An Isagenix Review: Complete And To The Point

isagenix review

Obesity is a huge issue all throughout the world. It leads to other health issues like diabetes, heart disease and even leg and knee problems from trying to carry too much weight on those limbs. Several entrepreneurs brainstormed about the serious problem of obesity and the result was Isagenix. So I am going to give you an Isagenix review so you can be completely educated about this multilevel marketing company.

In this Isagenix review, I will tell you the history of Isagenix. I will also delve into the leadership of this MLM company. We will look at the various products that independent Isagenix business owners are able to sell. I will also delve into the Isagenix compensation plan.

By the time you finish reading this Isagenix review, you will have all the information you need to make a wise decision if you want to start an independent Isagenix home based business, or possibly become an Isagenix customer.

If, at the end of this article, you find you have any questions, just post them in the comment section and I will find an accurate answer.

After all, it makes great sense to completely research a company and their products before you affiliate yourself with them.

Isagenix Review: The Isagenix History

I would have to say that Isagenix has proven that the company is here to stay… Founded in 2002 by John Anderson along with husband and wife, Jim and Kathy Coover, the primary headquarters of Isagenix are in Gilbert, Arizona.isagenix results

The MLM company has expanded into Canada, Australia and New Zealand along with Hong Kong, Singapore and other points in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In 2005, Jim and Kathy purchased the majority ownership in Isagenix from John Anderson, but he is still a part of the product formulation team of the company.

Isagenix Review: The Leadership of Isagenix

I explained who the founders of Isagenix were in the history, but you should know a little about the great leadership that has made this MLM company successful.

  • Jim Coover – Owner and Chief Executive Officer
  • Kathy Coover – Owner and Executive Vice President
  • Erik Coover – Owner and Senior Vice President of Global Field Development
  • Travis Ogden – President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Travis Garza – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
  • Justin Powell – Chief Legal Officer
  • Jon Robinson – Chief Information Officer
  • Tim Jones – Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Robert Kay – Chief Science Officer

These are just a few of the great leadership behind Isagenix.

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Isagenix Review: Isagenix Products

Over the years, Isagenix continues to add products to their line. This gives independent representatives the ability to offer a wider range to potential customers. I am going to take you through the complete Isagenix product line.

Weight loss products

As I stated from the start of this article, weight loss is one of the primary objectives the founders of Isagenix desired to help solve in the world. Using scientific studies, the company has formulated various products that will help people lose weight and keep it off.

  • Cleanse For Life – This is a blend of herbs and natural botanicals to help detoxify the system.
  • IsaLean Shake – This non-dairy meal replacement shake supplies proteins and fibers along with other nutrients for a healthy alternative. There is also a Kosher version, and a version that does have dairy.
  • IsaFlush – A supplement that improves your digestive health.
  • Natural Accelerator – A supplement that will boost your metabolism to help your body naturally burn the fat.

More energy products

Isagenix has also developed products meant to provide you with a healthy energy supplying alternative. These are the products:

  • Ionix Supreme – Supplying a huge amount of antioxidants and other nutrients, this product helps you recover faster from stress and workouts.
  • IsaLean PRO Shake – This specially developed Isagenix meal replacement shake boosts your metabolism and the building of lean muscle.
  • Isagenix Coffee – Slow roasted Arabica coffee beans to help you start the morning right.
  • E+ – This is an energy shot made with all natural energy boosting ingredients.

Performance products

Isagenix also considers the highly active people. They developed products to enhance performance safely. These products include:

  • AMPED Hydrate – This sport's drink keeps you hydrated and also tastes great.
  • AMPED Fuel – This is a gel that you take in mid workout to enhance your performance.
  • and, AMPED Power – This supplement is designed to take before workouts to give you more power and strength.
  • AMPED Nox – This is a shot you take before workouts that enhances nitric oxide production giving higher oxygen content to your cells.
  • AMPED Recover – This is an after workout drink mix that helps speed recovery time.
  • IsaPro – This is a super high quality whey protein mix for building muscle mass.

Healthy aging products

In the everlasting search for the “fountain of youth,” Isagenix has discovered some technological breakthroughs. Here the healthy aging products offered through Isagenix distributors.

  • IsaGenesis – This is a telomeres supporting supplement to help you age in a youthful way.
  • Complete Essentials Daily – These are packs of multivitamins for your daily needs. They come in a men's and women's version.
  • Complete Essentials With IsaGenesis – These packs are complete with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients made to support healthy aging.
  • IsaOmega Supreme – Healthy aging requires Omega 3 fatty acids. This supplement provides you with advanced Omega 3's to help your heart and brain stay healthy.
  • CytoActives – This supplement was designed to support healthy aging to cells and organs.

Isagenix snacks

Isagenix knows that we all get those hunger pang moments. Instead of eating an unhealthy snack, they developed healthy alternatives.

