy industry.  By this time I was making right around 150k/year.  Here's a picture of my office when I was still instructing after I cleaned it out and left corporate America to work from home.

The crazy thing, however, was I didn't realize that the game I was playing was rigged.  Even though I was in the top income bracket for W-2 wage earners taxes would consume most of my gross income.  It wasn't until a few business mentors and top income earners in network marketing stepped into my life did I really figure things out; owning your own business is the only way to achieve financial freedom and true leverage over time.

Up until that point I had always thought the only way to secure your financial future was to work hard for 30 years like my parents did.

How I Found Network Marketing aka Multi Level Marketing

Extremely skeptical about the business model at first I never saw network marketing as a professional career.  The first time I saw the industry was in 2008 on a napkin in front of a guy in a suit drawing circles.  Even though I was very analytical by nature, I got excited and jumped right in. I literally thought everyone was going to get it like I did…boy was I in for a ride.

It was at this time I was first exposed to self-education and the importance of it.  I began pouring into books related to network marketing.

I received the Rich Dad, Poor Dad ebook by Robert Kiyosaki in my email inbox.  Inspired by what Mr. Kiyosaki wrote about, I picked up his other best-sellers such as CASHFLOW Quadrant and The Business School for People Who Like Helping People.

Robert Kiyosaki

One book led to another in my thirst for knowledge to find out if really all the income claims and successful testimonials were true, and soon I found myself being exposed to the works of network marketing entrepreneurial icons such as Tim Sales, Eric Worre, Jim Rohn, Ray Higdon, Kosta Gara (Kosta would become a partner, mentor, and great friend ultimately) and many others.

My Early Short-Lived MLM Success

After being very impressed and fired up with my upline leaders’ income claims and past successes, I worked very hard for the next year and a half.

I constantly updated my warm market list, called everyone I knew, applied the 3-foot-rule, setup product booths, attended every house plan, and never missed a single conference call or meeting.  I did everything I was told.

At one point I was even stopping in neighborhoods and loading my truck up with sweaty basketball players in order to pack out house plans in the event I got “no-showed” by my actual invites.

I even spent and reinvested thousands of dollars on product samples, training fees, and the latest business books and tools, and burned the rubber off the tires to never miss a single team or company event fearing that if I did I would miss an important “nugget” of information that was critical to unlocking the secrets for achieving success.

But despite putting every ounce of energy I had into my business…

I DID NOT achieve the financial independence and time leverage I wanted.

My Struggles

Here are some of the things that challenged me in my business during my beginnings in network marketing, if you've ever been involved see if you can relate:

  • Many of my downlines unexpectedly quit, the turnover was horrendous and the lifetime value of a new distributor was 3-6 months at most.
  • Our organization and training platform did not teach the necessary knowledge or skills for marketing techniques that work in today's day and age. Millennials were usually turned off by our approach. Baby boomers thought they knew everything about our company and often ridiculed us at meetings.
  • Downline leaders would “take a break” from MLM to focus on “life” or school, or worse they would quit to join some other company that was “the next big thing.”
  • Hotel meetings, house plans, and local meetings at coffee shops would suck up the vast majority of time and get little to no results.

Any of this sound familiar?

Just to be clear I'm very thankful for the experiences, after all that's how you grow.  But there's no reason in today's day and age to walk through a mine field if someone else has already been there and is willing to show you a more efficient way.

What Happened Next & Online Network Marketing

After leaving our first company, my wife and I took a break for a few years.  I knew we would come back to network marketing, but was not sure which company would be a fit, and who our sponsors would be.  I did know however, that I wanted the internet to be a viable, massive part of my marketing strategy.

So I began to teach myself internet marketing.

Taking the concept of self-education I began to teach myself the ropes of leveraging the internet.

During this process I opted to start a consulting company which would later include an internet marketing arm DBA called Elevacy.

Our private consulting business that served both B2B clients and direct sales clients allowed us to leave the corporate world behind.

I became relentless at acquiring skills in internet marketing.

I became an expert at building websites, SEO, got certified as a Google Adwords professional, and even taught myself design languages such as CSS.

After learning a lot about lead generation we kept our ears to the pavement to look for a network marketing home. That's when a few years later we came across a new company in health and wellness about 5 years old we chose to settle in and build our organization.

Within 2 years we sponsored 5 top earners, including a state senator who was #1 in her previous company that rose through the ranks to achieve the top rank in our downline in 60 days (~800,000 a year per the average income disclosure statement).

Our success with this company was pretty exciting, and after about a year and a half into the business we had a thriving team of about 700 sales reps in our downline. It was pretty amazing to finally experience the leverage this industry could provide.

It wasn't long after this success that again we came to a crossroads.

Our network marketing business was starting to require more of our time and we recognized that we would either have to pursue it 100% and sell our consulting company, or choose to run our B2B business which Elevacy had become a part of and pull back from the field.

Ultimately, we decided to step back from the field and serve the profession in a bigger way.

By focusing on our agency we were not only able to create an amazing life, but we were also able to serve the field and other companies in unrelated sectors in marketing/advertising with an intimate perspective having built in the field ourselves.

Our Consulting Business Now…

I am forever grateful for the all of the wonderful blessings, relationships, and times this incredible profession has given my wife and I. It's allowed us to indirectly create a lifestyle we could never have imagined before.

Although we no longer actively build in the field (people do call and ask to join us in our previous company, we typically refer them to leaders in those organizations) we have since moved into the world of consulting, marketing, and advertising.

Some of our clients at Elevacy, including folks we've aligned with include but aren't limited to: Gara Group, Bliss BusinessHigdon Group, MLM Nation, and numerous top earners across the profession.

I look forward to helping guide you down the path you're on and pay forward the many blessings this industry has provided us.

To give back to the industry that gave so much to me, I’ve been inspired to create this blog to share my experiences and lessons I have learned.

Best Wishes In All Your Business Endeavors