An iGalen Review for The Record Books



Recently I was informed about a new network marketing company. I have decided to take a close look at this multilevel marketing company start up and I am going to provide you with an iGalen review. I will tell you about iGalen which will include:

  • iGalen's flagship product
  • iGalen's leadership – to look into joining contact the United States Master Distributor on Facebook (he can point you in the right direction – Austin Zulauf).
  • The iGalen compensation plan
  • and any other information to help you in your process of deciding if iGalen is a MLM company you may want to affiliate with.

So let's move along with this iGalen review.

iGalen Review: What is with the name… iGalen?

It does seem to be one of the oddest names of a multilevel marketing company that I have heard, so I wanted to find out why that name, iGalen… And it all made sense when explained.

Galen of Pergamon

He was a Greek physician that built on the findings of Hippocrates. It was Galen who conducted tests to prove the theory that the brain controls muscle movement using the nervous system. Galen's work and knowledge of the nervous system are still followed today. And that is why this new network marketing company used his name… Primarily because so many physicians support the product iGalen released.

The physician is only nature's assistant.” Galen of Pergamon

iGalen Review: The iGalen Vision

The iGalen vision says a lot about why this MLM company was developed: Our vision has been to live in a world of minimized and managed inflammation, leading to improved health and prolonged useful life.

And I love how the iGalen team approach starting this business. They explain that they know that so much of the world is based on hype, but they are moving forward using integrity. “It is through the lens of integrity that we see our company, products, relationships, and their impact on the world.”

With this approach, I see iGalen growing quickly.

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iGalen Review: The iGalen Flagship Product

The product that iGalen has started with is patented and was discovered by 2 men:

  1. Daryl Thompson – A bio-chemist
  2. Dr. Joseph Ahrens + Dr. Rajen – The product is called Emulin+. Emulin helps your body naturally manage the carbohydrates in your body. As a side note Dr. Ahrens was previously removed from the company in 2018 for violating contract obligations he had with the company. Dr. Rajen currently leads and promotes the product line for the company in Dr. Ahren's absence.

Emulin+ benefits

Emulin+ attacks 2 key areas:

  • Carbohydrates – Many of our food sources carry refined carbohydrates. These are essentially empty calories are are of no benefit to us at all. They actually deplete vitamins and minerals from our body. And, they raise our blood sugar.
  • Inflammation – Our immune system uses inflammation to respond to injuries and infections. Short term inflammation is not a bad thing but long term inflammation can cause many other issues in our body. These could include diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

The Emulin+ design uses natural means to increase insulin sensitivity.

iGalen review – Future products

iGalen will soon be releasing many other products designed to help human health and well being. I will briefly tell you about some of those products.


igalen reviews

iGalen will soon offer a product that provides collagen from sheep

This product provides collagen which is the most common protein in the human body. But we lose collagen as we age. We can get collagen from mammals such as cows, sheep and pigs. But only sheep collagen is acceptable in many cultural and religious systems. So iGalen will soon be releasing this product made from sheep in Australia that are free of disease.


Science has discovered a method to get much needed Hyaluronic acid into our joints without shots. It acts as a lubricant which reduces inflammation and joint pain.


It has been discovered that Curcumin is a great natural substance that will help reduce inflammation. There are many benefits of this natural substance.


This patented process takes ginseng and forms it into a pre-digested state which makes it easier for your body to absorb. It will provide you with more energy. Ginseng has shown amazing benefits for humans.

So, iGalen will have a great product line in a short time.

iGalen review: iGalen leadership

You can tell a lot about any business by simply taking a look at the leadership of that company. iGalen has some very competent and experienced leaders. Let's look at them:

Chan Heng Fai – Chairman & Co-founder

This entrepreneur has made some great steps in helping progress. His financial wisdom is amazing. He turned the American Pacific Bank around from disaster and sold it to the Federal Reserve.

Dr. M Rajen – CEO & Co-founder

He has a Doctorate in Holistic Medicine and specializes in the effects of carbohydrates on the human body. His mission is to build an ethical network marketing company.

Kosta Gara – Corporate Advisor

Kosta is a well known and recognized entrepreneur world wide. He has authored best selling books and is often a keynote speaker at network marketing events. He also ventured into the energy drink market generating huge sale's figures.

With leadership like this, iGalen is poised for huge success.

Austin Zulauf – USA Master Distributor

Austin is as big as it gets in the network marketing industry. The guy has single handedly built teams of 30,000+ reps and has once again joined the ranks of another company on track to do the same. I've had the chance to spend a lot of time at live events and on calls with Austin and the guy is as first class as it gets. If you opt to look him up on Facebook using the link above tell him Jason Lee said “hi.”

iGalen review: iGalen compensation plan

iGalen compensation

The iGalen compensation plan offers independent distributors a variety of ways to make money

iGalen leadership has put together a great compensation plan for independent representatives. There are 6 ways you can make money in the iGalen plan. So starting an iGalen business can be profitable.

Retail profits

You can earn up to 35% profit when you purchase the iGalen products at wholesale and sell them at retail.

Fast start bonuses

When you bring in new people and they order packages worth a certain amount of BV, you will get a percentage bonus up to 30%.

Team commissions

iGalen uses a binary compensation plan. This means you build 2 legs… Left and right. Depending on your rank, you will earn commissions on the weaker leg up to an override percent of 12.5%.

Leadership matching bonuses

You also can earn a matching bonus based on team commissions for people you personally sponsor up to 5 levels. This includes people you put under others in your downline.

Leadership bonus pool

For leaders who achieve the rank of Ruby or higher, they qualify for the leadership bonus pool.

Lifestyle bonuses

This bonus also starts at the level of Ruby. Monthly bonuses start at $250 and go up to $5,000.

So as you can plainly see, an independent distributor can gain a lot of wealth when they start an iGalen home based business.

You can see more about the iGalen compensation plan here.

iGalen review: iGalen partners

I think it would be good that you know that iGalen is partnered with some top names:

Global Payment Gateway

Holista Colltech





Verdure Sciences®

Global Research & Discovery Group, LLC

Gara Group

iGalen review: iGalen social

iGalen is also easily found on Social Media. If you want to follow their system closer, you can hook up with iGalen at:

iGalen review: My impression of this new multilevel marketing company

I am normally cautious of new MLM startups, however iGalen has a lot going for them.

Kosta Gara is involved as well which tells me this MLM company is geared to grow substantially.

The other great sign is that the products are patented and many Doctors and scientists are supportive of Emulin.

I do think that iGalen is a good opportunity for those looking for a network marketing company to join.

If you think that iGalen may be what you are looking for, you may want to visit their website at:

iGalen conclusion

Now I do need you to know that I am not affiliated with iGalen in any way and this is not a paid review. This is provided for your education.

I really hope that this review helps you in your decision making process.


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