Internet Network Marketing Strategies For The Technically Challenged

Internet Network Marketing

Internet Network MarketingLet's face it, not everyone is going to know or want to learn how to set up an autoresponder, or how to build a blog and make it look phenomenal, learn Photoshop, SEO, or any of the other internet network  marketing strategies that are technically challenging.

That's why I decided to walk you through the internet network marketing strategies I use when writing my articles.

Thankfully there is a solution to the pain, but first let me summarize a series of stories that happened to me recently.

Let's call these people Mr. XYZ for simplicity sake.  So Mr. XYZ approached me on Facebook one day and asked me about my blog, how I put it together, what it would take to do something like that, and how he could get started.

Boy, that's a lot of explaining I “could” do if I wanted to.  But ultimately I needed to find out where this person was.  So I ask: “what's your internet marketing experience level?”

Mr. XYZ replies: “I'm a novice.”  In the words of Po on Kung Fu Panda I said “so you mean level zero right?”  And he says “yes.”

Without going into the details of that conversation, a few days later another one of those occurs, then another.  Three of them in a few days!

So what should this tell you if the trend were to continue?  It should be screaming to you that MOST people are not technically savvy.

At best they have a “working” knowledge of how to use the internet, setup a social media account, and maybe (and that's a big MAYBE) setup a WordPress blog using domain forwarding to something like Hostgator.

This is exactly why you don't see many network marketing professionals teaching to this level.  It's because the majority of people are not AT that level.

They save those dishes for the people in their business that are hungry enough to learn those strategies and implement them.

And they let things like their design, their marketing, and advertising attract the newbies to them.

Well I've decided to do something a little different.  Rather than write a stereotypical article on prospecting (it has its place though) or overcoming objections (same with this guy) I'm going to teach you something CRAZY.

Watch and learn Kemosahbee (had to Google the spelling on that one).

I'm going to assume in this video you have a blog set up, but if not that shouldn't stop you from creating content for one and publishing that content once you finally do launch it.

So let's recap.  In summary, here's what you're going to do to start your daily routine of internet marketing:

  • Visit Tweak Your Biz and type in the network marketing subject you want to write about (include the keyword phrase in the query).
  • Pick a headline that closely matches what the content of your article will be.
  • Use Microsoft Word or a similar software program to write your article.
  • Create a small giveaway you can include in your article to offer readers incentive to join your list (optional).
  • Spell check your article.
  • Curate a captivating image and title it with your keyword phrase.  Get free images here.  Attach it to your post.
  • Cut a short video on the article and title it with your keyword phrase.  Make sure you edit the video before you attach it.  Attach it to your post.
  • Preview your post (by reading it out loud) and then publish it after verifying it looks right on your site.

If you're wondering how to accomplish all these things without spending a horde of money on software tools and accessories make sure you watch the video.

I discuss some common FREE solutions you can implement to make this happen.

The bottom line here is you want to make sure that your article provides genuine value and solves some problem or concern your audience is facing.

You want them to tune in again right?  Also, from an SEO standpoint, the longer they remain on your site the better Google favors your site (it directly impacts a variable called “bounce rate” that Google measures).

I hope you enjoyed this article on Internet Network Marketing Strategies For The Technically Challenged.  If you found this article helpful please share it!

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