  • IsaLean Bar – A quick on the go snack with high nutrition properties.
  • Slim Cakes – These high fiber snacks only have 100 calories and are a healthy snack choice.
  • Fiber Snacks – Another high fiber snack that tastes great and has whey protein.
  • Whey Thins – These cracker-like snacks are better than the other options.
  • IsaDelight – Dark chocolate and green tea extract makes this a great way to feed your cravings.
  • Isagenix Snacks – These bite size snacks are a perfect way to take the edge off.

Skincare products

There was a request from Isagenix representatives that skincare items be added to the portfolio, so that is what they did. All are under the Rejuvity brand name.

  •  Day Cream
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Essential Youth Serum
  • Purifying Cleanser
  • Body Wash
  • Bamboo Exfoliating Polish
  • Age Defying Eye Cream
  • Hand and Body Cream
  • Renewing Night Cream

Targeted Supplements

Last but not least, Isagenix developed supplements that have specific targets.

  • Isagenix Greens – Providing the same nutrition as a full range of vegetables.
  • Isagenix Fruits – Providing the essentials you would get from multiple fruits.
  • Essentials for Men Or Women – Vitamins and minerals our bodies require.
  • Isamune with Zinc – This spray helps support a healthy immune system.
  • C-Lyte – A high dosage of Vitamin C.
  • Multi Enzyme Complex – This supplement promotes healthy digestion.
  • IsaKids Essentials – Vitamins and minerals designed for kids.
  • Joint and Pain Relief System – This comes with a supplement that aids with joint health and a pain relieving cream.
  • FiberPro – This dietary supplement gives you all the fiber you need for healthy digestion.
  • Brain and Sleep Support System – A spray and supplement that supports healthy brain and sleep.

So as you can see, Isagenix has a huge supply of products. Plus there are various sets you can purchase with various individual items together.

Isagenix Review: The Isagenix Compensation Plan

Isagenix uses a type of binary compensation plan that has many great features and benefits. Try as I might to find a good PDF for your download, I discovered that all are bad. So I decided that I would share this video where Jim Coover explains the Isagenix compensation plan in depth.

I suggest you watch the complete video. Jim does a great job explaining the compensation plan and I have found that Isagenix independent business owners are quite satisfied with the plan.

Isagenix Review: What Others Have To Say

As always, I like to give both sides of the coin. I diligently searched for both positive and negative comments and reviews so you can get a taste of what other people are saying about Isagenix and their products. Here are some quotes and comments I've found across the web regarding their products.isagenix testimonials


“I have a friend who is an Isagenix rep highly recommend the product, pushing me to buy a 30 day supply (he is in great shape and still lost 10 lbs when he started Isagenix a couple of months ago – he uses it for energy for his workouts). Also, I can't stick to any diet, have no will power, and have 60 lbs to lose so I didn't want to buy 30 days' worth of product in case I didn't like it (plus, it's expensive).”

“I didn't want to “sign up” for the program through my friend, either, as I didn't want any obligations; therefore, I researched the product on Amazon. I was VERY disappointed in Isagenix reps giving the product poor ratings simply because they didn't think Amazon should sell it, so I was happy that some non-reps had provided high reviews. And, I liked that there was a 9 day program; that way I wasn't too invested if I didn't like it.”

“The day my product arrived, I tried a shake – I don't like chocolate, but this didn't taste too bad, and now I actually look forward to my shakes. After my first day of trying Isagenix, I felt like I had a ton of energy and that night I slept great. (FYI, the product I received was not even close to expiring, like some of the reviews claimed.)”

“After being on the program for just a few days, I had definitely gained energy (but not in a jittery way) so I WANTED to exercise or at least be more active, and I noticed my craving for certain “bad” foods (especially my nightly wine) disappeared. I was never hungry and I felt great.”


“This company is represented by independent consultants and distributors. The one that I had was unethical and dishonest. My daughter had been told by a co-worker how wonderful this product and company was. She was encouraged and excited to try it. She was told that if she was not happy with the product, she could return it for a full refund within 30 days. And, she was advised that it is best to have someone start it with you, so she asked me to try this product with her.”

“We were both excited to try such a wonderful product; however, I should have known something was amiss when the representative from Isagenix called and stated that he needed both of our social security numbers to order the product. We both received our product; however, I was out-of-town and didn't get mine until the next day. She called to say that the product was awful, she tried it and vomited and it made her shaky and sick. There was no packing invoice or itemized listing included in the package.”


These are just some of the reviews and I found a lot more positive than negative reviews.

In my opinion, Isagenix is a good MLM company that has a great range of products. They have an extremely strong field presence in Australia, although their USA representation is dwindling.

If you think Isagenix may be the business you would like to start at home, I suggest you visit their website at



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