TAN 025: How to Make Money Blogging & Unlocking the Code with Ray Higdon

In episode 25 I interview best selling author, top earner, and blogging expert Ray Higdon. Ray shares some of his best tips on how to make money blogging using his favorite online marketing medium.

If you've ever struggled to generate quality leads make sure you listen to this episode.

This Episode Will Cover

  • How to build a brand online better than 99% of your competition out there.
  • How to start a blog if you have zero technical skills.
  • Key elements to consider when designing your blog: this will account for 25% of why a person either subscribes or leaves your blog!
  • Hot tips to ensure you never run out of content, EVER again.
  • What Ray does to market his content once it's published to guarantee the maximum number of eyeballs see it.
  • Ray's advice on outsourcing, including what he outsources and what he holds the reigns on.

Links & Resources From This Show

  • Ray Higdon – Ray Higdon's blog and his 29 free sources of network marketing leads.  All of the programs mentioned in the show can be found here!

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