TAN 065 : Hosting Online Presentations to Grow Your Downline | Interview with John Abbas

In episode 65 we interview the founder of Nemopro, and top earner John Abbas. John walks us through his strategy on Zoom for hosting online presentations to grow your downline. This strategy is responsible for growing his team to over 7500 reps! That's a downline worth duplicating.

This Episode Will Cover

How John hosts on Zoom.

Inviting techniques for getting your downline to bring people to the online presentation.

Who hosts, who presents, and how to edify online when introducing a speaker.

How to close the meeting and what to do to avoid negative guests 100% of the time.

Links & Resources From This Show

  • Nemopro – Network marketing planners built JUST FOR network marketers. Customized for your team if you want!

A Note To The Reader

His expertise is an example of what is possible in our profession. There is no guarantee of income or that you will achieve these results.

Thanks for listening Alpha Nation!


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